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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/28/01

By Dawn

Michael is working on the church when Eve and Ian arrive. At Ian’s invitation to help, Michael handed him the rag and thanked them for showing up when they did. But he knows why they’re there, and they don’t need to protect him from Caleb. Sarcastically, Eve asks him when Caleb was going to come back and let him out of the cellar. He does thank them for coming back when they did, but he’s curious why they’re there. Eve tells him they’re getting married, and Ian asks him to perform the ceremony. He’s happy for them, but he tells them he can’t.

Chris is carrying his bag and getting ready to leave the hospital Denise sarcastically asks him when he started making house calls. He should start with his brother. Something’s wrong with that boy, but if he could bottle the strength Jack has, he could make a fortune. The idea strikes Chris, and his face shows it.

Kevin is with Lucy in the woods. Lucy is in a black cape and black leather pants. Kevin comments on her regalia. He tells her that it wasn’t alien abductions, and if that’s where she’s headed, he’s leaving. She stops him, telling him that this is something more diabolical then aliens. He’s not sure where she’s going, but something turned Abe into a madman. But the police searched the woods, and found nothing. Lucy’s convinced that they’re looking for something ‘conventional methods’ won’t find. Knowing he’s going to regret asking, he does. Staring at him seriously, she tells him that they’re going to summon the evil spirit.

Livvie remembers her encounter with Caleb in the cavern. His words of wanting to be her protector, dancing in his arms. Determined to not let Caleb get to her, she picks up the phone and asks Alison to meet her and not tell Jamal. As she speaks to Alison, jack exits the bedroom. Startling her when she hangs up, Jack asks her what’s going on.

Ian asks Michael why he won’t marry them. Telling them that he’s happy for them, he says he has too much to do at the church. Eve and Ian don’t buy that, and he finally tells them that he can’t marry them because of Caleb.

Watching Lucy spread her cape on the ground and place her crystals in a circle on it, Kevin jokes about Lucy being a witch. Lucy informs him that if she were a witch, he would know it. She gets off on a tangent about how bad of a wrap witches have gotten. When Kevin says her name in that tone he uses when he wants her to get to a point, she explains the meaning of the cape and the crystals she has spread around on the ground. They will help summon the evils spirit that she’s convinced is behind everything that’s happening. She’s convinced the stranger card and the evil spirit are one and the same. She wants him to stand inside the circle to avoid being susceptible to the evil. Making light of her intentions, he’s going to look around while she does her summoning. Holding up a crystal, she begins to read from a book.

Livvie tells him that since he was sleeping, she was going to see Alison. She told her to not tell Jamal because she and Jamal got in a fight, and Alison needs her for some girl talk. After telling Livvie that he feels better, he says he’s going to go home. But she tells him that she feels safe with him, and she wants him to wait for her. She’s not afraid of him. They kiss, and tell each other they love each other. Telling her he’ll be okay, he closes the door behind her.  

Alone in the apartment, Jack pours himself a glass of water and holds it against his face as if he’s hot. The doorbell rings, and Chris enters when Jack opens the door. Beginning with saying he’s worried about Jack, Chris changes his tactic when Jack doesn’t believe him. Chris has an offer for Jack. Chris wants to figure out what’s going on with Jack, and all Jack has to do is agree to be Chris’s science experiment.

Alison and Livvie are in the cavern. Alison has told Jamal that they are shopping, and she wants to know why they are there. Livvie tells Alison that Caleb brought her here. She knew it would be okay, and she went with him. Alison tells her that Caleb is a freak, and she needs to stay away from him. When Livvie tells her that she wants to tell Caleb to stay away from her so she can get him out of her mind, Alison asks her if she’s ever heard of a restraining order. The cavern is now empty, and Livvie is trying to convince Alison they really were there.  

Eve tries to convince Michael that he isn’t Caleb. Michael replies that the evil in Caleb is also in him. Eve replies that the good in Michael is also in Caleb. But that’s why Michael is there- to rid Caleb of the demons. That’s also why he can’t leave. But he wants Eve and Ian to know that they say a holy place isn’t truly a holy place until it has been touched by love. Thanks to them, his church has been.

Chris is still arguing with Jack. Jack is spiking a fever, and he still has the strength to rip someone’s head off. He tells Jack about Sam’s accusations concerning Zach’s gang. Chris accuses Jack of knowing something’s happening to him. Jack wants to know why Chris cares. Money is why Chris is involved, and he offers to split it with Jack. Jack still isn’t interested, so Chris uses Livvie. Chris reminds Jack that he’s out of control, and asks how sure is he that he won’t lose it on Livvie. Unable to answer, Jack stares at Chris, who tells him that the only hope he has of figuring this out is to work with him.

Eve and Ian are in the church, and Ian suggests getting married without Michael. She’s thinking about Michael praying at that alter when she first saw him. With the sun shining on him, it was a very spiritual meaning for her. She talks about how hard he’s worked to make this place special and sacred. Ian tells her again that they can’t help him, but once again, Eve isn’t sure. Eve wants to get married in that church.

Lucy is repeating an incantation to herself, while Kevin watches. A voice calls her name, and Lucy reacts with terror until she realizes it was Kevin. Slapping him, she tells him that he scared her. He tells her that she’s been babbling for a while, which infuriates her. She is a chanting, there is a difference. Finally she admits that there aren’t any spirits out there, and she leans over to pick up her crystals. As Kevin leans down to help her, there are a pair of red eyes peering out of the trees at them.

Alison tells Livvie that she’s been under a lot of stress, and Livvie thinks Alison means she’s making this up. Upset, Livvie tries to tell Alison that something really weird is going on. Alison tells her about her and Jamal talking to Dara about Jack. When Alison tells Livvie that Dara called it Zombie, Livvie tells her how stupid that is. But Alison won’t give this up. Jack was dead, and he’s back, and Livvie can’t deny something’s not right. Before Alison can drag her out, they hear footsteps, and Livvie’s convinced it’s Caleb.

Chris is preparing a syringe, telling Jack that he has to draw blood. Chris hides the fact that there is a vial of Thorazine in his case. But Jack doesn’t want him to. Finally Jack decides to come clean. He tells Chris that he’s hungry, that no matter how much he eats, he’s still hungry. Slowly he advances on Chris, telling him that sometimes he gets this uncontrollable urge. When Chris turns and faces him to ask him what the urge is, Jack stares into his eyes and says ‘to kill.’


Eve and Ian are telling Michael that they want to get married in the church

Chris tells jack that the sedative is harmless. Jack grabs his writs and tells him that if it’s so harmless, he can take it.

Alison and Livvie stand in the cavern and hold each other while the footsteps come closer.