PC Update Monday 6/18/01



Port Charles Update Monday 6/18/01

By Dawn

Ian and Eve enter Ian's apartment, laughing about the Conga line. Ian want her to say yes again. After being told to ask her again, he does. She says no, then adds no question. They hug and kiss. Ian searched for the perfect place to propose to her, a place that had meaning to both of them. Jakes, the cabin, or Harris's lair. Eve doesn't want to think about Harris. Staring into his eyes, she tells him that he could have picked a garbage dump, and she would have said yes. Ian wants to make it official, and he pulls her to sit with her.

Kevin is still shocked at Andy's words. Armed and dangerous. He reminds Andy that Livvie is his daughter, and Alison is Amanda Barrington's granddaughter; they're not hardened criminals. Chris interrupts to tell Kevin that Andy is thinking like a cop. Jamal Woods is a criminal. Kevin warns Chris that if Livvie is hurt, he coming after Chris. Andy breaks them apart, and Andy restates what they know. Zach was found with his head on backwards, Jack Ramsey is missing, and according to Sam, Jack is dead. Alison, Jamal, and Livvie are missing. He asks Kevin what he would do with Zach and Jack dead. Lucy's voice interrupts them to say that Jack can't be dead.

Livvie doesn't believe Jack is real. He approaches her, but she steps back, afraid that she's losing her mind. He's confused, but he takes a step towards her. Falling to his knees, he tells her that something is wrong with him and begs her for help.

Caleb is laughing at Michael, telling him that he can't lock him in the basement again, and he can't be reformed. Holding his hands together, Michael begs Caleb to get help. Mimicking him, Caleb tells him that he needs Olivia. Michael tells him that she's dead, but Caleb announces that he's found a replacement, and Michael won't take this one away from him. Michael doesn't want him to do this, but Caleb won't live like Michael. Celibate. Waving his finger at Michael, Caleb reminds him that he tried to do this once before. But nothing will stop Caleb from having her this time.

Ian opens a ring box and shows it to Eve. It's a traditional Claddagh ring, two hands holding one heart. Taking turns they tell the story of the Claddagh, which is two hands representing faith, and one heart for love. Worn on the right hand with the heart pointed out means you're available. Pointed in means taken. Eve decides it a symbol of friendship and love. They agree they're blessed with both in their lives. Ian asks her to wear the ring to show the world that her heart is taken. Honored, she puts the ring on her finger and kisses Ian.

Lucy tells them that Jack isn't dead. He can't be, she'd feel it. Andy is confused, but Chris is more than happy to tell Andy in a sarcastic tone that the universe sends Lucy signals. Lucy replies that Chris really doesn't want to know what the universe has to say about him. When Andy asks Lucy what the universe says about him, she steps closer with her arms waving. If he thinks the universe is telling him to send a swat team after a bunch of innocent kids, then he needs to rethink that. Check out 'miss bellybutton's' meaning Sam's story. Sam tells Kevin to ask Livvie where she dumped her boyfriend's body. Andy takes Sam with him, and Kevin pulls Lucy out of hearing range of Chris. There they decide that they have to find Livvie before Andy does. Kevin's going to look for Livvie, and Lucy's going to cover for him. Kevin tells Andy that he has to go check on a patient.

Chris approaches Lucy, accusing her of knowing where Livvie, Alison and Jamal are and not telling the police. Lucy tells Chris to drop the brotherly love, Jack told her that they hate each other. Chris tells her that he and Jack really didn't get along, but if Jack is dead, he's not going to just go out to the movies. Sarcastic, Lucy tells him that he doesn't like the double feature playing today. Before Chris can say he doesn't care if Lucy believes him or not, she tells him she doesn't.

Michael wants to know why Caleb attacked this kid in the woods, if the reason was Livvie. Caleb tells Michael that he doesn't need a reason. Michael tells Caleb that Jack is his last victim, and he'll go to the police if he has to, or even kill him if he has to in order to stop him. Caleb is unimpressed. Suicide is a sin, and if Michael kills him, it would be like killing a part of himself. Caleb admits that's the only reason Michael is still alive. But he does confess that he thinks about it before he spits at 'Michael's pious face.' They discuss how much they both loved Olivia, and how Michael destroyed her. Caleb doesn't' care about Michael's opinion, he's going to have what he wants.

Livvie hold Jack and kisses him, finally believing he's real. Jack is weak, and he falls again. Livvie asks him what he remembers. Jack remembers Zach, the accident, and Livvie holding him. But the next thing he remembers nothing else except walking a long distance, being drawn to the river. Alison and Jamal interrupt them. Seeing Jack, they both stop. Alison begins to freak out, saying that it's not possible, Jack can't be there before she faints. Jack steps towards them, but Jamal is scared. Jamal finally tells Jack that he's dead.

Eve is still staring at her ring. Ian offers anything to please the lady. Eve wants food. The omelette Ian offers isn't appealing, ice cream is. Ian offers to serve it to her, but all she wants is a spoon. They play bicker for a few minutes, then Ian gives her the spoon, telling her to eat all she wants. Eve tells him he may regret telling her that. Ian looks forward to her getting bigger and bigger with their baby. Pulling her to him, Ian tells her that he doesn't care if she gains 200 lbs, loses all her hair and teeth, he'd still love her.

Lucy tells Kevin on the phone that the kids have to be at the river, and she'll meet him there in ten minutes. As she leaves, Chris comes out from where he's been eavesdropping. Lucy's universe has been sending Chris signals.

Jack is as confused at Alison. He wants to know what Jamal means by saying that he'd dead and buried. Faltering, they tell him that because Zach was going to pin it on Jamal, they buried him. Jack tells them he's fine. Jamal still doesn't believe, there isn't a scratch on him, and there was blood everywhere. Livvie doesn't care. He's there, he's fine, and she'd never letting him go. Alison hugs him, telling him how scared they were. Jamal is still standing a distance away. He knows what he saw. Alison begs him to say that they can all get past it. Finally, Jamal calls Jack the miracle man and hugs him. Deciding the story stays between them, Jamal says that no one can know. Kevin wants to know about what.

Eve is on the sofa, crying, but she tells Ian nothing's wrong. She's marrying the man she loves, they're having a baby together, and she doesn't understand, it must be because she's pregnant. Ian's completely confused. Two people are in love, the happiest people in the world, he muses while he brings a Kleenex to his own face. He's making fun of her, and she tells him she's serious, they're blessed. Ian agrees, adding that they're not going to put anything off anymore. They agree that as soon as Michael can, they're going to get married. He'll call Michael, and she's in charge of everything else. He trusts her. Kissing him, she tells him how much she loves him. Ian would rather she show him. The kiss gets more passionate.

Michael still refuses Caleb to leave. He's not going to let Caleb hurt Livvie. He resorts to begging, which amuses Caleb. Imitating an evangelist, he tells Michael to pray for his sins. Moving closer, he shoves Michael so he can run up the stairs and lock Michael in the cellar. Michael tells Caleb that he has to let him out, but Caleb replies that he's already late, and he doesn't want to keep the lady waiting.

Alison tells Kevin that nothing's going on, but he doesn't believe her. Livvie finally tells him that it's none of his business, she doesn't ask him for ever detail of his life. Jamal tells him to ease up, they were wrong, and they want to forget about the whole thing. Kevin tells them that the police are looking for them, suspecting Jamal of murdering Jack, and Livvie and Alison of covering it up. As they four kids tell him how ridiculous that is, an officer appears with his gun drawn. Kevin tries to talk to him, but the officer keeps repeating armed and dangerous. Spotting Lucy, Kevin calls her name. Andy is behind her. The officer holds them all at gunpoint. Livvie is behind Kevin, Jack next to him, Alison behind Jamal and Jack, Lucy is trying to hold Jamal still, and Andy is off to the side, trying to talk to the officer. Jack steps in front of Jamal as the gun goes off. The last sound heard is a shrill, short scream from Lucy.

Scenes: Gabby asking Joe if he's leaving everything behind and taking that job Jamal tells Alison that Jack cheated death again, and as soon as it's light, he's going to pay the grave a visit.