PC Update Thursday 6/21/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 6/21/01

By Dawn

Lucy enters the stage again, telling the audience how close they came to not having a ball. Her speech includes the AIDS quilt, and Joe is shown looking worried. Lucy looks at him and he waves his arms at her, meaning for her to stretch her speech. After stretching as long as she cold, she tells the audience the next number will be up in a few minutes. Smiling at the audience, she goes to Joe. When she reaches Joe, she forgets the microphone is turned on, she asks Joe where the heck Gabby is.

Jack approaches Livvie, asking what he missed. Allison asks how he is, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. This is their night, and he wants them to have a good time. Livvie is all for that.

Lucy is harassing Joe about Gabby when Gabby approaches, asking them if they’re looking for her. 

Victor and Mary approach the buffet, Victor telling Mary to never underestimate Lucy. As they approach Kevin and Chris both of them get pages. Sirens blast in the background as they both leave the roof.

The ER is a complete madhouse with patients and medical personnel running around.  Alan tells a nurse that if they can walk, they can wait. Eve and Ian make an entrance with a stretcher. Frank leads Karen into the ER, and she’s frantic. Serena was in the dining car when the accident happened. Eve gets a victim list, but her name isn’t on it. Karen begins to cry and Frank holds her.

Chris is attending a victim, walking past Karen, who is hysterical. Frank offers to go back to the site, Karen wants to go, but he and Eve stop her. Frank tries to calm Karen by telling her that they’ll find Serena. He’s going to go get Scott.

Kevin approaches Monica, who has a victim of her own to help. Kevin approaches Karen, checking her arm before asking about Serena. Karen tells him that she doesn’t know where Serena is. Frank helped, but there’s no word yet about her. Karen says everyone who needs to know does. Kevin, thinking about Lucy says not everyone.

Lucy is introducing Gabby, telling the audience how terrified she is. Gabby enters the stage and begins to sing “Let Me Entertain You.” She is wearing a hot pink wraparound skirt and a wraparound shirt with long gloves, set off with a matching boa. Terrified after only a few lines, she stops singing. A few moments pass, then her eyes meet Caleb’s Suddenly, her entire demeanor changes, and she’s Gypsy Rose Lee. Glaring at Lucy, she tells Lucy to ‘hit i.t’ Doing a striptease, she throws her glove into the audience. She puts her foot in Victor’s lap and shakes her hips at him. Joe is next. She wraps her boa around his neck, then pulls him up on stage with him. Lucy watches, as if she knows something’s wrong. Joe is reluctantly going along with her. Gabby strips down to a halter and shorts, which she flashes Joe with before she takes that off. In a panic, Joe grabs her skirt and wraps it around her before she can face the audience. The audience is stunned, and Joe has a hard time dragging her off the stage. Furious, he asks her what she was doing. Her answer is that she was singing to him, and forgot everyone else was there. He’s furious. Everyone else was there. Smiling, she says no ones there now, and grabs him, and kissing him passionately.

Stunned, Lucy approaches the stage, announcing that they’re going to start the silent auction and she’ll be back after the Vice Squad leaves. Forgetting the microphone again, Lucy chews Victor out for enjoying Gabby’s performance. Seeing Kevin, Lucy rants about Gabby to him, not giving him a chance to get a word in. Before Kevin can tell Lucy about Serena, a nurse approaches them, telling Kevin that Alan has checked all the hospitals and there’s no sign of Serena.  Lucy begins to panic, and Kevin tries to calm her. When he tell her that the train Serena and Karen were on was in the accident, Lucy goes off on a rant. She sent them on the trip, and it’s her fault. Immediately, her imagination begins to run wild, and she tearfully tells Kevin that she can’t lose another child. Kevin tries to tell her that until they know what happened, it doesn’t do any good to panic, but it’s too late. She’s already panicking, and she begs him to tell her she’s not going to lose Serena.

The song “Ain’t No Sunshine” begins as Karen wanders through ER in search of Serena. We see Alan and Jill working furiously on a patient, Monica using the crash cart on a man, Eve following a paramedic carrying a blonde headed little girl. Karen sees this and runs in only to find out it’s not Serena. Crying, Karen stands in the middle of the chaos. We see almost every doctor and nurse from General Hospital and Port Charles running around tending to wounded.

Lucy is still very close to hysteria, and Kevin tells her that Serena was in the dining car. He’s sure that Serena’s fine. She wants to go the scene, but Kevin tells her that Frank and Scott are already there, and he’ll go. He tells her that the people at the ball need her, she can’t get near the scene anyway, and she needs to stay. Kevin promises to find her and call her. Lucy doesn’t care if he has to have someone stop the show to get to her, he has to call her the second he finds anything out. Promising to do just that, Kevin kisses her, tells her he loves her, and goes. Turning, Lucy talks to ‘Serena,’ saying that she’s okay.

Lucy goes on stage and tells the audience that there has been an accident. The doctors and nurses that have been called away are downstairs taking care of business.  She’s holding back tears, but she tells them that the show has to go on, because the fight against AIDS has to go on. Lee and Gail are looking at her, but it’s not clear if they know about Serena or not. She introduces Jamal, Alison, and Livvie. Caleb moves closer to the stage.

Jamal tells Livvie that he knows she’s had a lot on her mind. She says as long as it doesn’t get in the way of her feet, she’ll be fine. Jack wants things back to normal anyway. Laughing, Alison sarcastically says this is normal.

Lucy goes back onstage to tell everyone that the nurses and Doctors are downstairs taking care of business. She’s unable to say accident. They have to continue to take care of business at the Ball, because the fight against AIDS has to go on. Telling the audience the next number is going to keep up the energy, she introduces Jamal, Alison, and Livvie.

Jamal is in a red windbreaker, white shirt, bow tie, pulled up jeans, looking like the typical nerd. Livvie is similarly dressed is a baggy sweater and long skirt. Allison is dressed in a black cape like a witch. Livvie begins to sing “Love Potion Number 9.” Livvie and Jamal take turns with the verses of the song, with Allison taking the ‘lines’ of Madam Rue. During the bridge before the second verse, the girls strip down to sleeveless tanks and tight matching capris. Jamal is in a red muscle shirt with the jeans rolled down. The cop ‘on 34th and Vine’ is Victor, and it’s adorable to see the girls kiss him, then he stops Jamal.

Jack is watching them, but keeps putting his glass to his forehead as if he’s hot. Caleb is watching the dancers on stage and Jack.

Joe joins Chris in the ER, and Chris comments on Gabby’s X rated dance. Joe is surprised that news travels fast. Chris tells him only the good stuff. Connie hands him his lab reports. Knowing it’s the HIV test, she wishes him luck, she leaves.

Lucy finds Karen in ER. Karen tearfully tells her that the phone line keeps breaking up. Lucy wants to know what’s going on, but Karen can’t tell her. Frank called, but the line went dead. Karen tearfully apologizes to Lucy, but Lucy tells her that it’s not her fault. She understands, but she doesn’t understand why no one has found Serena yet. She tries to call Kevin, hoping he’ll tell her that they found Serena.

Joe and Gabby are about to read the results. He hesitates, and Gabby gets more nervous. Agreeing that they’re ready, Joe opens the envelope. Smiling, he tells her it’s negative. They hug and kiss, thinking the nightmare is over. 

Scott calls Lucy from the door to ER, bringing Serena with him. Running to her, she grabs her, and tells Serena how worried about her they all were. In her excitement, Lucy calls Serena ‘pumpkinhead,’ which Serena hates in public. Apologizing, Lucy does it again. In order to keep Lucy from sticking her foot in her mouth a third time, Kevin puts his hands on Lucy’s back and tells Serena they were all worried about her. Karen approaches, and soon Eve, Frank, and Ian are all gathered around. They all hug Serena, who apologizes for freaking everybody out. Frank tells them that Serena was sitting about 300 yards from the paramedics with a small boy she found. Ben was looking for his mother. Ian takes him to find his parents. Karen says they were all worried, but Lucy admits to her that she freaked out. She’s proud of Serena, but she’s still shaking. Taking Serena into her arms, Lucy closes her eyes, taking deep breaths trying not to cry.

Karen pulls Frank and Mary into the cubicle Joe is in. Mary comes face to face with Gabby, and she glares. They gather around Joe, and Karen says ‘okay, we’re all here.’  Smiling, he announces the HIV test was negative.

Kevin is standing behind Serena with his arms around her. Scott tells Serena that she’s amazing. OF course she is, Lucy points out, Serena takes after her. Scott tells Lucy that he hopes Serena does NOT take after her, and Lucy smacks him. But if she does, she’ll be running the Nurses’ Ball next year. That reminds Serena that the ball is tonight. Lucy tells everyone that Victor is taking care of things.

Victor is on stage, telling jokes between acts. Livvie runs to Jack to ask how she looked. Jack tells her that she was great.

Allison is being congratulated by Amanda. Allison tells her that Jamal taught her how to dance like that. Almost sneering, Amanda comments that Jamal is a man of many talents.

Jack tells Livvie that he feels sick and he’s going home before he throws up on someone else’s tux. She offers to go with him, but he tells her no, he’ll be fine. He just doesn’t feel good. Telling him she loves him, Livvie kisses him and walks away. Whispering ‘me too,’ Jack gets in the elevator.

Caleb watches him leave, whispering that it’s only going to get worse. This is just the beginning.


Gabby tells Joe  he hasn’t seen the half of it yet

Livvie says she loves Jack. Caleb says then leave. Then he says she can’t because she wants to be with him 

Sam corners Jack with three guys, telling him he’s going to stay dead