PC Update Tuesday 6/26/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/26/01

By Dawn

Livvie is on the phone, leaving a message for Jack. She thinks about dancing with Caleb in the caverns again. Trying to convince herself that it’s just a dream, she is startled when Alison and Jamal knock on the door.

Karen shocks Lucy by telling her that Jack needed a blood transfusion. He was anemic, and he needed fluids. This helps most people, but Karen was shocked at his response. Karen leads her into Jack’s room, and Lucy is stunned. Jack is fine, asking Lucy to help him get out of GH.

Ian and Eve are at the church. Eve is still admiring her ring which Ian jokes is a Crackerjacks prize. Dragging Ian with her, she enters the church, which is empty. As they are discussing where Michael could be, they hear something. Going to check it out, Eve finds Michael’s tool box upside down. When they realize what they’re hearing is in the basement, Ian remembers that Caleb was locked down there. They both know something’s wrong, but Eve just can’t walk away.

Ian opens the cellar door cautiously, disappearing into the dark. After a moment, Eve follows. Michael is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, not really coherent. When Ian and Eve find him he tells them that Caleb locked him down there. Michael tells them that he was trying to counsel Caleb about a woman that he’s obsessed with, but doesn’t mention her name. Eve tells him that Caleb’s gone too far. Now there’s a woman involved, and it’s no longer about just the two of them. Ignoring Michael’s pleas, Eve calls the police.  

Sam approaches Chris at the hospital. He doesn’t want to hear anymore of her lies. Sam tells Chris that Jack scared her, and he better listen to her because he could be next on Jack’s hit parade.

Jack keeps telling Lucy and Karen that the only thing wrong is that he’s not with Livvie. Lucy is convinced she found the bullet hole, but Karen couldn’t find anything. Karen wants to rerun the blood work, patients in his shape don’t just recover overnight. Jack begins to argue with Lucy about Livvie. She wants to talk to him about the lighthouse, but he doesn’t remember what he did to her. Bits and pieces of the last few days are all he remembers. He remembers Zach’s gang surrounding him, but not how he reacted. Lucy is now more worried than ever. She thinks that may have started this. But Jack doesn’t remember anything after that. He struggles, but finally remembers bodies around him. He begins to almost cry again, as he tries to describe to her that it was like carnage. He still wants Livvie, but Lucy still isn’t sure. He begs her to find Livvie.

Jamal tells Livvie that Jack is out of control, but Livvie thinks the gang got what they deserved. Alison tells her that they did, but something’s wrong with Jack. Livvie says Jack hasn’t hurt her. Jamal says yet, which sets Livvie off. She loves him, and she’ll never believe that Jack would hurt her. Reluctantly, she agrees to stay away from Jack until Jamal and Alison return from trying to get answers. Satisfied for the moment, Alison and Jamal leave. Alone, Livvie repeats to herself that Jack wouldn’t hurt her.

The police are questioning Michael about Caleb. The police aren’t really interested, and it doesn’t help that they know Michael isn’t telling the entire truth. Just a domestic sibling situation is all it is, as far as they’re concerned. Eve isn’t happy about it, but the police can’t do anything unless Michael presses charges. Ian asks Michael if he’s going to let Caleb get away with murder, which really upsets Michael. Ian meant it as a figure of speech, but Michael doesn’t take it that way. He tells Ian that they know nothing about what’s going on, and to leave them alone. Furious, he tells them that they have no way of knowing what they’ve been through, and they have no right to tell him how to handle it.

Dara arrives at Jamal and Alison’s apartment. Alison tells her a story about writing a screenplay, and wants to ask Dara about death. Nervous, Alison tells her a story about a dead guy coming back to life. Dara, surprising them both, tells them about a story about a guy sitting up right before an autopsy. He was in a diabetic coma and mistakenly pronounced dead. Alison continues about a guy that was buried and came back with extra strength. Dara lets them know that she doesn’t buy it. She wants to know what they’re up to now.

Chris still doesn’t believe Sam. She tries to convince him that she saw Jack at the bottom of the ravine. She tells him that Zach’s guys are gone, because Jack tore them apart single-handedly. Sam’s afraid she’s next. Chris suggests she follows them out of town. He tells her to go sell the story, he’s not buying.

Lucy tells Jack about Abe. Jack agrees that maybe he’s been bitten or poisoned. Chris enters, telling him that he has an interest in cases of possible infection in the woods. Jack doesn’t believe Chris cares, and he’s right. But Chris tells him that is his job. Every summer, GH catches a string of people coming down with some strange disease in the woods. This piece of information catches Lucy’s attention, and surprises her. It’s usually Lyme disease, but Chris has to find out. The moment Chris mentions blood work again, Jack goes off. He won’t let them touch him, and threatens to kill all of them if they try to touch him. Putting his pants on, he shoves Chris away. Jack tells them all to leave him alone. Watching Jack shove Chris and run, Lucy and Karen are silent and still. Yelling at Karen to call security, Chris follows Jack.

Out in the hallway, a security guard stands beside Chris to try to calm Jack. But Jack is completely out of control, and tells Chris that if he thinks he can take him, to come on. Threatening to kill Chris again, he literally rips a fire extinguisher off the wall and throws it at them. He throws it hard enough to puncture it, and the hallway is enveloped in a white cloud as Lucy steps into the hallway and calls Jack’s name as he runs past her. Sam approaches Chris, asking him is he’s sorry he didn’t listen to her while he had the chance.

Ian apologizes to Michael, who accepts the apology, and apologizes back to them. He goes outside for air. Ian wants to take Michael at his word that he doesn’t want help, but Eve refuses to let it go. Convincing Ian to stick around for a few minutes, she tells Ian that Michael is alone and in trouble. They can make sure Caleb doesn’t come back together.  

Abe stares at Lucy and say,s “Not you again.” When Lucy tells him that she’s a friend, he reminds her that friends don’t hit each other with bedpans. Apologizing again, Lucy tries to explain to Abe that he was choking Kevin, and she had to do something. She wants to talk to him about what happened in the woods.

Cornered, Jamal and Alison try to explain to Dara what’s going on, but she doesn’t believe them. Telling them that they’re talking about Zombie’s she tells them to check out the twilight zone. After she chews them out for wasting her time, she leaves. Jamal tells Alison that he saw Jack’s eyes. It was stone cold murder.

Livvie answers the knock on the door and is relived to see Jack. Jack holds her against him, telling her how much he needs her. Staring in the mirror over her head, he tells himself that everything’s going to be fine.


Livvie asks Jack if she’s safe with him.

Lucy tells Kevin that the same thing that attacked Abe attacked Jack, calling it a monster

Gabby talking about the fact that you only meet someone like this once in your life.