PC Update Tuesday 6/12/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/12/01

By Dawn

Frank is babying Karen at the Recovery Room. Putting her feet up in a chair, he gives her several books. "Somewhere In Time," "The Time Machine," etc. Victor hands her coffee, commenting on her literary taste. Time travel is a fascinating subject to Victor. Frank muses that if he only knew.... Karen is more than impressed with Frank's journey to save her. As they kiss, Gaby and Joe approach them with the news that Ian and Eve are back.

Eve and Ian are back. Eve says she needs to talk to Chris, but Ian says he'll deal with Chris. She tells him that they'll deal with Chris together. Smiling, Eve pulls Ian close and kisses him. Chris comes around the corner and sees them together. Turning, he walks away. Eve and Ian pass Deneice, saying they're going to check on Arianna. She tells them okay, then tries to stop them. Too late, they are in Arianna's room, finding it empty.

Chris makes a quick call to the detective, asking him if he has the scoop on Jack, then telling him to meet at the Recovery Room.

Livvie is remembering sitting in the woods with Jamal and Alison, crying over Jack's body. Telling Jamal that he promised to never leave her, and he can't be gone. When Alison sees her crying, she tries to console her. The waiting is killing Livvie, and she wants to know where Jamal is. Alison is convinced that Jamal is with Billy, and Billy is giving Jamal the dirt on Zach. All Livvie can say is that it better be enough. If it isn't, they're going to have to do something, because Zach is going to pay.

Jamal is at Billy's home, trying to convince him to trust his cousin, Dara. They need to tell the police that Zach fixes races, tampers with bikes, etc. And Jamal fills Billy in on how he knows that Zach uses the riders to smuggle. Billy has changed his mind. He's not testifying. Jamal tells him that he's in a wheelchair for life, and Jack is dead. It's time for payback. Before Billy can answer, Zach's voice is heard behind Jamal. "He changed his mind."

Ian and Eve are in GH, in a panic, looking for Arianna. Victor approaches them, softly telling them they won't find her. His people have already taken her to a safe place. She was transferred by a top medical team, and she's fine. Ian is upset that he never got to say goodbye, but Victor tells him that it was what she wanted. Handing Ian an envelope, Victor leaves. Inside the envelope, there are annulment papers and a letter to both of them, thanking Eve and Ian for saving her life. The least she can do to repay them is give them theirs. Ian stares at his ring for a moment, then takes if off and holds it up for Eve to see. Pulling Ian into her arms, Eve cries silently.

Zach and Jamal argue. Jamal wants to fight, but Zach reminds him that his guys are outside. Zach tells him that he got away clean. No one knows Jack is dead, and Zach lost a bundle when Jack tossed the diamonds. They're even. So Jamal needs to go live the life he wanted. Jamal tells him that everything changed when Jack died, and Zach will go down for it.

Livvie is crying to Alison. She went to the river, their spot, to be close to him, and some jerk had to intrude. She wants someone to hurt the way she's hurting. Alison tries to console her, but she's hysterical and she leaves. Outside, Livvie gets the impression she's not alone. She is screaming "Who's there? Leave me alone!" repeatedly until Alison comes outside and pulls a still screaming Livvie into her arms.

Gaby/Joe/Frank/Karen are sitting together at the Recovery Room. Gaby tells them that she and Joe were both out sick last week, and the rumor is that they're married. Everyone laughs, wondering what will happen next week after their trip to the falls. Gaby mentions the books Karen has and wonders if it would be great to really time travel. Frank tells her that it never crossed his mind, with a smile at Karen. Joe and Frank go to the bar to get refills. Victor is in expedition attire, they ask him if he's auditioning for Survivor 3.And he introduces them to Judge, who is a friend of Victor's. Judge has heard all about the boys, and he's glad to finally meet them. Abe is dressed in the same gear, and after filling Frank's order, Victor announces they are going fishing. Alone, the boys discuss Joe and Gaby's trip to the falls. Joe is hoping that after the next HIV test, he will have something to celebrate. Frank agrees. Frank tells Joe that he and Gaby are good together, and Joe tells him that he and Karen are good together, too.

Frank and Joe rejoin the women, who are gossiping about Colleen and a few other nurses. Karen looks surprised, and points to the door. Ian and Eve cross to the group, Eve hugging Karen. Once again, they thank Karen for what she did for Arianna. But Karen wants to know how Ian found Eve. She tells Karen about Michael, mentioning the clinic she was considering going to work in. Joe begins to ask questions about it, how many doctors, what their support staff is, etc. Eve stops when she sees Chris enter. He tells her not to stop on his account, and mentions that Eve finally decided to come back. Ian points out, very pointedly, that she came back with him. Chris decides he gets the honor of making a toast.

Livvie and Alison are discussing Jack. Livvie can't understand why she's so hysterical. The possibility that she's losing her mind is terrifying her. Alison tells her the man she loves died in her arms, if Livvie wasn't hysterical, she'd wonder about her. Jamal returns, and tells them Zach got to Billy, and they're back to square one. Jamal won't let Alison be discouraged, but Livvie leaves quietly, telling them she's okay, she just needs time. Alison asks Jamal what's next, Jamal tells her that they're going to the cops.

Livvie is outside, fishing through her purse. A light catches the blade of a switchblade as she pulls it from her purse and opens it.

Chris makes an Irish toast to Ian and Eve. Wishing them health, luck, and happiness galore. If he could he'd wish them more. He tells Eve that he only wants what's best for her. Kissing her cheek, he leaves. Eve makes a toast. To new lives for all of them because they deserve it.

Chris is alone in the corner of the room when the detective shows and sits with him. The detective knows about the dirt bike race. Jack rode for Jamal, but never finished the race. Chris wants to know what happened. The detective informs him that Sam is part of Zach's group. The detective has no idea. Maybe Jack jumped parole. Chris isn't paying him to guess, he wants answers. The detective wants to know why Chris's change of heart concerning Jack. Chris stares at Eve longingly, and says 'family.'

Alison is afraid to go to the cops. Jamal says they can't lie anymore. Livvie is falling apart, Jack's buried in the woods, and they have no other options. Alison isn't convinced the cops will listen to them, but Jamal convinces her it's their only choice. They have to do it for Jack. Alison is grateful they have each other, but fells for Livvie, she's all alone. Jamal pulls Alison to him and they hug.

In the back of a bar, a man tells Zach that someone is looking for him. He wants to know who, and Livvie's voice reaches him. "Me." Stepping outside into the alley, Zach looks at her. Her eyes meet his full of hatred, and the camera shifts to her back, showing the fact that she's holding the knife in her purse, ready to use it.

Scenes: Kevin asks Eve how far along she is as Lucy approaches. Lucy is stunned, and asks Eve is she's having a baby. Livvie is on the ground with Zach, holding the knife to his throat, telling him he's going straight to hell.