PC Update Wednesday 6/13/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/13/01

By Dawn

Eve and Ian are alone in the Recovery Room, staring into each other's eyes. Eve reminds Ian that Chris toasted to their happiness. They kiss, interrupted by Kevin and Lucy entering. Lucy hugs Ian, telling him how worried about him she was. Kevin shakes Ian's hand, welcoming them back. Ian tells Lucy that the woods turned out to be good luck. He found Eve. Kevin takes this as a sign that Lucy's omen was a false alarm. Lucy's not convinced. Just because it wasn't bad for Ian, there's something there that someone's going to have to face. The cards are never wrong.

Jamal; and Alison discuss the police. It's still their last option, and they're going to have to take their chances. She feels like it's the right thing, but she's scared for Jamal. He's having second thoughts, but they have to keep going. Jamal could still end up in jail, even if Dara believes him.

Zach and Livvie are arguing in the alley. Livvie puts up a good front, asking if he's surprised to see her. He makes fun of the fact that she came after him alone. It's his fault she is alone. His sarcasm only makes her more furious as he taunts her and tries to walk away. What happened to Jack is irrelevant to Zach, he barely knew him. But Livvie reminds him that they both knew he killed him, and tried to pin it on Jamal. And she promised Jack she would make him pay. As Zach tells her that he'll just turn himself in, Livvie gets the upper hand. Tripping him, she gets him on the ground and puts the knife to his throat.

Ian tries to make light of Lucy's fears, but Eve interrupts by taking Kevin to the bar and leaving Lucy and Ian to catch up. Kevin offers her wine, but she tells him she had to give it up for the next nine months. Kevin is surprised, but he's happy for her. He's glad everything's falling into place for her. Eve told him that she's getting a second chance to have a baby; that she's planning for it, and she's happy about it. Kevin reminds her it's with the man she loves. Eve tell him that it's due to him. Looking at Ian and Lucy, Kevin remarks that they all seem to have finally gotten it right.

Ian tells her that the stranger card was a good omen. Eve found Michael, and he was a stranger, and he helped them. It was a sanctuary in the middle of the woods, full of candle light and peace. Lucy is intrigued, it sounds magical to her, and she wants to see it. The phone rings, and its Don. Taking the phone outside, Lucy continues to discuss the ball with him.

Kevin congratulates Ian, they shake hands, remarking that's Eve's smiles has never been this bright. Grinning, Eve declares that she's going to keep on smiling right through the labor and delivery- she believes in epidurals. As they are discussing the baby, Lucy approaches. Eve's smile falters and mid sentence about their due date, she stares at her. Kevin says he didn't see her. Trying it change the subject, Ian asks her how the ball is going. Lucy is stunned, and quietly remarks that the big news is apparently that they're going to have a baby.

Alison and Jamal realize that their life has been relatively easy. They love each other, and Jamal tells her that she makes it worth getting up in the morning. Alison thanks him for making her stand on her own two feet, and not feeling so trapped for the first time in her life. She's learned how to put others first, and appreciate how good it feels. They vow that no matter how bad it gets, they are going to hold on to each other.

Livvie continues to hold Zach and waves the knife at his throat. He taunts her, telling her to slice and dice him. A life for a life. He reminds her of her empty bed, and tells her to kill him. She can't do it, and he shoves her away, getting to his feet. Now he's going to hurt her. Taking steps towards her as she backs up, he tells her that she's a lover, not a fighter. And he has plans for her. He's going to show her. Grabbing her, he pulls her to him, kissing her. She's screaming and crying.

Jamal tell Alison they need a plan. If he goes to jail, Alison needs to close the shop. Alison doesn't' want to hear it. He's not going to jail. But Jamal won't let her stop. He promised to take care of her, and this includes considering the fact that he might have to do time. Livvie could move in with her, and she could go back to school.

Eve admits to a stunned Lucy that she's pregnant. Lucy congratulates them, but the pain is obvious in her voice. Her voice cracking, she begins to ramble about whether it will be a boy or a girl, or possibly even twins. She offers to throw a party for them after the nb. A big party to celebrate for them. Throughout this monologue, Lucy is actually almost shaking, and her voice is barely above a whisper. Genuinely happy for them, she tries to hide the fact that it's breaking her heart. Eve and Kevin exchange almost embarrassed glances, they know how much the news is hurting her. Ian can tell Lucy's in a lot of pain, but he's confused as to why. Stopping, Lucy stares at Eve. Lucy takes a deep breath and tells her that she's going to make a heck of a mom. Eve smiles, realizing that in Lucy's mind that's the nicest compliment she could ever give anyone. She thanks Lucy and tells her she's going to do her best. Finally deciding Lucy has suffered enough, he gently pulls her away. Lucy is still rambling, as if to distract herself. Seating her in a chair, he leans over her and kisses her. This stops her and she returns his kiss. After he pulls back, she asks him what that was for. Kevin can't believe how incredible she is, and she's upset. She tries to deny it, but he knows her too well. Finding out Eve's pregnant right after getting the picture of Christina would destroy anyone else. She admits to him that she's terrible person. She has Serena and him, and she's happy for Eve and Ian. But she would give anything to have his baby. Kevin tells her that it's a wonderful dream, but the reality is that they have everything they need. Sensing her need to hear the words, Kevin tells her that she is the most incredible, beautiful, exciting woman he's ever met. And he loves their life together, their future together, and wouldn't trade what he has with her for anything. She finally loses the battle with her tears and a few slide down her face. Barely able to speak, she leans to him, telling him how much she loves him.

Livvie pulls away from Zach, screaming. He is still in control, and he reaches for her again. She scratches his face and he's angrier. Livvie asks him if he's going to kill her, too, and who he's going to blame for the murder. He's holding her, playing with her, enjoying her fear. A noise distracts him, and Livvie elbows him and runs. As Zach gets back to his feet, he turns to find Caleb. When Zach demands to know who he is, Caleb quietly replies. "Your worst nightmare."

Ian decides it's time to take her home. His home, unless the fact that Arianna lived there is a problem. Eve doesn't care where they are, as long as they wake up together every morning.

Kevin gets a call from Victor. Abe had some kind of episode in the woods. Lucy reminds him that it's the same woods where she and Serena were freaked out, and where Jack got hurt. Kevin tells her he doesn't have time to discuss Bigfoot, and he'll call her. When Lucy tells him she'll be home, he asks her who's home. Smiling at the news that she'll be at the lighthouse, he leans over her and kisses her again. As Kevin leaves, Lucy says that there is no such thing as coincidences.

Kneeling in front of him, Alison ties Jamal's shoe and stares into his eyes. She won't let him go to the police station alone. It means everything to him, and his face shows it. They hug and kiss as if it were their last time. Together, they stand, get their coats and leave the apartment.

Zach faces Caleb, who tells them they have business. Zach thinks it's about the diamonds. Caleb wants something more precious, and he approaches Zach, who is beginning to believe that he's in trouble. Caleb tells him that he has blood on his hands and on his face. It's a shame. The deadly calmness about Caleb is what is scaring Zach.

Livvie has run to the river, and is telling Jack how sorry she is that she couldn't go through with it. Falling to the ground, she cries.

Zach decides to put up a good offense. He has no idea who Caleb is, or what he wants, so Caleb tells him his name. Then Caleb smiles, telling him that it doesn't matter if Zach knows, because soon, Zach won't remember anyone's name. Even his own. With deliberate unnatural strength, Caleb takes Zach by the throat, lifting him to his toes and slamming him into the wall. The strain is evident on Zach, but Caleb is still calm, as if this is taking no effort on his part. Keeping his fingers tight on Zach's throat, Caleb tells Zach that it's not nice to mistreat women. Especially that one.

Livvie is crying at the river, repeating how much she misses Jack.

Scenes" Jamal/Alison at the station. A cop enters the room with the identity of the body. Alison and Jamal are shocked to hear that Zach is dead. Sam tries to get away from Chris, but he wants to know what the dead guy has to do with Jack.

Livvie is facing Caleb, asking what he wants from her. He tells her he is her future.