PC Update Thursday 6/14/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 6/14/01

By Dawn

Alison is pouring coffee and shaking. Jamal holds her, trying to calm her by telling her they're together. Whatever comes, they'll be together. The door opens to reveal Garcia, wanting to know what they want. Dara is busy, and he wants to know what Jamal did now.

Chris is playing basketball with paper in ER. Frank brings in a DOA that might appreciate Chris' bedside manner. The name means nothing to Chris, and he tells them to store him.

Kevin enters Abe's room and Jill is working on him. Abe is hysterical and delusional. Victor hastily leaves. Kevin orders Jill to calm him then goes out of the room to ask Victor what happened, and if Abe has a history. Victor tells Kevin that there is something unholy in the woods. They both turn and see the orderlies moving Zach's body.

Livvie is lying in the grass at the edge of the river. Sensing something, she stands to see Caleb kneeling not far from her, holding a flower. She wants to know who he is, and he finally says that he's her future.

Kevin repeats Victor's word Unholy. Abe screaming distracts both of them. He calls Victor a whining moron, and wants to leave. Kevin asks him what happened in the woods. Abe is yelling, screaming, and nearly barking in anger. He wants to rip someone's heart out.

Chris puts the sheet over Zach's face. He asks frank how gruesome the scene was. Frank tells him it wasn't, and they are both surprised. Zach bled to death. Surmising that someone killed Zach and dumped his body in the ravine where he was found, Chris calls the police.

Sam wanders the halls until she sees a room with a cadaver, she enters and pulls the sheet back, staring in horror at Zach's face.

Garcia tells Jamal and Alison to spit out the bad news. Whatever they tell Dara will end up with him anyway As Jamal starts to speak, another officer opens the door to tell Garcia that the DOA's name was Zach Vernon. Garcia runs from the room, leaving Alison and Jamal to discuss the possibility that Livvie killed him. Deciding it's too much of a possibility, they run from the station.

Livvie doesn't believe Caleb. But Caleb tells her that he would never hurt her. He tells her his name, then tells her he knows her name. She realizes that he's been watching her. He tells her that he can't keep his eyes off her. She wants to know why. Standing, he tells her that he knows her soul, her heart, and he can hear it. From the minute he saw her again, his heart beat with hers. Gently, he puts her hand to his heart, he knows she's lost someone she loves, and he tells her that he'll take care of her. She knows it, and he's convinced she believes him. Livvie doesn't understand, but Caleb is certain that she doesn't need to. She tries to leave, but he gently stops her.

Victor is still pacing the hallway at GH. Kevin wants to know exactly what happened. Victor and Abe were at the woods, Abe went back to the car, but never returned. When Victor finally found him, he was incoherent. First needing support, then attacking Victor. All Victor saw that might indicate anything was a fog. Kevin tells Victor about Jack's experience.

Chris wants to know what Sam is up to, and how she knows Zach. Rattled, she tells him that Zach was her friend. Chris drops the tidbit that he knew Jack was involved in the bike race.

Caleb tries to get Livvie to talk to him. She wants to know why he's there. He tells her that happiness has always eluded her. His hand on her face seems to comfort her, and she closes her eyes briefly, telling him that she tries so hard. Nodding slightly, he tells her that he knows how hard she's tried.

Kevin is still trying to talk to Abe, but even though he's calm, he remembers nothing. Just feeling strange, like he was poisoned. He confused, but Kevin tells him they're going to find out what's going on. Abe is comforted until Kevin wants to draw blood. Then he loses control again, and this time succeeds in getting his hands around Kevin's throat.

Chris wants to know what the stiff has to do with Jack. Sam is furious. Zach is family to her, and he's NOT a stiff. But before he can call the cops,. Sam tells Chris that Jamal and Alison murdered Jack, and Zach saw everything, so they killed him. Chris's face shows the shock he is feeling to hear that Jack is dead, but he doesn't believe for one minute that Jamal and Alison did it.

Caleb is about to kiss Livvie, and she's leaning towards him when Alison and Jamal's voices calling her name seems to snap her out of it. They reach her, and she's alone. She tells them that Caleb was there. Now she's frantic, she needs to find Caleb. Alison notices that her shirt is ripped. Livvie tells them that Zach ripped her shirt. Watching her reaction, Alison tells her that Zach is dead. Livvie's reaction is to say good. She finally figures out that Jamal and Alison think she killed him. She tells them that she was going to, she even took a knife with her, but he grabbed her. A noise distracted him, and she got away. She stresses to them that Zach was alive the last time she saw him.

Scenes-- Jamal/Alison tell Livvie that they're going to the cops Caleb looking at a pic of a woman who looks exactly like Livvie Chris repeats Sam's story to her as Kevin stands behind him, listening