PC Update Tuesday 6/19/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/19/01

By Dawn

Karen and Frank are saying goodbye. Karen has to go with Serena to Manhattan, they haven't spent a whole lot of time together, and she wants Serena to feel important. So it's going to be a girls' outing for her.

Gabby and Joe are discussing his final test, which is today. Joe says no matter what, he's been lucky. His family has been nothing but good to him, Frank sacrificed for him, Gabby loves him, and he's crazy about her. Kissing him, Gabby tells him she's crazy about him. Joe mentions the clinic he heard about from Eve. Gabby asks him if he's going to give up everything, everyone, and go. He's not, he's hoping she'll go with him.

Jack falls to the ground as if he's been shot, Lucy and Kevin hold him on the ground, but then Kevin goes after the cop. The cop swears Jamal had a gun. Andy reminds everyone that no one got hurt. With Lucy and Livvie's help, Jack stands, saying he's fine and the cop missed. But as the scene ends, the bullet that hit Jack is on the ground at his feet.

Frank offers to chauffer Karen and Serena. They're taking the train, and the subway in New York. Giving in, Karen invites him to go along. Manicures, Tiffany's, and SoHo for juice bar lunch are not Frank's idea of a good time, and he realizes he really doesn't want to go. Serena interrupts them to ask Karen to come check her outfits. Turning to Frank, she promises Frank that she'll behave. No tattoos, no body piercing, etc. Frank wonders how he's going to get along without her, and as they kiss, Serena's voice interrupts them again. Smiling, Karen goes inside.

Joe apologizes for asking her this so suddenly, but it feels right to him. Gabby asks him if he wants to take her to some dinky little town in the wilderness. But she has to agree that it appeals to her. Joe wants her to consider what she'd be giving up, but she wants to consider what she'd be getting as she kisses him.

The cop swears again that he thought Jamal was reaching for a gun. Andy is relieved that everyone is okay, but Lucy replies that it's only because a wrongful death suit would spoil his summer. But as far as Andy is concerned, it isn't over. Andy tells Jack that Sam swears he was dead. Even though Jack is obviously alive, the fact remains that Zach is dead, and Andy is still convinced Jamal knows something. Lucy tries to hold Jamal back, telling him to not say anything, but Jamal's had it. The cops came in there with their guns blazing, thinking he'd murdered Jack, who is obviously still alive. And now they're saying he's murdered someone else. Kevin and Lucy defend the kids, and threaten to sue the PCPD for reckless endangerment. Once the cops leave, Kevin and Lucy want answers. How did Jack disappear for days, and suddenly resurface.

Joe hangs up the phone and turns to Gabby. The house the clinic was getting ready for Eve is set for them. Electric and running water, all the necessities. Joe has to remind himself that the enthusiasm the clinic has for them may wane if they find out he's HIV positive, but Gabby won't let him dwell on it. Whatever the results, they'll deal with it together.

Lucy still wants answers, and Livvie finally tells her that Jack just left town for a while. Livvie wants to talk to Kevin and Lucy alone. All that matters is that Jack's back and he's okay. Kevin's not really happy, but he understands that Livvie wants him to back off. Livvie points out to Lucy that when she gets involved, things tend to get complicated. Kevin tells Livvie that they're worried about her, but they're going to do as Livvie wishes.

Jamal tells Alison that Jack has cheated death again. He swears Jack was hit by the bullet. Allison wants to believe that they buried him alive, but Jamal is sure he was dead. There was no way for Jack to have dug himself out. The coffin was nailed shut, under dirt. And Jamal points out that there are no injuries on Jack. Allison doesn't want to look for the answers, but Jamal feels like they have to. As soon as it's light, he's going to the grave.

Jack wants to leave, and they all agree they need rest. Livvie promises to call him tomorrow. The kids leave Kevin and Lucy in the woods. Lucy is aggravated that Kevin just let it go, but he feels like he has to stand back. Livvie wants them to trust her, and he has no choice at this point. Lucy tells him that the little voice is telling her that something is wrong, but Kevin doesn't hear it. His little voice is telling him it's late, and they should go home. Frustrated, Lucy decides to follow him, and then looks down. At her feet is a bullet that looks like it has hit its target.

Gabby and Joe are on the sofa, drinking coffee. She's wide-awake, but it's not the Nurses' Ball, as Joe thinks. It's the thought of a new life in a new place with him. Joe teases her about the number she's performing because she's terrified. After the Nurses' Ball, they're going to fly down and check the new place out. Gabby has Visions of churning butter, quilting, and all kinds of country things. Joe wants her to hold off until he gets his results back. Now that Joe has mentioned the Nurses' Ball, she tells him how terrified she is, wondering how Lucy talked her into it. He calms her by telling her how sweet, fantastic, and wonderful she is. And that the Ball is for a good cause.

Frank tells Serena her shoes don't look comfortable, and Serena points out that they aren't going to be walking. Handing her a BIG wad of money, he tells her that if she takes care of her sister, and brings her home safe, the biggest, best doll is hers. Serena's face says it all. She wants no part of dolls anymore, but she can think of a huge make up kit she wants, and they shake on it. Frank's face is priceless, still obviously thinking Serena is much younger then she is. Still shaking his head, he asks Serena to wait in the car. Responding that he's the boss, Serena complies. Karen wants to know what that meant, but Frank pulls her to him, kissing her. Mr. Paranoia takes over, and he wants her to check for her cell phone and tickets. They kiss, but the horn blows from outside, and Karen leaves.

Lucy and Kevin are in bed at the lighthouse. The Tarot are spread out all over the bed, and no matter how Lucy spreads them out, they keep saying the same thing. Kevin realizes Lucy hasn't slept. Lucy wants answers about Jack, and she's still upset that Kevin won't press the issue with Livvie. To end the conversation, he tells her that he has to check on Abe, the poor man needed stitches after Lucy got done with him. Lucy had no idea bedpans had sharp edges. But the point that Lucy tries to show him is that Abe being attacked is part of the puzzle. After Kevin leaves the room, Lucy inspects the bullet she found. Musing that it definitely hit something, she hears her phone ring. Arguing about the order of the numbers, she lays the bullet on the table and apparently forgets about it.

Livvie, Alison, Jamal, and Jack are at the grave. Jamal is still telling Jack that there is no way he got out. The coffin looks like it exploded from the inside. Jack is shocked at the sight of it, asking if that's where he was. The fact that they buried him in a sealed coffins is still making Jamal nervous. Jack is still staring at it when Livvie puts her arms around him.

Kevin tells Lucy that a water main burst in the hotel. Lucy's gowns now resemble the Titanic. Jamal asks Jack if he wants them to make like nothing happened after they put him in the ground and buried him.