PC Update Friday 6/22/01



Port Charles Update Friday 6/22/01

By Dawn 

Lucy enters ER with a patient with a wheelchair. As she does, she spots Don wheeling a gurney in full of pizzas. The medical staff swarms on the pizzas, thanking Lucy. Kevin comes out, saying that he thought he heard her voice. She wasn’t sure he was still there, but she’s glad. As she takes a piece to him, she catches her dress on the edge of the gurney, she rips her dress, leaving her in her underwear again. Smiling at her, Kevin tells her the Nurses’ Ball wouldn’t be complete without it. This is one tradition Lucy wishes would die. But Kevin is glad some things never change. Just once, Lucy would love to see the Ball come off without a hitch. Kevin tells her the ball was a success. Agreeing, Lucy tells him they raised oodles of money, Serena is safe, and she has him. As she reaches up to kiss him, he reminds her that she doesn’t have a whole dress. Grabbing his hand and putting it on her, she tells him to hold her dress over her so she can hold him and kiss him.

Joe and Gabby enter her apartment, kissing passionately. Joe pulls away, telling her that they had a big celebration planned for him being HIV negative. Gabby thought that’s what they were doing. But Joe wanted to do it in style. All Gabby needs is him. Using his cummerbund, she pulls him to her. He comments on how much talent he didn’t know she had. He hasn’t seen anything yet. But he thinks her performance was over the top, he’s never seen her so uninhibited before. She thinks he should take a better look, and she drops her dress before his stunned eyes.

Alison, Jamal, and Livvie enter the bike shop, commenting on how tired they are after all the excitement. Jamal comments on how bad Jack must have been feeling to have left, and Livvie goes up to check on him. Alone, Alison tells him the night was special. Jamal says they must have raised a fortune, but that’s not what Alison was talking about. Alison believes he has no idea that the Ball is the one year anniversary of their first date. He acts surprised, commenting that they should celebrate. Alison’s feeling are hurt, but she doesn’t show him. Pulling a small velvet box out, he says that he guesses she wouldn’t want what he has for her. Taking it from him, Alison smiles when she opens the box to find a pair of silver hoop earrings with a small stone hanging from them. They’re trying to save money, but Jamal says he had to splurge. As he wishes her happy anniversary with a kiss, Livvie returns. Jack is not in his room. Telling Livvie to stay there in case Jack returns, Jamal and Alison go look for him.

Sam corners Jack in an alley. Three male friends of hers are with her. She tells Jack that she heard he’d returned from the dead. Sam saw him dead. Jack was kneeling in pain, but he stands to tell Sam that Zack didn’t finish the job. Telling him that they’re going to finish the job for Zack, she stands back while the three guys advance on Jack, one with a baseball bat. Jack tells them that they don’t want to do that. He denies Sam’s accusation that he killed Zack. But Sam doesn’t believe him, and now it’s his turn to stay dead. As they advance on Jack, the picture fades.

Lucy and Kevin are sitting in ER, eating pizza. She’s ecstatic, and Kevin is happy that she’s feeling that good. She tells him that they raised a lot of money, Serena’s safe, she has him, and she doesn’t have to think about the Nurses’ Ball for another year. Kevin tells her more like a week. Smiling as she leans closer to him, Lucy tells him that she’s going to concentrate on him. He likes that idea, and he returns her kiss. As they kiss a few more times, a nurse approaches them to ask Kevin to talk to a victim. Lucy has her pizza, she’s happy, and she’ll wait for him. Taking one last bite of her pizza, Kevin kisses her and leaves.

Alison enters ER asking if Jack is there. Lucy hears her and approaches her. Alison stammers that Jack wasn’t feeling well, and left the ball. Indigestion. Lucy lets Alison know she isn’t buying it by saying that her choice for the food for the ball was impeccable. When Lucy asks where Livvie is, Alison tells her that Livvie is with Jack. Alison is squirming, and tells Lucy that she’s sure Livvie is with Jack, and everything’s fine. Lucy begins with her favorite line “I’m not trying to pry….”. She goes on to inform Alison that Livvie is Kevin’s daughter, so that makes her practically Lucy’s stepdaughter, and Jack is also important to her. She wants to know they’re okay. Alison tells her that everything’s fine, and she makes her escape. Lucy lets her go, but she stares at Alison like she knows the girl’s lying.

Sam tells her friends that Jack’s all theirs. The advance on him, and they begin to beat Jack, taking turns hitting and kicking him.

Livvie decides that she’s going to go look for Jack, and leaves the bike shop. When she reaches the alley, the street light goes out. Turning, Livvie realizes Caleb is there. He calls her Olivia. Livvie wants to know why he’s following her. He’s her future. She informs him that he’s not her future, but Caleb gently turns her to face him. She says she’s in love with Jack. Caleb is staring into her eyes, telling her to leave, then saying she can’t leave because she wants to be with him. His hand gently touches her face, and Livvie can’t look away.

Gabby is on top of Joe as if she’s riding him viciously. He knows something’s not right, and he rolls them over. When she’s on the bottom, she rakes her nails across his shoulder blade, leaving a trail of blood.

Caleb continues to touch Livvie, telling her how soft her skin is, and that he doesn’t want to see any more tears. She’s cried too much lately. Livvie tells him she won’t cry anymore now that Jack’s back. But Caleb knows Livvie feels something’s not quite right. Jack’s not the man she fell in love with. Livvie still blames the accident. Caleb accuses her of thinking he’d changed before the accident. Livvie insists she’s in love with Jack. Caleb walks around her slowly, touching her hair and shoulder, asking her to come see his world. She deserves better than Jack, she deserves everything. He knows she’s not afraid, and he also knows she’ll come with him. Taking her hand, he takes her with him.

Jack is on his knees, and his eyes become cold and angry. Suddenly he jumps up and throws on guy across the alley, then he turns on the other, savagely hitting and kicking him. Jamal sees him, and reaches for him. Before Jack can realize who it is, he grabs Jamal and throws him. Jamal hits the wall and falls to the ground at Jack’s feet.


Gabby returns to the living room in a robe and sits with Joe. She’s ready for more, and begins to kiss him again. Joe stops her, telling her he needs a breather. He can’t find the word to describe what she’s like, and Gabby tells him superhuman. She promises him there’s lots more of that coming. He tells her that the clinic called, they’re sending ticket next week. Gabby says no. Joe thinks she needs more time to get things together. Gabby tells him she’s not going. At first Joe, thinks she’s kidding, but she tells him she’s serious, she’s not leaving Port Charles.

Lucy is sleeping on a gurney in the hallway. Kevin wakes her by gently kissing the side of her head. When she sees him, she smiles and sits up so he can sit next to her. She describes the dream she was having. The three of them, Lucy, Kevin, and Serena, in the park just being happy. Kevin tells her that it’s not a dream, it’s real. Kevin tells her that’s not just a dream. But it is to Lucy, she never thought it would be possible again. Kevin begs her to not do this to herself, but she has to tell him. When she lost Christian, she thought her life was over, and she wanted to be alone the rest of her life. But Kevin’s with her, and she’s happy again. Always the shrink, Kevin tells her that people always feel that way after a tragedy. Lucy tells him that she’d like to tell people that they will be happy again. Even though she’ll always carry a piece of the tragedy with her, she’s happy. Kevin admits to her that he hit rock bottom, too, and if it hadn’t been for her and Livvie….. The mention of Livvie’s name reminds Lucy of what she saw. She asks him if he’s heard from Livvie because something strange is going on. Now Kevin’s curiosity is piqued, and he wants to know what’s going on. Lucy tells him that Alison was in ER looking for Jack, but Alison made up an excuse about Livvie being with Jack. Then she remembers the bullet. Pulling it out of her purse, she shows it to Kevin. She tells him that she found it on the ground after the cop fired at Jamal when Jack got in the way. Kevin agrees with her that the bullet hit something. Lucy finally verbalizes the thought that the bullet hit Jack, and maybe that’s why he’s acting so strangely. Kevin tries to tell her that if the bullet had hit Jack, he wouldn’t be walking around. No human is that strong. But something is strange, if the bullet didn’t hit Jack, Kevin has no idea what it hit.

Jack is hitting one of the guys, Jamal yells at him to stop. Finally Jack seems to hear him and turns, asking Jamal what’s going on. Jamal tells him that he’s freaking again just like he did on Chris. Doubling over in pain again, Jack begs Jamal to tell him what’s happening. Before Jamal can answer, Alison’s voice echoes in the alley. Staring into Jamal’s eyes, Jack crawls behind some boxes. Alison sees the three unconscious guys and asks Jamal if he did it. Leading her away, Jamal tells Alison that Jack did it, and she needs to stay away from him. Jack watches them leave from his hiding place.

Caleb leads Livvie to some sort of cavern, reminiscent of “Phantom Of The Opera.” There are torches and candles illuminating a bedroom. Caleb welcomes her home as she stares around the room. 


Gaby stares Joe in the eyes, telling him she’s sorry, but she’s met someone else.

Caleb tells Olivia that he wants her to be happy, and he wants her to be his.

Lucy and Jack at the lighthouse. Jack slaps a cup out of Lucy’s hand, screaming at her that all he needs is Livvie, and he has to find her.