PC Update Monday 6/11/01



Port Charles Update Monday 6/11/01

By Dawn

Chris thanks his detective for coming so quickly. The detective thinks Chris wants more information on Livvie. Chris tells him no, this time it's his brother. As the detective tells him there's no more dirt on him, Chris tells him that he wants to know where Jack is. That Jack has disappeared and he wants the detective to find him. As Chris is speaking, Sam exits the elevator, talking on a cell phone. Telling Zach, that she wants to make sure Jack is dead, she walks to the counter.

Kevin and Lucy are still unconvinced Jack left town on his own. Lucy reminds Kevin that he's crazy about Livvie. They agree it doesn't make sense.

Jamal is still washing the shirt. Alison is looking at her hands, hysterical that Jack's blood is still all over her. She begins to scream. Her scream is heard upstairs and Kevin and Lucy run down to her.

Alison is crying, and Jamal is 'cleaning' her hands when Lucy and Kevin burst into the room. Both of them ask what happened.

Livvie is still beside the lake, and Caleb is watching her. Turning around, she sees him and asks him who he is.

Standing, Livvie asks him again. Then what he wants, but Caleb isn't answering her. Slowly, he backs away from her in back into the trees. Quickly, Livvie grabs her bag and runs, leaving behind a white handkerchief.

As Chris walks the detective to the elevator, both of them stop to stare at Sam, who is leaning over her bag. The detective suggests that Chris wants to check into her, but Chris tells him to just find Jack. After the detective is gone, Chris wanders over to Sam. He asks her if there is anything he can help her with. She tells him that she is looking for a friend that might have been brought in. When he asks, she tells him her name is Sam. Smiling, he replies 'Cute.' Short for Samantha, she tells him, smiling. He tells her that he wasn't talking about her name, which makes her smile more. She asks his name, and laughs when he replies that it's Chris, which is short for brilliant chief resident of GH, who likes candlelit dinners, and lots of leather. Of which Sam is wearing a lot. She finally tells him the friend's name is Jack. He's disappointed that it's a man's name, but she apologizes. He agrees to help her. Looking down the list, he reads off a couple Jacks, deciding that she wouldn't be there for either of them. She asks him if she should tell him the last name. He doesn't want her to, because it will be the end of their conversation. She hints that it might not be, and tells him Jack's last name is Ramsey. The flirting is over and Chris's smile stops. He tells her that Jack isn't there, and she points out the he didn't check the list. She's shocked when Chris informs her that Jack is his brother. Now Chris wants to know how Sam knows him, and why she's looking in a hospital for him.

Jamal recovers first, telling Kevin and Lucy that Alison just had a cut on her hand. When Kevin offers to take a look at it, Alison pulls away, and Jamal tells them it's okay. Still shaky, Alison tells them it's worse than she thought it was, and she's okay. Showing them the white cloth she's holding, she tells them it's not bleeding anymore. It was more of a scratch. Afraid of saying too much, Alison changes the subject to Livvie, asking if she's okay. Kevin and Lucy tell them that she's not okay, that she's devastated. Alison asks them if she's still upstairs. Kevin and Lucy tell them that Livvie took of, and they were hoping that one of them might know where she'd go. Jamal reiterates that Jack bailed on her. Kevin and Lucy are still unconvinced. Kevin crosses his arms and glares at them while Lucy reminds them how crazy about Livvie Jack is. Neither one of them are buying this yet. Finally, Kevin reveals their 'evidence'. Jack's wallet. Alison and Jamal stumble over their tongues trying to stick to their story, but Kevin gets angry. He wants the whole story. Before Jamal and Alison can continue, Livvie enters. She tells Kevin that he needs to hear the whole story. The truth.

Sam is still trying to get by with Chris with her smile, but Chris is no longer buying it. First she tries to tell Chris that Jack was seeing her on the side, but Chris knows better. Then he remembers seeing her at the Recovery Room. This convinces him that she does know Jack. Not giving up, Sam tells him that he and Jack are nothing alike, and she might have gone for the wrong brother. Chris agrees they're nothing alike, but tells Sam to save the story. He knows something's up, and he wants to know what happened. Jamal and Alison were acting strange, now Sam shows up at GH asking if he'd been admitted. Determined to recover, Sam tries to tell him that she thought Jack worked there. Knowing she's lying, Chris repeats her words to her that she was looking for a friend that might have been brought in. Sam is still trying. She's flustered, he was flirting with her, she's confused. Now Chris is furious, and she's going to tell him what happened to Jack.

Lucy tells Livvie to just tell them what happened to Jack. Livvie makes up a story about Jack stealing from the bike shop and having to leave town in a hurry in shame. Lucy doesn't believe it. Kevin's not surprised. The three teens are very convincing. And soon Lucy and Kevin believe that Livvie had just seen him, he left town, and he's going to send for his things. Lucy still doesn't really want to believe, but Kevin turns his sympathy to Livvie. Apologizing to Jamal for giving him a hard time, Kevin invites Livvie into staying the night at the lighthouse with him and Lucy. Livvie tries to get out of it, but Kevin tells her it would make him feel better. Finally she agrees. Lucy and Kevin go upstairs to retrieve her purse and go out to the car. Alone, Jamal, Alison, and Livvie decide that Jack deserves better, and they all hate the lies they've had to tell about him. Livvie reminds them that Zach has to pay for this. Alison hugs Livvie and realizes that she shivering. Livvie tells her that she caught a chill at the river, where she went to feel closer to Jack. It helped, but she tells them about Caleb watching her from the bushes. Jamal's instantly worried he's part of Zach's gang, but Livvie doesn't think so. He looked at her like he knew her, and then just walked away. It freaked her out, but she doesn't think it has anything to do with Zach.

Caleb exits the trees at the river and hold her handkerchief that she dropped to his face. A vision appears, Caleb and Livvie dancing slowly amidst trees and candles. The vision fades, and the screen fades out on Caleb holding the fabric to his face.

Jamal and Alison are discussing the guy in the woods with Livvie. Jamal tells her to not worry about it, they have enough to worry about. What Alison can't stop worrying about is the image of Jack's body in the ground alone. They both agree again that Jack deserves better. Jamal promises that they're going to 'do right' by him. But Alison tells him they can't until they can do it without Jamal taking the blame. He again mentions the guy that got hurt in the earlier race, that he'll turn on Zach. He has to.

Sam still won't tell Chris what the connection between her and Jack is. Chris knows she's hiding what she knows. He's going to call the police. When Sam stops him, he turns to her to get the truth. Before she can speak, Denise interrupts them to ask a question. Chris tries to stop her, but Denise is insistent about the treatment of a patient. After Chris tells her what to do, he turns back, Sam is gone.

At the lighthouse, Kevin tells Livvie that she's welcome to stay as long as she wants to, and welcome to anything she wants. Lucy reminds her that if she wants to talk, they're there for her. Grateful, Livvie tells them she wants to be alone, but she could use a blanket. She's cold. Lucy tells her that she's cold too, and that's strange for June. Realizing the door is open, Lucy goes to it to shut it. When she reaches out to pull the door shut, she hesitates. Her body tenses, and her face says she feels something's not right. But she closes the door and goes back to Livvie, still rubbing her arms to warm herself. Talking Livvie into hot chocolate, Lucy heads for the kitchen. But as she walks behind Livvie, it's obvious that she still senses something strange.

Outside, Caleb is at the door Lucy just closed. Scratching it gently, he whispers to Olivia, knowing her name. That he has a second chance with her, and this time he'll be patient.

Scenes: Ian and Eve go in to check on Arianna, but she's gone. Zach faces off with Jamal, telling him to go live the happily ever after he wanted. Jamal tells him that he's going down for killing Jack.