PC Update Friday 6/29/01



Port Charles Update Friday 6/29/01

By Dawn 

Ian stands behind the lit candles in the candelabra in the church as Eve enters. Approaching her, Ian asks her if she’s sure about getting married. She tells him that she’s never been more sure of anything in her life.

Livvie calls out to Caleb, but no one answers. She and Alison hide. Jumping out at whoever is there, Alison almost beans Jamal over the head with a flashlight. They thought he was some psycho. Jamal tells them that they’re about to wish he had been a psycho.

Chris asks Jack to repeat himself. Jack says he has an uncontrollable urge to kill. He eyes the syringe in Chris’s hand, and Chris tells him that he’s going to draw some blood. Not believing him, Jack tells him to tell the truth. Advancing on him, Chris tells him not to worry, but Jack isn’t about to cooperate. The begin to struggle, but Chris is no match for Jack. As Jack grabs Chris’s wrist, Chris falls to the ground, telling Jack that he’s breaking his wrist.

Eve is surprised to realize that Ian decorated the church for them. He offers to change it, but she loves it. Michael is still missing, but Eve knows he comes in every night to pray. Ian hopes he agrees, but Eve’s convinced he will. Michael arrives and he’s confused. He stares at the dress in Eve’s arms, and asks her where she got it. She explains that she found it in the cellar, and they decided to get married there. They’ve already gotten the license, written the vows, everything. The only thing Michael has to do is say yes. He says yes, but Eve doesn’t hear him and continues to try to convince him. Mid sentence, Eve realizes what he said, and stops. Michael decides that a happy occasion is exactly what the church needs.

Jamal lectures Alison on doing exactly what he told her not to do. Putting herself in a dangerous situation. Alison begins to argue with him, but Livvie stops her and tells Jamal that she asked Alison to meet her there. Letting her know that she has been caught in a lie, Jamal admits that he followed her. Livvie explains that she wanted Alison to help her find Caleb. He thinks they’re crazy for looking for the creep that’s been following her. Now Livvie has to admit that she was there with Caleb. Jamal tells her that he could have been dangerous, he’s been stalking her, and he’s a nutcase. They are in some seriously wacked out stuff, and Livvie is letting some guy take her down to the tombs. When he mentions that Jack is back from the dead, Livvie tells them that Jack wasn’t dead, and to stop saying that. As the argument between Jamal and Livvie heats up, Alison finally steps in and tells Jamal that Livvie wouldn’t put her in danger. Knowing she’s right, Jamal asks her how long this guys been following her. Livvie tries to explain, but she knows it’s weird. The first time she felt someone watching her was after they returned from burying Jack.

Jack and Chris are still fighting. Chris tries to tell him the syringe is full of vitamins, but Jack knows he’s lying. Chris admits it’s a tranquilizer. Furious, Jack accuses him of wanting to drug him to make him a lab rat. Now Chris is scared, and he accuses Jack of being out of control again. He still doesn’t believe Chris wasn’t going to hurt him. When Chris says that the sedative is harmless, Jack tells him to take it. Another struggle begins, this time ending with Jack holding Chris in the air by this throat.

Livvie, Alison and Jamal enter to apartment to find Jack still holding Chris in the air. Seeing them Jack literally drops Chris, who can’t get to his feet. He  tells them that Chris tried to give him a sedative, and instead getting it himself. Livvie tries to go to him, but Alison and Jamal stop him. The realization that they are afraid of him makes Jack cry. Crying, Livvie promises Jack that they’ll help him, but Jack runs out. Livvie tries to follow, but they stop her again. Convinced that Jack needs their help, and he isn’t himself, she screams at Jamal and Alison. Jamal wants Livvie to take a good look at what they saw, but Livvie only sees that they abandoned him before, and they’re doing it again. She leaves Alison and Jamal to wonder what’s going on. Chris is still unconscious on the floor.

Ian and Michael are standing at the altar waiting for Eve. As she approaches them, Ian states that he’s the luckiest man in the world. Michael begins the ceremony with a speech about the sacred bond of marriage in the eyes of God. He blesses Ian, Eve and their child. They stand before God and each other and enter into marriage, after waiting so long, he allows them to proceed with their vows. Eve starts with saying that she can’t believe they’re there. It was too good to be true until she looked into his eyes. They’ve known each other through the ages, and her comfort is in his love. She may make mistakes, but she can promise all of her to him for better or worse. For the good, bad and everything in between. Ian reaches for her face to wipe her tears, then he begins. Ian takes over. The first thing, well, second thing he noticed was that her eyes danced when she was angry. Now he sees a woman who has taught him to not give up on love. And he’s found a peace and love that he’s never known existed. Promising to be the best husband, father, man he can be, he also promises to honor and love her for always.

They kiss as Michael watches and smiles. He takes over to pronounce them husband and wife.

Back at the cabin, Ian carries Eve over the threshold. Eve asks him if he’s supposed to do that over their place. Ian smiles and tells her that he bought the cabin for them. They kiss, and Eve tells him how wonderful it was. All she wants is him and they’re baby. They kiss again, and they fall on the sofa together. Sitting on his lap, Eve tells him that she doesn’t want the moment or the feelings to end. Promising her they won’t, Ian wishes her happy wedding. They kiss again, becoming more passionate.

Alison shakes Chris’s head, and Jamal tells Chris to wake up. Jamal offers to call 911, but Alison doesn’t want Chris in trouble. It was a sedative, but he might have had too much. Checking the syringe, Alison decides there’s too much left in there. Jamal goes and gets a pitcher of water to dump on Chris. It doesn’t work. Alison decides smelling salts might work, and Jamal continues to shake Chris until he sees something on Chris’s neck that confuses him.

Jack is in the woods, begging for help to make whatever is wrong with him go away. Livvie arrives, and Jack wants her to go away. Refusing, Livvie tells him that she knows he’d never hurt her. But Jack knows that if Livvie hadn’t shown up, he would have killed his own brother. But Livvie still doesn’t want to admit it, and she says that Chris must have provoked it. Jack tells her that he didn’t, and she has to leave before something happens to her. Jack shouts at her to go, waving his arms and screaming. Crying and screaming at him, she turns to run away. As she does, she trips and falls, knocking herself unconscious. As Jack is trying to wake her, Caleb emerges from the trees to tell Jack that Livvie is his, and to get away from her. Staring at Caleb, Jack tells him that he has no idea what he’s dealing with, or what he can do. Shocking Jack, Caleb tells him that he’s the one that doesn’t understand, but all that’s about to change. Opening his mouth, Caleb reveals a set of fangs.


Joe wants to meet Gabby’s miracle man, but she tells him that’s not a good idea

Chris is finally awake, telling Jamal and Alison that Jack tried to choke him and bite him. As Chris touches his own neck, he’s furious to realize ‘that freak bit me.’

Caleb tells Jack that Olivia is going to be his bride.