PC Update Thursday 6/7/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 6/7/01

By Dawn

Ian, Eve, and Michael are in the church. Ian and Eve are confused. Michael confesses to them that somebody let Caleb out of the cellar. This confuses them more. Michael tells them that Caleb gets confused and violent. That Caleb is a danger to himself and others. Eve admits she was the one that let him out. Michael is anxious to know if Eve saw him, but she didn't. It was too dark.

Lucy is still holding the picture of Christina, marveling at the beauty of the child. Two years old. Taking the picture from her, Kevin agrees that she's beautiful. Lucy tells Kevin that Julie has to be keeping her promise. That Christina is happy and healthy. In his practice, Kevin has heard parents for years, telling him that all that mattered to them was knowing that their children were happy and healthy. It never made sense to him until now. Lucy and the picture of Christina made is make sense to him. He knows that Lucy has done and would do anything to be with Christina. But knowing the child is happy and healthy has actually brought some peace to Lucy's mind. Lucy agrees that it sounds strange, but it's true. It makes more sense to Kevin now that he has his own daughter. He tells Lucy that the worst thing would be if Livvie were in pain and he didn't know about it.

Jamal, Alison, and Livvie enter the bike shop, somber and quiet. Jamal tells the girls that the feelings they're having aren't going to go away, and they need to talk about it. Livvie tells him that Jack is dead, and nothing will change it. Jamal reminds them that they have each other, but they need to get started. Alison wants to take a minute, but Jamal wants to start on figuring how they're going to deal with Zach. They're interrupted by a knock on the door. Jamal goes to the door and turns to tell the girls that it's Chris. Alison panics. What are they going to tell him? Jamal decides they're going to get rid of him. Opening the door, Jamal tells Chris that they're closed, and come back tomorrow. Chris tells him that he's not there about a bike, that he wants to see his brother.

Chris wants Jamal to get Jack, but Jamal tells him Jack's gone. When Chris asks where Jack went, Livvie jumps in, asking Chris what does it matter to him. Chris tells her that he wants to see him, they're family, and he doesn't need a reason. Livvie has had way too much happen to her, and Chris is the perfect target. Where was Chris when Jack was living in a shack, where has Chris been for the last 6 months, Chris wasn't thinking about Jack when he was trying to get her into bed, taking away precious time that she could have been spending with Jack. All of it comes out at Chris in a very loud, angry voice that Chris has no idea what to do with. Finally Chris tells her to take it easy, but Livvie tells him to take a hike. That the only family Jack had was Alison and Jamal, and Chris is too late. Jack is gone. Storming out, Livvie goes up to Jack's room. Livvie's outburst had convinced Chris that something is up, and he demands to know what's going on. Jamal pushes Chris back out the door, telling him that it's none of his business. Not put off, Chris tells Jamal that he's not leaving until somebody tells him what happened to his little brother.

Eve asks Michael why he didn't tell her about Caleb. Michael tells her that he had control over him at the time. Caleb can't stand to see people happy and having a good time. He explodes. So when Caleb snuck up behind him in the monastery, he vowed to destroy it. Michael couldn't let him do that, so he lured Caleb into the cellar and locked it. Eve tells him again that she let him out. She suggests Caleb needs professional help. Ian agrees, and goes one step farther to suggest that Caleb could be dangerous, that maybe the police should be involved. This upsets Michael, and he shakes his head, beginning to pace within the church. The police can't be involved. Ever.

Livvie is sitting on Jack's bed, crying. Alison tells Livvie that Jack was her friend, Livvie is her best friend, and she wants to help. Livvie tells her that no one can help, and go away. As Alison walks away from the door, she repeats the phrase 'no one' like she has someone in mind that could help.

Livvie holds Jacks shirt to her, and begins to go through his things, staring at a picture of them together, telling the photo that she wishes this wasn't happening. She asks God to tell her this is happening.

Michael realizes that he's made Ian and Eve suspicious. He backtracks, apologizing for overreacting to the mention of the authorities. That the last time the police were involved, they treated Caleb terribly. Ian reminds him that Caleb could need help. Eve is afraid Caleb will hurt Michael. Michael tells her that Caleb can't hurt him physically. Instead he attacks him in a deeper place, Michael's faith. Pushes it, goes after it. And he does it because he's the only one with any power over Caleb, and he can reach him. When Eve is amazed at his devotion to his brother, Michael explains that they're twins, and no one who doesn't have a twin can understand the bond. He feels compelled to help Caleb, and that was the reason Michael became a priest. To make up for Caleb. Ian is doubtful that Michael can continue to control Caleb. Michael states that he's always done it, and he will always continue to do it.

Chris tells Jamal that he's the expert at stonewalling, and he wants to know what's going on. Jamal reluctantly lets Chris inside the shop, telling Chris that he can't give Chris what he doesn't have. Chris doesn't believe him, that whatever problems they have, they're still brothers, and Chris wants to help. Jamal denies there's trouble. Chris doesn't believe that Jack just packed up and left with no trouble involved. Not caring what Chris believes, Jamal tells him that as far as the brother speech goes, Livvie already said everything there is to say. It's too late. That statement alarms Chris, and he wants to know what it means. Jamal tells him that it means Jack is gone, and Chris should have thought about the brotherly love when he was around. Then Jamal throws him out. But Chris has to get the last word. He asks Jamal if he even knows where Jack is.

Kevin opens Lucy's door to reveal Alison, who has already called the hospital looking for him. Lucy starts to lecture Alison on missing rehearsal for the Nurses' Ball, but the way Alison looks stops her. Alison starts out with the fact that she knows that Jack isn't one of Kevin's favorite people. Lucy immediately wants to know what's going on with Jack. Alison tells them that Jack is gone, he left town left town with no warning. Lucy is shocked and confused, but Kevin is immediately furious at Jack. He argues with Lucy that it makes perfect sense. Jack drifts from town to town, not caring about anyone. Alison can't take Kevin's tirade about Jack, and she tells Kevin that all that matters right now is that Livvie is locked in Jack's room, and she needs her father. Unsure about leaving Lucy alone, he hesitates. Lucy tells him that he has to go. She lost her daughter, but he has hers, and he needs to go to her, and she won't be alone, because she's going with him.

Still on Jack's bed, Livvie is shaking because she feels cold. Tearing clothes out of the drawer, she remembers how Jack had to tickle her until she screamed to get her to give back the sweater she's looking for. Finally finding it, she brings it to her face and smells it. She stares into the mirror, she tells herself that she wants Zach's gang to feel what she's feeling, to hurt the way she's hurting. Jamal and Alison can plan all they want, but she's not waiting. As she changes into Jack's sweater, she vows to Jack that she will destroy them the way they destroyed Jack.

As Alison enters the bike shop, Jamal is excited to tell her that the guy that Zach put into a wheelchair, Billy, is going to turn on Zach and go to the police. Alison is less then enthusiastic, and he asks her what's wrong, noticing that Livvie isn't with her. Alison admits to him she can't help Livvie. She's locked the door to Jack's room, and she won't come out. Trying to console her, Jamal stands behind her and holds her. Alison tells him that Jack can't be dead, and they shouldn't have buried him.

Chris approaches the bike shop and tries to peer through the glass.

Livvie is on the phone, asking for the biker bar. She asks for Zach, but tells whoever answered the phone that she wants to surprise him. Still on the phone, she turns to see Kevin and Lucy enter the room from the street side door.

Ian and Eve tell Michael that they're headed home. Eve offers to help find Caleb, but Michael gratefully declines their offer. They have their own family to take care of, and he expresses a desire to be invited to the christening. After Ian and Eve leave him alone, he turns to the empty church. He calls to Caleb, telling him that he can come out. He knows that Caleb is there, he'd want to see Michael's reaction, and know what he would say to Ian and Eve about it. He admits he's lied to them, and he should have told them what Caleb really is.

Eve and Ian in car, Eve describing Caleb's destruction of the church as pure evil

Kevin tells Livvie she doesn't have to lie to them. Lucy tells her they know about Jack