PC Update Wednesday 6/27/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/27/01

By Dawn

Lucy is still talking to Abe, asking him to tell her what happened. He’s paranoid that she’s going to hit him again, and asks her what she brought to hit him with this time. He tells her that she has no right to talk to him. She tries to convince him that she needs to know what happened. Getting more upset, she asks him if he was attacked by an animal. But he gets hysterical, asking why she needs to know. She tells him about Jack, and how she thinks the same thing happened to him.  

Caleb is walking through the woods with sunglasses on in the daylight. Patience, it’s all new to Olivia, he tells himself, and that she’s trying to shut him out. But the more she tries, the more she knows he’s always going to be there.  

Jack tells Livvie that he can’t sleep thinking about her. She’s just happy he’s there. They agree that holding each other is the only thing that feels right. She tells him she’s having strange dreams, and he tells her he knows. All she wants is for him to hold her and make her feel safe, like nothing can hurt her again. Jack wants to be the safe place for her, the one she turns to. His response to her telling him about Alison and Jamal’s accusations is to not answer her. She stares into his eyes and begs him for the truth. Is she safe? 

Livvie wants an answer, but Jack wants to know exactly what was said about him. She asks him about Zach’s gang, and Jack is forced to tell her that he doesn’t remember. But he does know something’s changed, and he has no idea what. Staring at her, he admits to her that she might not be safe around him. Livvie argues with him. She loves him, and she’s convinced that he would never hurt her. This means everything to Jack, and he tells her that she’s the only pure thing in his life, and he needs her. They kiss, and Jack presses her down on the sofa. 

Gabby hands Joe a file, and asks him to make a correction. Karen comments on they’re leaving the hospital, and how much she’s going to miss them. Joe tells Karen that he’s the only one leaving, and tells Karen about Gabby changing her mind. When Gabby asks him to not do that, he raises his voice, asking her if she wants everyone to know that she’s met the man of her dreams. She tells him to stop, but Joe tells Karen that Gabby met the man of her dreams. Gabby walks away, and Joe apologizes to Karen, telling her what happened, and she knows how hurt he is. Joe tells her about Gabby meeting a stranger, and he wouldn’t take her back now, even if she…..hanging his head, he admits to Karen that he’d forget the whole thing if Gabby would.  As Joe walks away, Karen agrees to talk to Gabby.  

Karen asks Kevin if he’s had any sleep. He’s been on a house call all night. Karen promises the next time she loses it, he’s her guy. Speaking of losing it, where’s Lucy? Kevin teases. Karen tells him about Lucy bringing Jack to the hospital, but that Jack took off. Kevin guesses that Lucy chased Jack, but Karen tells him that Lucy mentioned the psych ward. A look of being afraid he knows what Lucy’s up to crosses Kevin’s face and he turns to go find her.

Lucy is pressing Abe for answers, but he doesn’t remember anything. She gives him what details she knows about the beginning of their trip, but he struggles. She asks him again if it was an animal, trying to check to make sure she’s not about to get caught in the padded cell. Abe’s answer is that he can’t talk about that. Her voice grows louder, and she begs him, promising that she can keep a secret. She tries to convey to him how important it is to her to know, and she can’t help if he won’t tell her. Finally he tells her to get closer, and he’ll tell her. Convinced she’s getting through to him, Lucy leans down to him. When she does, he breaks free from the restraints, grabs her by the throat, and begins to choke her.

Lucy is screaming for help, and Kevin arrives and pulls her away from him. Abe is out of control, and Lucy screams out the door for help as Kevin struggles to subdue him. Kevin is barely able to hold Abe, and yells at Lucy to get out. An orderly finally arrives with a sedative, and Kevin stands to pull Lucy into his arms. As expected, Kevin lays into Lucy about what she was doing there. Lucy is hysterical, telling Kevin that she needs to help, but all Kevin can see is that Lucy used her influence as a board member to put herself in danger with Abe. She tries to describe what she saw in Abe and Jack, when she uses the word ‘possessed’, she loses a bit of credibility in Kevin’s eyes. Comparing the look in Abe’s eyes when he grabbed her, and the look in Jack’s eyes when he left the hospital, she rambles quickly, finally telling Kevin that the same thing had to have attacked both of them. Now she’s convinced that whatever this is, it has affected a lot of people, and this… this.. Monster is out there. Kevin can’t deny the circumstances, but he’s very doubtful about a monster being in the woods.

Karen confronts Gabby, who tries to explain how she feels about Caleb. His eyes, she can’t get him off her mind, you meet somebody like him once in your life, and once you do, you can’t get him out of your mind. Karen is obviously very worried about Gabby, and simply stares at her, realizing that Gabby doesn’t even know this man’s name.

Livvie is on the sofa, under a blanket with Jack. She sighs, smiling and rolls over. As she opens her eyes, Caleb is lying next to her. As he begins to kiss her, Livvie responds to him. Suddenly she sits up, screaming. Her eyes go to the door, and Caleb is standing there. Jack sits up and reaches for her, really waking her. He wants to know what’s wrong, but Livvie tells him nothing.

Kevin decides to call Livvie. If Jack’s in trouble, she needs to know. Livvie answers the phone, telling Kevin that she was sleeping, and she hasn’t seen Jack. Jack wants to know why she lied. Livvie doesn’t want Kevin to worry. Jack wants her to tell him about her nightmare, and she doesn’t really want to.  Kevin tells Lucy that Livvie wasn’t feeling well, but she’s okay. Lucy wants to go find out what’s going on in the woods, and she needs to know how. When Kevin tries to tell her how tired he is, she remind him that her intuition is never wrong, and how important it is to find out what’s going on. Kevin asks her how she’s going to do that, and she says not me, we. Playfully, he calls her Kimosabe, and she calls him her Lone Ranger. Knowing he’s going along, she drags him with her into the elevator.

Joe approaches Karen, and he asks her what Gabby said. Karen admits that Gabby wasn’t acting like Gabby. Joe asks if Gabby needs help, but Karen isn’t sure. It’s like something unexplainable has gotten into her.

Gabby is on the roof of the hospital, holding her arms out and begging Caleb to come to her. She needs him, his eyes, his voice, his skin on hers. She’s given up everything she cares about for him. He told her that she would call when she was ready. She’s there, and she’s going to wait until he’s ready.

Livvie tells Jack about her dreams of Caleb. Unable to calm her by telling her it was just a dream, Jack takes her hands, and leads her into the hallway to prove to her that they’re alone. She was having a nightmare, now she’s awake, and now they have each other. Satisfied, Livvie agrees that her mind is playing tricks on her. But Caleb is standing outside the door, saying no tricks, no dream, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.


Ian and Eve ask Michael to perform the ceremony, and he tells them he can’t.

Lucy tells Kevin that they’re going to summon an evil spirit, and Kevin just stares at her dubiously.

Chris offers to help Jack find out what’s wrong with him. All Jack has to do is agree to  be his personal science experiment.