PC Update Tuesday 7/3/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/3/01

By Dawn

Gabi offers to make Joe’s arm better, and she sucks the blood. Frightened, he pulls away from her, and she tells him she wants him. He is more confused, admitting to her that he’d come there to see her, to see if there was anything left of the woman he loves.  Staring at her like she’s a stranger, he tells her that she doesn’t know what she needs. Closing the door behind him, Gabi stares at her own hand and licks Joe’s blood off her fingernails.

Karen is on the phone, telling someone that Joe resigned as Frank comes to the counter. It has really sunk in to Frank that Joe is leaving. But his concern is that Gabi blew him off, Joe really loves her. Karen tells him that sometimes you never really know someone.

Frank sees Jamal and asks him what’s up. Jamal tells him and Karen that a friend of his is sick. Karen and Frank want to know what’s wrong, and Jamal admits that he’d like to find out himself.

Walking away, Jamal decides that this is whacked, but there’s only one way to find out of Jack is what he thinks he his.

Caleb has realized that offering Jack the world was a mistake. He was foolish to think Jack would even be useful to him. Caleb tells Jack that his time is up. As Caleb advances on him, fangs bared, Jack glares. Before they can fight, Livvie reappears, screaming Jack’s name.

Jack is furious that Livvie is back, but Livvie tells Jack that she doesn’t care what he says, she’s not leaving him alone. Jack begins to tell her that he’s not alone, but Caleb is gone. Begging her to listen to him, Jack tells her that he’s gone through changes, and he’s not the same man. But Livvie doesn’t care. All she sees when she looks at him is the man she loves. He needs time. Allison has followed Livvie and they both beg Livvie to leave, but she won’t. Jack tells her that he might have something, but she doesn’t care. She begs her to give him some time, and to go.

Kevin approaches Jamal, scaring the guy half out of his wits. Kevin begins to question Jamal about Jack, but Jamal tells him to not even go there. Kevin offers to help, but Jamal informs him that just because he’s a shrink, he doesn’t know all the answers. Before Kevin can reply, Jamal turns to get in the elevator, passing Joe on his way out. 

Joe has come to say goodbye. Frank accuses him good naturedly of leaving because he lost to Frank too many times at hoops. They laugh. Karen tells Joe they’re going to miss him, but Frank tells Joe how lucky the clinic will be to have him. Joe says he wants to talk to them about Gabi.

Kevin is calling Livvie, but she’s not picking up. He knows something wrong.

Gabi is still alone, and she’s saying that she gave up everything for him. She remembers meeting him again, this time telling him she’s with someone, but Caleb doesn’t care. She tells him no, and this time we see Caleb bite her neck. Then he kisses her neck, and her face changes from one of hesitant fear to one of extreme sensual pleasure as he bites her. His lips move to her hand, then draws her hand to scratch his wrists. After she leaves a trail of blood, he brings it to Gabi’s mouth to suck his blood, which she does eagerly. He tells her he has to go, and she begs him to not leave her like this. She’s not the one, but she can be of use to him. Desperate, she asks when she’ll see him again, and his reply is that he’ll find her. He whispers to her to sleep tight and not let bed bugs bite before he leaves her standing in the alley alone. After remembering, Gabi turns, and Caleb is standing outside her door. He asks her to invite him inside.

Jack finds Jamal sitting on his bed in the apartment and tells him he’s not in the mood to talk. But this can’t wait, Jamal thinks he knows what’s wrong with him. Jack still tries to convince Jamal that he’s just sick. Jack tells him something's wrong, and Jamal asks him to tell him that he’s not one of ‘them.’ The dudes with the fangs and the daylight problem. Jack starts to tell him to leave, but Jamal begs Jack to tell him he’s not a vampire.

Joe tells frank that he went to Gabi’s again, and if he didn’t know better, he’d swear that her new boyfriend has her on drugs. One minute she didn’t want him, the next she was all over him. It wasn’t because she wanted him back. Something’s wrong with her. Announcing that it’s not his problem anymore, Joe shakes Frank’s hand. Frank hugs him while Karen watches. It’s a difficult goodbye, but the brothers try to play it light. As Joe heads to the elevator, he admits that he went to Gabi’s in hopes of seeing the woman he loved, but she’s gone.

Allison is still trying to tell Livvie that Jack just needs some breathing room when Kevin knocks on Livvie’s door. After he apologizes for barging in, both girls admit how glad they are that he’s there. Allison goes to make tea, obviously leaving Livvie to talk to Kevin. He guesses that it’s Jack, and Livvie tells Kevin how much she loves Jack. He’s pulling away more and more, and she doesn’t understand. Kevin reminds her that Jack hasn’t been himself, and suggests that maybe Jack just isn’t ready for a commitment. Shaking her head, she tells Kevin that he doesn’t know Jack. Kevin is forced to agree with her, and tells her how much he cares. He knows all he can really do is listen. Taking him up on the offer, Livvie tells Kevin how Jack is her white knight, and how he came into her life when she needed him. He always had faith in her, in them, even when she didn’t. He made his way into her heart, and he makes her happy. He never gave up on her, so she’s never going to give up on him. Jack’s love is a gift, and she knows what they have together will get him out of whatever trouble he’s in.

Jamal is still begging Jack to tell him that he’s bugging. Watching too much late night TV, something. But Jack can’t deny it, and admits he needs Jamal’s help. He wishes he could tell Jamal, but he can’t. All Jamal wants Jack to do is fill in the blanks of what he already knows. Jack tells Jamal about Caleb. That Caleb hunted him down and bit him to make Jack like him. Now Jamal is freaked out, but he doesn’t run. Why Jack? Jack finally tells Jamal that this guy wants Livvie, but he won’t let this guy around Livvie. Jamal tells him that Caleb has been following her. The news makes Jack furious. He’ll die before he lets Caleb touch Livvie. Jamal thinks this whole vampire thing is out there, and asks Jack if he’s going to start flying around. Jack actually almost smiles at that. Then a pain hits Jack, and he doubles over. Jamal pulls out a bag of blood from the blood bank and hands it to Jack. Staring at it, he begins to shake.

Karen hugs Frank and sits beside him, asking if he misses Joe. He does, even though Joe’s only been gone an hour. Karen reminds him that he gave up everything for Joe, and Frank tells her that he’d do anything for Joe, and now that Joe’s gone, he’s going to look out for Gabi because that’s what Joe wants. Karen says going by  what Joe said Gabi's already found trouble.

Caleb finally tells Gabi his name. And she remarks how hot it is in the room. Taking an ice cube out of the glass in her hand, Caleb sucks on it before running it over Gabi’s neck. She asks him what he’s done to her, and he replies that he’s given her a taste of the good life. She can’t stop thinking about him, and Caleb tells her to not try. She misses him when he’s gone, but he’s there now, and he ‘feeds’ on her again.

Livvie tries to explain to Kevin how she feels, but Kevin tells her that she doesn’t have to. He understood what love meant the day he found out she was his daughter.  She doesn't want to let him down, but he informs her that she can’t. He admits he’s overprotective, asking if she minds him locking her in a closet. They laugh and agree that it might be a little too late for that. Kevin would never try to keep her from a man that means so much to her. But all he can do is promise to be there for her. She tells him how much that means to her, and how much she needs him. He suggests Livvie comes and lives with him. Allison tells her it’s a good idea, and finally Livvie agrees, as long as Kevin promises her to not lock her in any closets.  Allison jumps on the idea, telling Livvie that it’s a good idea to give Jack some space. She has to make a stop first, but she’ll be there. She tells Allison again that she will never give up on Jack. 

Jack tells Jamal that he doesn’t want the blood. He can’t do this to Livvie. He can’t let himself become one of them because she needs him. Jamal hopefully suggests it’s a bad dream they’re both caught in. Jack holds the blood, saying that he doesn’t want this, and turns his back to Jamal. After a moment of silence, Jamal asks if he’s okay. When Jack turns back to him, the bag is empty. Jack realizes it’s true. And Jamal can’t deny it.


Michael asks Caleb what he’s doing, Caleb says you let that whore wear her wedding dress.

Eve tells Ian that she just felt their baby kick

Jack tells Jamal that Caleb might not be the only dangerous one as Allison and Livvie enter. Livvie asks Jack if he just mentioned Caleb