PC Update Monday 6/25/01



Port Charles Update Monday 6/25/01

By Dawn

Gabby is still telling Joe that she can’t leave, but he doesn’t understand. He asks her if it’s her family, the stress, is she overwhelmed? He states that she’s been acting strange lately. Gabby doesn’t want to talk, all she wants is for him to make love to her. They sink to the floor together.

Still concerned about leaving Jack in the alley with the three guys, Alison argues with Jamal that they should go back. Jamal disagrees. Jamal tells her that the guys aren’t moving because of Jack. Alison is still confused. Jamal says that Jack wanted to kill them. He snapped out of it, but he was completely out of control. She wants to figure it out, but Jamal tells her that she’s going to stay with Amanda.

Jack comes through the door to the lighthouse, he wants to know where Livvie is. Telling him that Livvie’s not there, Lucy asks him where he’s been. Trying to walk past her, he tells her that it doesn’t matter, he just has to find Livvie. Trying to calm him, Lucy tells him that Kevin is on an emergency call, but they can sit and talk until he gets back. She wants to know what’s wrong. The look on his face while she’s talking is one of being about to lose control, and trying to fight it. All he cares about is Livvie, but Lucy wants to know what’s going on. She offers him tea, and he yells at her that all he needs is Livvie. When he turns, he slaps the cup out of her hand, shattering it against the wall. Wiping her face, she asks him what’s wrong.

Caleb tells Livvie that she’s home. She wants to know what she’s doing there, but Caleb tries to convince her that she belongs there. It’s where her dreams come true. He’ll take care of all her needs and desires, all he wants is for her to be happy, and to be his. He touches her face, then gently runs his fingers to the end of her hair. 

Jack helps Lucy clean up, and he apologizes to her. She’s okay, she’s just worried about him. Spotting a sandwich on the table, he takes it and devours it by taking it apart and shoveling it in his mouth. More worried about him, Lucy offers to make him something to eat if he’s that hungry. She’s not a good cook, but she can find him something to eat. Her chatter fades when Jack grimaces in pain and almost falls to the ground at her feet. He’s still convinced that all he needs to feel better is Livvie.  But Lucy’s convinced he needs more than Livvie, he needs a doctor. He needs to see Livvie, he needs to touch her. Lucy goes right into mothering mode, telling him that he needs to sit down. He tries to leave but she pushes him towards the sofa. Making him sit down, she realizes that he’s burning up, and takes his jacket off. When she sees the hole the bullet left, she stops, realizing he was shot.

Caleb tells Livvie that he has looked for her in every crowd, and in every woman’s face, but none of them were right. None of them were her. Livvie says she shouldn’t be there, but she doesn’t sound convinced. Promising her that there is nothing they can’t do together, he pulls a black sheer shawl from the bed to wrap around her shoulders. Caleb tells her that anything she wants, he can give it to her. Livvie asks him if he wants her to stay, and he promises he’ll never force her. He wants her to choose to be with him. To see him as her protector, as vital as the air she breathes. He knows she will see him in that way. He can already see it in her eyes.

Joe is on the ground, barely able to breathe. He tells her that it was incredible, and pulls her close. It’s feels strange that nothing’s holding them back after living with uncertainty of his HIV status for so long. This move is quick for him because he doesn’t want to be held back, but he’ll slow down if it’s too quick for her. All that matters is that she knows how much he loves her. She’s staring into space, not answering him. When he presses her for an answer, she finally tries to avoid him. He won’t let her avoid answering him, and finally she tells him that it isn’t enough, and she’s met someone else.

Alison and Jamal are still arguing. Jamal puts stuff in her suitcase, Alison pulls it out. He wants her to stay with Amanda while he figures out what’s going on. It’s safer for her to be out of the shop. Jack has changed, and Jamal doesn’t trust him anymore. The fight in the alley was a lot more than just a fight. But Alison won’t leave him. She doesn’t believe Jack would ever hurt her. Bringing up the kiss, Jamal won’t let her play it off as a joke. They buried him, the coffin was blown open, and he’s walking around without a scratch. Jamal is afraid that Jack is violent, and he’s out of control. He threw three guys like they were nothing, and what he did to Chris--he didn’t even break out in a sweat. It doesn’t matter who his friends are, when he snaps, there’s not stopping him, and Jamal wonders if Jack killed Zach. But Jamal won’t take chances with Livvie or Alison.

Lucy shows him the bullet. Jack denies it, but Lucy knows it hit him. The way he’s been acting, the way he’s been feeling, the bullet could be responsible. The bullet could have caused an infection. Jack has to agree it makes sense. He has a fever, and she’s going to get him a cold washcloth. Jack looks like he’s about to lose it again, and Lucy is still trying to help him. She wants to look where the bullet might have hit him. It doesn’t hurt him at all, and Lucy can’t get over how hot his skin is. While Lucy is trying to find the injury, Jack’s eyes are closed. But then he opens his eyes and he’s got that intense, heated look again. Staring at her, he takes her by the face, leaning her back on the sofa. He’s trying to kiss her, but she’s telling him to stop. She struggles, but he’s stronger, and he begins to hurt her. Finally, she draws her fist back and punches him. It seems to snap him out of it and he apologizes to her. Starting to cry, he continues to apologize to her, telling her he doesn’t know what’s happening to him. More worried than ever, she decides it’s time to take him to the hospital. Not giving him a chance to say no, she leads him out the door.

Caleb is telling Livvie that she knows him and she doesn’t need to be afraid. Still not convincing, she tells him she’s not afraid. He tells her that it’s his kiss she’s been dreaming about. He’s the one she’s been waiting for her whole life. She’ll never be afraid, or alone, because he’ll always be with her. Throughout the entire speech, he continues to call her Olivia. Caleb stands and takes her hand, pulling her to her feet and into his arms. Closing her eyes, Livvie leans against him. Soon they are dancing together, faster and faster, until Caleb is lifting Livvie off her feet. They kiss passionately.

Joe is still in shock. Gabby tells him she’s sorry, but it just happened. She wasn’t looking for it, but it happened. He keeps firing the questions at her, but she can’t explain. She didn’t cheat on him the whole time, and she never meant to hurt him. He thought she was happy with him. She was, but not anymore. She can’t get him out of her head. She’s tried, and she can’t pretend she never met him, not that she’s sure she wants to. Joe finally asks her the real question. How could she have made love to him and not think about this guy. Her eyes avoid his, and he gets it. She was thinking about Caleb while she made love to him. Devastated, Joe grabs his things and walks out the door, telling her to stay the hell away from his life. Alone, Gabby remembers the meeting with Caleb and she realizes she doesn’t know his name.

Jamal locks the front door, closes the bathroom door, and leaves a message for Dara that he needs to tell her about a dead guy who didn’t stay dead. As he hangs up, Alison appears, having heard every word.

Karen is examining Jack, and Lucy is watching. Jack’s temperature is 104 degrees. He wants Livvie, and Karen agrees to call her for him. But Lucy tells Karen that they have to find out what’s wrong with him before they scare Livvie. Understanding, Karen tells Lucy that she’s going to admit Jack and find out what’s wrong with him. Lucy and Karen discuss the bullet, and how he was acting. Watching him shake and shift on the gurney, Lucy mentions how jittery and how uncomfortable he is, and asks Karen if she can give him something. Karen tells Lucy that she’s already given him enough sedative to take down a horse, she doesn’t know how Jack’s awake.

Livvie seems to finally realize where she is. Remembering that she belongs with Jack and that she loves Jack, she shakes her head. Pulling away from Caleb, she tells him to stop calling her Olivia, and to leave her alone. After she runs away, Caleb remembers Michael’s words about how Michael didn’t destroy Olivia, Caleb did. Caleb screams her name and stares into space.


Eve and Ian are in the church, and it’s destroyed. They hear a noise from the basement, and Eve wonders if they should go look.

Livvie tells Jamal and Alison that Jack might be in trouble, but Jamal tells her that he might not be the only one

Jack is freaking out again, screaming at Lucy, Chris, and Karen to get away from him. They try to stop Jack from leaving, but he gets by all of them and runs out of the room.