PC Update Wednesday 6/20/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/20/01

By Dawn

Jamal, Alison, and Livvie help Jack into the bike shop. They're still shocked at the fact that Jack's alive. Jamal and Alison keep repeating that they buried him, and he had no pulse. Jamal can't get over it, and he wants answers. Jack wants them to let it go, but Jamal demands answers.

Ian and Eve enter their apartment. Her divorce is final, and she wants to move on with her life. It's not easy, but it's what she and Kevin want. Ian wants to have a quiet evening, but Eve reminds him the Nurses' Ball is tonight. Not really enthusiastic, Ian pretends to be glad to go. The baby could be a good excuse to not go; Eve wonders if she'll fit into hr dress. Ian decides he wants to be seen as an officially engaged couple. As Eve runs off to change, Ian mutters 'kill me now.'

Gaby is trying to fake a sore throat to avoid the number. No one buys it, and Joe tries to calm her down. But the Nurses' Ball isn't all she's nervous about. Knowing it's the HIV test, Joe tells her it won't be long. They'll finally know for sure.

Kevin catches up to Lucy and Don, and he tells her that something happened. She thinks it's his divorce papers, but it's not. He can't tell her, and he hesitates, but finally he spits it out. There was a water main that burst and now there's a flood at the Versailles room at the hotel. It's under water. Lucy begins to panic as Kevin tells her that everything is destroyed. Fortunately, the AIDS quilt panels survived. Finally, Lucy gets around to asking him about her gowns. When he tells her to think Titanic, she can't breathe. Don and Kevin catch her as she faints and the picture fades.

Eve walks in the room in her dress, and Ian is stunned. Still in a sweater, he says he wants to go, but he's not convincing. Before he can go take a shower, Eve stops him. She has to do her hair, so he has plenty of time. Watching her leave the room, he sits back down. She knows he's only doing this for her.

Kevin and Don carry her to a chair, where Lucy is freaking out. She's on a complete rant, while Kevin tries to calm her, and Don fans her with files he has in his hand. She's still hyperventilating, and Kevin kneels at her feet, repeating 'calm down' to her. He says that everything's going to be fine. She wants to know how everything's going to be fine when everything's under 3 feet of water. Kevin, always the bearer of good news, tells her it's actually 5 feet of water. Lucy is still in a total panic. Everything is most certainly NOT okay, what is she supposed to do, hand out bikinis and announce an underwater ballet? Still not helping, Kevin tells her that's not a bad idea. Joe notices, and asks her if something's wrong. When Kevin and Lucy tell Joe and Gaby about the flood, Gaby's first thought is that she doesn't have to sing. Joe stops Gaby and asks Lucy if she can find another place. Lucy decides to take her frustration out him. Then Lucy thinks about crying. Everyone pulls together for this once a year. The charity needs the money, it's the biggest event of the year, and it's ruined. Joe refuses to let her cry and tells her they'll figure out something. Finally Kevin decides to respond to how upset she is. The show will go on, he says. She wants to know where the show is going to be.

Chris is on the phone with Garcia, telling him that this can't be the end. Jack's alive, but something happened. Angry that Garcia isn't interested, he decided he'll do it himself.

All Jack remembers is walking in the middle of nowhere. Jamal doesn't believe him at first, but Jack is as freaked out as they are. Finally Jamal apologizes, but still wants an explanation. Livvie doesn't care, as long as he's there, but Jack agrees with Jamal. Something happened to him, and he wants to know what. Jamal reminds Livvie that she held him while he died and said how cold he was, but Livvie doesn't want to hear it. The coffin didn't rip itself apart, and Alison says an animal could have smelled him, then maybe changed it's mind about biting him. Livvie still doesn't care. But Jack leaves, saying he has to find answers. Livvie is angry at Alison and Jamal, but Jamal says they have to know what happened so they can help Jack deal with it.

Jack is in the alley alone. He lights a match and appears to be fascinated by the flame. Blowing it out slowly, he stares at the group in the bike shop. Caleb is watching jack, surprised Jack made it back so fast. But it doesn't matter. He approaches Jack slowly.

Ian is mostly dressed in his suit, his tie hanging around his neck. He yells for Eve, who appears in sweats. She says she can stay home with him. He wants her to go get dressed, reiterating that he wants to go. He doesn't care what she's wearing, he wants to show her off. Eve decides that she'd better get dressed; Lucy will kill her if she shows up like that. When it comes to Lucy's ball, everything has to be perfect.

Lucy has called every place in town, and no one has room. It's over. She wants out. She can't handle it anymore. Kevin knows it's not just about the room, it's about Christina. Two years ago, she found her, and last year, she found out Christina was gone. She can't finish the sentence, and Kevin understands. Lucy misses Serena, and Kevin tells her that Serena will be back for the ball. Again, Lucy tells him that there won't be a ball. Still calm, Kevin tells her that every year has a disaster, and she always figures out something. But Lucy doesn't want to fight. She's tired, and she has to go tell everyone there won't be a ball.

Joe admits to Gaby that people are taking bets that she'll screw upon stage. Gaby is furious, but Joe is amused and takes pleasure in the fact that foolish people will lose their bets. It's been a year since they met, but Joe is more excited that the clinic is more than ready for them. Kissing, they agree that this is the start of something great. Joe is headed to the On Call room for his tux, and Gaby will meet him there.

Chris approaches Jack, mentioning the reports of his death. As Caleb steps back into the shadows, Chris tries to talk to Jack. Jack isn't interested. Following him inside, he tries to talk to him. Chris tells him that he went to a lot of trouble and expense, with no help from Livvie, Alison or Jamal, to find him. Livvie tells him to go away, but Chris calls her "the girl that jumps from brother to brother." That comment sends Jack into a complete rage. Literally lifting Chris by the neck, he screams at Chris to never talk about Livvie like that again.

Eve reappears, ready to leave. All Ian can say is "Wow." Must be the pregnant woman thing, Eve jokes. With something on his mind, he asks her how much time they have. She's already undressed twice, how about a third time. Smiling, she kisses him and agrees third time's a charm.

It takes Jamal, Alison, and Livvie to pull Jack off of Chris. Chris accuses him of trying to kill him. Jack may be alive, but as far as Chris is concerned, jack is dead. After Chris is gone, Livvie smacks his chest and tells him that he scared her. Jamal wants to know what went on, Jack's grip was like iron.

Caleb watches Chris leave and turns to go, but Gabby runs into him. She apologizes and stares at him, asking if she knows him. He says she will soon. She's confused, but he tells her that he knows her very well. Her eyes are drawn to his, and she stares into them.

Stepping off the helipad on the roof, Lucy hangs up the phone, and stares at Kevin sadly. The ball is off. She's called everyone she can think of, and no one has room for the ball. He doesn't want her to give up, but she's out of answers. They discuss the fact that she's never given up before, but she is out of ideas. Kevin reminds her that the woman he used to know would build a barn if she had to for the Ball. She's tired, depressed, and out of ideas. Finally, he agrees with her, and she stares at him. He tells her that it's over, just jump, pointing to the side of the roof. She sarcastically tells him that he'd be surprised if she took him up on it and jumped off the roof. Then it hits her. Knowing that look in her eyes means she has an idea, Kevin wants to know what it is. It's going to take a lot of work, and a lot of help, but Lucy knows what they can do.

Joe and Gabby at the ball, he asks her where she was, and she answers nowhere while Caleb looks on Kevin telling Lucy that Serena was in the train accident. Camera cuts as Lucy begins to cry. Karen asks Eve about someone, Eve tells her that she's sorry.