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Port Charles Update Monday 7/2/01

By Dawn

Gabi lights a candle and wanders around her living room. Sheís dressed in a very sexy black negligee, and spritzes the room with perfume as she waits. She whispers how much she needs Caleb. Opening the French doors, she remembers her meeting with him in the alley. A knock on the door brings her running, and her face falls when she sees Joe standing there.

Jamal sees marks that look like teeth marks on Chrisís neck. Alison brings the smelling salts, and Chris regains consciousness chocking. Jamal asks him what happened. Chris tells Jamal that Jack bit him.

Jack stares at Caleb and asks him if heís a vampire, to which Caleb tells him how smart he is. As Jack goes to Livvie, Caleb tells him that Livvie is okay. Jack tells him to stay away, but Caleb tells him that Livvie is his destiny, and she is going to be his bride.

Joe wants to talk to Gabi, but she tells him that itís not a good time. Heís leaving tonight, and Gabi owes him at least a conversation. Surveying the room, he decides that itís not for him. Heís worried about her, but she tells him not to be. He canít help himself, the woman he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with is a stranger overnight. Someone she only met once is the love of her life. He wants to meet him, but Gabi tells him thatís not a good idea.

Chris tells Jamal and Alison that they have a real nut on their hands. He was only trying to figure out whatís wrong with him. Alison doesnít believe Chris is doing this because he cares about his brother. Chris tells them that something happened to Jack that gave him the ability to throw people. He now has  superhuman strength. Jamal realizes that Chris wanted a pet science project. Chris answers that at least someone is trying to figure out whatís going on and not just pretending nothing wrong.

Jack threatens to kill Caleb, but Caleb reminds him that heís a vampire and canít be killed. So Jack decides that Calebís insane. Caleb tells Jack that the night he got lost in the woods, he ran into Caleb, and Caleb surrounded him before he attacked. They show Jack and Caleb struggling in the woods. Caleb tells him that Jack fought so hard; he couldnít bring himself to kill him. So he simply transformed him. Jack still doesnít want to believe, but Caleb tells him to come up with another answer for the hunger, the strength, breaking out of the grave.  Normal means wonít kill Jack. Caleb tells him that if he plays his cards right, heíll be immortal. Against his will, Jack is beginning to believe.

Chris picks up his bag and is leaves, reminding Jamal and Alison that they canít handle Jack. Alison canít believe the Chris was going to use his brother like that. Jamal decides that Chris was right. They canít handle Jack, and he needs some answers. He wonít tell Alison where heís going, but does tell her to lock the door and ONLY let Livvie in if sheís alone. Alison talks herself into leaving by reminding herself that her best friends are in trouble, and sheís not going to just sit there.

Gabi tells Joe to leave, that he has no idea what Caleb is capable of. But Joe isnít afraid of this guy. Gabiís never felt more alive, or more sure of her destiny. Being with him is everything to her. Angry, she tells him that someone like him couldnít understand. But Joe reminds her how much they loved each other. She orders him to stop saying it, but he says it again and pulls her into a desperate kiss.

Jack is still saying that heís nothing like Caleb. The game amuses Caleb, and he says the word Vampire and calls Jack brother when he says to say it with him. Knowing the answer, Caleb asks Jack if heís had a bad spell, then felt better. Playing stupid, Caleb asks him what made him feel better. Jack finally says the blood transfusion. Sarcastic, Caleb tells him he gets he prize. It wonít last, Jack will need more, but Jack states that heíll die first. Caleb informs him thatís not possible, heíll just feel worse and worse until the hunger overwhelms him. Jack realizes why he has to kill. Harvesting, is Calebís preferred term, but until Jack has his first kill, he wonít be the same as Caleb. But Calebís sure he will kill. Jack reiterates the fact that Caleb is crazy, but Caleb asks him if heís the run of the mill crazy person, could he do this? Caleb disappears in front of Jackís eyes, and Jack begins to freak out. Alison appears, and when she screams Livvieís name, they both lean over her. As Livvie regains consciousness, Jack pulls her to her feet, and tells her to go away. Livvie doesnít want to go, but Jack screams and yells at her until she does. Telling Alison to make sure Livvieís safe, he turns from them. As soon as they are out of hearing, Jack says that he knows Caleb is still there. When Caleb reappears, he tells Jack that he wants Jack to join him.

Livvie is fighting Alison every step of the way, asking if Alison has any idea what sheís doing. Alison yells at Livvie that she has no idea about anything anymore. They remember how hard it was for Livvie and Jack to get together, as hard as it was for Alison and Jamal. Livvie knows something is pulling them apart, but she doesnít know what it is. They want to turn back the clock back when things were simple, and everybody was in love. They decide to wish on the stars, and Livvie thanks them for the friends and love she has. And she wishes that Jack would come back to her and let him love her. Alison wishes that Livvie would let her take her home. Livvie is still unsure about it, but Alison convinces her to go.

Jamal enters an occult shop and looks around at the paraphernalia. When the clerk comes in, he tells Jamal that if heís there for the Warlock meeting, itís been changed. Jamal tries to explain by telling him that he read a story about a guy that was buried after a really bad accident. The clerk knows thereís more to the story. Jamal tells him about the strength and fighting. He tells Jamal that it happens more often than people think, which doesnít make Jamal feel better. Jamal mentions Zombies, but the guy tells him that thereís no such thing as zombie, and before Jamal can sigh in relief, the guy tells him that heís talking about a vampire.

Alison and Livvie are still arguing. Alison is still arguing that Jack is dangerous, but Livvie doesnít want to hear it. Livvie wonít abandon Jack, and she finally convinces Alison to turn the car around and go back. 

Caleb knows he has Jack where he wants him. He wants a protťgť, someone to hang out with. What he is, what Jack could be is awesome. The power, the intensity, immortality, everything could be Jackís if he wants it. All Jack wants is Livvie, but Caleb states again that Livvie is his. Jack can either forget Olivia, or die. Jack tells Caleb that he went over a cliff. He canít die. Heís wrong. Caleb made him; Caleb can destroy him. Itís up to Jack.


Jamal says that thereís only one way to find out if Jack is what Jamal thinks he is

Gabi notices that Joe is bleeding. Joe says heís okay, but Gabi takes his hand and offers to make it better. She pulls his hand to her mouth and begins to suck on him.

Caleb faces Jack and says dinnertime before baring his fangs