PC Update Friday 6/15/01



Port Charles Update Friday 6/15/01

By Dawn 

Eve and Ian enter Jake's and sit at a table. They discuss the first time Ian ever held her in his arms. To be more precise, Eve remembers she fell into them. Ian blames the kamikazes she drank, but Eve tells him that he was the one that made her walk the plank. Ian doesn't remember it that way, but Eve pins him down. He got her drunk, and he made her dance on the bar. Feigning shock, Ian tells her that he was an innocent bystander, and all he remembers is that she was soft, and very sexy. Interested in his version, Eve asks him about when she pulled him to the dance floor. Ian stares into her eyes, telling her that he was thinking about how he was falling in love with her. Smiling, Eve admits she was trying to hide the same feelings. They agree how wonderful it is that they don't have to hide those feelings anymore. They kiss softly, holding each other close.

Abe still has his hands around Kevin's throat. Jill and Victor are trying to pry the judge away from Kevin, but he has a death grip. Literally. Lucy sees Abe strangling her Doc and takes action. Grabbing the nearest object, which happens to be a bedpan, she whacks Abe over the head with it, rendering him unconscious. Shocked, Victor turns to stare at Lucy, who feels guilty, but doesn't regret what she did.

Chris asks Sam if he's supposed to believe that Jack is dead and Jamal and Alison killed him. The story Zach set up is coming out of Sam's mouth. Jamal ran Jack off the cliff and killed him. Walking away, Chris doesn't buy her story. Now Sam is chasing Chris, telling him that it's true, and they probably got rid of Jack's body up by the border. Grabbing Sam, Chris pushes her into the wall, ordering her to shut up. With his finger in her face, he tells her to quit the sick game and tell him what's going on.

Jamal and Alison are whispering about how worried they are about Livvie. She seems to be losing it. Jamal wants to talk to her, but Alison wants to leave her alone. The problem is, they don't have time to leave her alone, so they approach her. The fog seems to have thinned, but there are still traces of it around them. They quietly ask Livvie if she saw anyone around Zach when she got away. All she can tell them is that it was a noise, and whoever it was saved her. When Jamal and Alison press her for any ideas, she wonders if it's the person who's been following her around. She feels like he's still here. Caleb is still watching her from a distance, hiding in the trees.

When Ian approaches their table with drinks, Eve is surprised that after witnessing her bartending skills, he still sticks with Irish whiskey. Ian takes comfort in stability, and Irish Whiskey never changes. Eve agrees, saying it's better for her to have water than a virgin kamikaze. Her mind wanders and she asks Ian if her ankles are swelling. Something's his mind, and he shakes his head, mumbling that her ankles are beautiful. Ian is trying to say something, but he's having a hard time. Eve, oblivious to this, is interrupting him ever second or third word. He mentions that now that they're home, he wants to... Eve jumps on the word home, and remarks how wonderful it is. Now the subject for Eve is Karen. How great Karen looks and how close she and Frank are getting. Ian tries to bring her back to what he wants to say, telling her that's what he wants to talk about. She asks him if Joe told him about him and Gabby. Ian is getting more nervous, and tells her that the guys didn't discuss it. Eve is shocked, and she demands that Ian explain to her why men don't discuss their feelings. Ian points out the women don't give them a chance. Laughing, Eve stares at him and tells him to go ahead. He tries to explain to her that wasn't what he meant, but she tells him to say whatever it is he wants to say. Before he can get out the entire sentence about how he's not sure he can do it justice, Eve jumps up. She's going to be sick and she runs into the bathroom. Alone, Ian tries to rehearse whatever it is he wants to say to her.

Jill and another nurse are wheeling Abe from the room. Jill tells them that between the sedative and the bump on his head, Abe should be out for a while. Victor goes with him, leaving Kevin and Lucy alone. Lucy is squirming, like she knows she's in trouble. Kevin starts with that was one way to calm him down. Lucy shrugs, he was attacking her Doc, and she had to do something. More worried about Abe then upset with Lucy, Kevin remarks that Abe is a federal judge. Not the type of person to just go off the deep end. He tells Lucy that Victor thinks something attacked Abe. Lucy makes the connection to Jack, and Kevin admits to her that some of the symptoms were very similar. Lucy tells him that she told him so about something going on in those woods. Telling him that she has a few Nurses' Ball things to do, she basically orders him to meet her back there so they can figure out what's going on. As she kisses him goodbye, he thanks her.

Sam tells Chris that she's not playing games. He wanted the truth. Chris wants her to explain how the truth could be that Jamal killed his best friend. Sam tells Chris about Jack putting moves on Alison and Jamal going nuts about it. Chris doesn't believe Jamal could go nuts enough to kill Jack over it. Sam asks him if he knows so much, when was the last time anyone saw Jack. Chris repeats the bike race, Jack rode because Jamal didn't show up. Telling him to check his information, Sam informs him that Jamal did show up, and took off after Jack. Jamal didn't like the fact that Jack was showing him up in front of Alison. Still not believing her, Chris asks her if anyone saw Jamal take Jack out. Sam lays it on thick, telling him that's why Zach is dead, and she's afraid Jamal and Alison will come after her. Alison would cover for Jamal, and she was just as pissed at Jack. Chris throws Livvie's name at her. Livvie loved Jack, and she still hangs with them. Jack worked her, is Sam's answer. And a girl doesn't forget that. Chris's voice gets louder and he repeats the story again as Kevin exits the examination room. Jamal, Alison, and Livvie killed Jack, and now Zach. Before Sam can answer, Kevin steps in. He's instantly furious, and he wants to know what's going on.

Jamal is searching for Caleb, and Livvie tells them that he was just there. Caleb watches Jamal look for him. Alison's voice calls to Jamal, but he doesn't answer. The fog has grown thicker again. Jamal finally returns, having found nothing. Alison asks Livvie why this guy would be following her. Especially in the alley. Livvie reiterates that she's not sure there was anyone in the ally. She just heard a noise. Alison doesn't like the fact that Livvie keeps running into this guy. Now Livvie isn't worried, and she tells them it's probably nothing. Jamal changes the subject. Things are out of control, and they've decided to go to the police, with the whole story of how Jack died. At the mention of Jack, Livvie walks away, hugging herself and saying how much she misses Jack.

Eve returns and Ian is worried. She tells him that whoever said women glow when they're pregnant has never been pregnant. And morning sickness, Eve wonders why it's called that when it happens anytime? Ian asks if she wants to go home, but she informs him that as fast as morning sickness hits, it goes away. She fine, and it's more than worth it. When she asks him what he wanted, he loses his nerve again, and asks her if she wants to dance. As they move to the dance floor, a group of guys come in and basically take over the bar loudly. Eve starts to choke, and Ian goes to the bar to get her some more water. A conga line enters, and Eve ends up in it. Ian stands at the bar, watching her.

Kevin tells Chris and Sam that the accusation is the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard. Sam tells him that she saw the whole thing. Kevin tells her that Jack isn't dead, he left town after he got caught stealing from the bike shop. Chris's detective didn't find that, and if it's true, why can't his guy find him. Kevin tells him that Jack isn't around, and Chris's detective can't find him because he doesn't want to be found. Chris wants to know if Kevin saw him, or if he was told that by Livvie and her friends. Sighing, Kevin agrees to question Livvie and find out where Jack is. Chris doesn't believe Kevin will interrogate them, and he goes to the phone to call the police. Kevin takes the phone away from Chris, telling him that Sam had a thing for Jack, and she's lying. Chris doesn't care. Something happened to Jack, and he wants to know what. Kevin reminds him of how he's treated Jack like dirt this entire time, and Kevin wants to know why Chris is so concerned now. Chris is concerned because Jack is his family. Telling Kevin to worry about his own family, he continues to dial. Kevin reminds Chris that he knows Livvie. Like mother, like daughter, is Chris's answer.

Caleb enters the cellar of the church and starts looking around, searching for something. Finding it behind a box, he pulls out an antique picture of a woman who is an identical match for Livvie. Caressing the picture, Caleb states that he will have his Olivia back.

Livvie tells Jamal and Alison how hard it's been to pretend that Jack's alive. With Zach turning up dead, things went from bad to worse, and Jamal reminds them that if Livvie didn't kill Zach, whoever did it is still out there. As soon as Alison and Jamal mention Caleb, Livvie shakes her head. Whoever this guy is, he won't hurt her. She knows that. Livvie wants to go with them to the police, but she needs some time alone first. This was their spot. She wants to say goodbye. Leaving her to her privacy, Alison and Jamal walk away.

The conga line at Jake's is in full swing. As Eve passes Ian, he reaches for her. They can't hear each other, and Ian suggests leaving. She finally realizes how frustrated Ian is, and tells him to not get mad. He's not mad, he just wants to talk to her. She yells to be heard and asks him what it is he wants to say. Ian stumbles over his words, and asks her to marry him. She doesn't hear him, and as he yells it again, the music stops. One of the guys in the Conga line tells her to answer Ian, not leave him hanging. Ian stares into her eyes, and asks her if she wants to make him the happiest man alive and be his wife. Eve is stunned for a moment, and finally grins and says yes. The bar cheers them on as they hug and kiss.

Kevin puts his phone away, wondering where Livvie is. Andy enters and Kevin tries to convince him that the accusations are ridiculous. But Andy saw the fight between Jack and Jamal. Kevin still thinks this is all about money, and he tells Andy that there was a money issue. Andy adds that to the list, which includes Jack forcing himself on Alison. Kevin still doesn't want to believe that, and he tells Andy how absurd that is. But Andy shocks Kevin by telling him that he was there when it happened. He saw Jamal hit Jack and threaten to kill him. Kevin still doesn't want to believe that means Jamal actually did it, but Chris has heard enough. There is motive, and opportunity, and an eye witness, as he points to Sam. Kevin replies that Sam is hardly a reliable witness. Andy isn't taking any chances. He puts out an APB on Jamal, Alison, and Livvie over the phone, telling the person on the other end of the line that all three of them could be armed and dangerous. Kevin is furious, but there is nothing he can do.

Lucy finds Victor in the hallway, and asks how Abe is doing. Victor tells her that he's sleeping. Lucy apologizes to Victor for hitting Abe with the bedpan, but at least it was empty. Abe was strangling Kevin, and she had to do something. Victor is more concerned about the fact that Abe is not a violent man. Lucy tells him that Kevin told her Abe was attacked. They discuss the shape Victor saw, but all Victor can tell her is that it made his blood run cold. Lucy asks Victor if he knows what happened to Jack. Nodding, Victor tells her that something very wrong is going on in the woods. Lucy is excited that someone finally feels the same way she does about the woods. But Victor tells her that it is something very evil.

Caleb is holding the picture, telling Olivia about his plans for them. Michael interrupts to tell him that he is staying there. Caleb tells Michael that he can't be stopped this time.

Jamal feels like they need to find out about this guy Livvie is talking about. Alison stumbles over her words, but she finally gets it out that she's not completely convinced this guy is real. Livvie is the only one that sees him, and he always disappears before anyone else shows up. That Livvie even questioned the reality of him herself when she first started seeing him. Alison thinks Livvie is losing it.

There is only a trace of the fog left around Livvie as she tells the water, "Jack," that even if she'd known how it was going to turn out, she still would have been with him. She hopes he knows how much she loves him. And will always carry him in her heart. But she won't come back here, she doesn't belong at the river without him. Saying goodbye, she turns to find a man behind her. It's Jack, and he's staring her. Their eyes meet and the picture fades.

Caleb tells Michael that he needs Olivia, showing him the picture. Michael tells Caleb that she's dead. But Caleb has found another one, almost identical.

Livvie reaches out touches Jack, begging him to tell her he's real. Jack answers that he is.