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Port Charles Update Friday 6/8/01

By Dawn 

Jamal is trying to convince Alison that Zach is responsible for Jack's death. Not her. After reminding him that getting Zach won't bring Jack back, Alison begins to wonder about Livvie. She feels helpless. Jamal tells her that she's doing all she can. But Alison knows it's not enough, and that's why she asked Kevin and Lucy to check on her. Jamal thinks it's not good, but Alison knows only Livvie's dad can help her.

Livvie wants to know if Kevin and Lucy heard her on the phone, but they didn't. She tries to tell them now isn't a good time, but she's fine. Lucy tells her she doesn't look fine. Telling them she has somewhere to go, Livvie tries to leave. Before Livvie can escape, they tell her she doesn't have to lie, and they know about Jack.

Ian and Eve are in the car. Eve can't believe they're finally going home. "Believe it," Ian tells her. "Dreams can come true." Ian tries to play an Irish jig on the car horn, but Eve makes him stop before someone thinks it's road rage. They agree it's a miracle that for the first time they have nothing hanging over their heads.

Michael prays on his knees in the church to 'God' (for lack of a better word, since Michael has never actually come out and said anything other than faith) to not let Caleb hurt anyone.

Livvie is shocked when Kevin tells her that Alison told them about Jack. Not knowing the truth, Lucy tells her that Alison told them that she was taking Jack leaving really hard. Relieved, Livvie agrees that it's hard. Still unsure of himself in the role of dad, Kevin tries to tell her that she doesn't have to go through this alone. He wants to be there and help her because he loves her. She reaches for Kevin, and after his arms are around her, she begins to cry, telling him how hard it is, and how much it hurts. Livvie's eyes meet Lucy's, and the look on Lucy's face makes her paranoid. Lucy knows Livvie's not telling them everything. Pulling away, Livvie tells Kevin she'll be okay and she has to leave. After Livvie runs out the door, Lucy tells him that something's not right. But Kevin doesn't want to hear it. He's furious with Jack, and he wishes Jack was there, so he could 'deal with him.' Trying to explain her feelings to Kevin, Lucy grabs his arm. When Livvie is hurt, betrayed, part of her shuts down, and she gets angry. This is different. Livvie was wearing Jack's sweater. And there is something else to this. Kevin still wants to blame Jack. Lucy can't put her finger on it, but she thinks something did happen to Jack, but something worse than what Livvie and Alison have told them.

Livvie is outside on her cell phone again, asking if Zach is still in the bar. Apparently he's gone, and isn't expected back tonight. She says she doesn't want to leave a message and hangs up. As she leaves the camera view, she vows to find Zach and kill him for what he did to Jack.

Ian reminds Eve there are a few more things to worry about. Diapers, midnight feedings, etc. He likes to sleep, so Eve is in charge of all that. Ian offers to handle dad stuff. Teach him to fight, drink beer, etc. Eve asks him what he's going to do if it's a girl. His reply is that he'll love the baby no matter what. Eve's face lights up at the thought of twins. (if my only experience with twins had been Caleb/Michael and Ryan/Kevin, I'd think twice about that one) Part of her still regrets leaving Michael alone to look for Caleb. Ian reminds her Michael declined her help. Family business and all that. No, Michael dedicated himself to God, and completely restored the church all by himself; Caleb destroying it was pure evil.

A quick view of Caleb free and running through the woods.

Jamal returns and Alison pounces on him because he was gone so long. She was afraid. Jamal understands, and holds her. But she's not afraid for herself, she's afraid for him. Jamal reminds her that as long as he's Zach's fall guy for Jack's murder, nothing will happen to him. This doesn't calm Alison. Jack was fine one minute, and the next he was dead, so they can't be sure of anything. They both miss him, and Alison feels so badly for Livvie. She feels worse for the fact that she's glad it wasn't Jamal on the bike. That makes her feel like the worst person on the face of the earth. Pulling Jamal closer, Alison reminds Jamal that Zach is still a dangerous person, and makes him promise to be careful. Everything is set up to take him down, and Jamal wants her to feel better. Billy is in a wheelchair, Zach put him there. Billy is going to talk

Alison finds Livvie's shirt, still covered in blood. Whispering that it's Jack's blood, Alison begins to cry.

Still in Jack's room, Kevin is in no mood for Lucy's thoughts on there being more to this then girl loves boy, boy leaves girl. And the fact that the girl is his daughter makes him furious. Lucy's not going to give up, she knows she's right. Jack was crazy about Livvie, and Lucy reminds Kevin that he saw it, too. It only convinces Kevin that Jack is a good liar, and a typical Ramsey. He got bored and he left. Aggravated, Kevin finally asks her what she thinks makes sense. Being Lucy, she has to lead up to the point before she can finally get there. She begins by recapping the story of her and Serena in the woods with Ian, getting creeped out and leaving because they were scared. No one has seen Ian since that day. Kevin is confused, and he demands to know what the woods have to do with it. She's getting there as fast as she can and she waves her hands as she tells him that she had lunch with Livvie. Getting sidetracked again, Lucy tells him that she and Livvie had a really good time. Kevin interrupts her, and his voice tells her to get to the point quicker. Livvie told her that while she and Jack were camping in the same woods, and something strange happened. Calmer, Kevin wants to know what was strange, and why didn't she tell him. Livvie didn't want to worry him, is Lucy's reply, and she gets back to the story. Jack went to get firewood, and never came back. Livvie got scared, called Alison and Jamal, and they found him face down, completely disoriented. Still searching for a rational explanation, Kevin suggests he tripped. Lucy finally gets to the point. No one knows what happened to Jack, even Jack. And Livvie told Lucy that Jack hasn't been right since. Lucy is convinced that has something to do with Jack leaving. Knowing Kevin is unconvinced, Lucy recalls stories of people driving off in their cars, never to be heard from again. People that forget who they are. Admitting there are true stories like that, Kevin scores a point by telling her that the people involved in those stories are 80 years old. Lucy will give him that, but she really believes Jack left of his own free will. Kevin wants to know why Lucy can't admit that Jack is a selfish kid who doesn't care about anyone. Now Lucy is getting as aggravated as Kevin is. She believes she's right, and she wishes she could prove it. Staring behind her, Kevin tells her that she may have just gotten her wish.

Livvie is at the river, talking to herself. Telling Jack how much she loves him, misses him, and wants revenge for what happened to him. She promises Jack that Zach will pay. Even now, at the river, she feels him. She remembers dancing with him at the river, coming out of the water naked to his open arms, making love to him in the spot she's sitting now.

Eve can't stop thinking about Michael. Ian is right, he didn't want their help, there's nothing they can do. But Eve can't get past Michael sacrificing his whole life to make up for the sins of his brother. Repeating Granya's words from last week, Ian tells her one person can't save the world. He heard it from someone more stubborn then he is. Sarcasm drips from Eve's voice as she asks if there is really someone more stubborn then he is. Smiling, Ian tells her there is, and she'd be happy to see them now. Ian changes the subject back to how are they going to tell everyone about the baby. He suggests cards, a newspaper article, or maybe skywriting, surprising Eve with how happy he is about it.

They are both smiling when something runs in front of the car. Whatever it was, they didn't hit it, and they must have scared it off. Wondering what it could have been, they get back in the car and drive away. Caleb exits the woods, staring at the back of the car.

Lucy wants to know what changed Kevin's mind that he suddenly believes her. Walking around her, Kevin reaches for what he saw. Jack's wallet. Lucy stops mid-sentence when she realizes what Kevin is holding. After a moment, they both realize that everything Jack owns is still in the room. Knowing she has a point excites Lucy, and she tells him that all of Jack's things being here doesn't compute with him leaving town. Now Kevin has no choice but to agree with Lucy. Something is off, but what?

Alison is still trying to wash Livvie's shirt. Obsessively, she tries to clean the blood stain. After Jamal takes it from her, she begins to scream.

Kevin and Lucy turn towards the door leading to the shop when they hear her scream.

Livvie is at the river, writing Jack's name in the sand while Caleb watches her from a safe distance.

Chris tells Sam that Jack is his brother, and wants to know why Sam would be at GH looking for him.

Kevin tells Jamal that he's going to get to the bottom of this, and he wants the whole story