PC Update Tuesday 6/5/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/5/01

By Dawn

Lucy is on the phone when Don exits the elevators. Putting on her best buttering him up for the kill smile, she calls him darling and tells him how wonderful he is. Don is smarter than that, and he tells her under NO circumstances will he consider being her dresser for the Nurses' Ball. Pouting, Lucy informs him that he's no longer a darling, and she wonders what she'll do. Always with the quick comebacks, Don suggests she finds another darling. Before Lucy can reply, another victim exits the elevator. Stopping Colleen, Lucy pulls the same routine, right down to calling Colleen Darling. Colleen tells her that she has to go do..... something. Anything. Lucy asks her what she's doing for the Nurses' Ball. Colleen tells her that she and some other nurses have put together a routine. When Lucy begins to suggest she do something bigger, Colleen is way ahead of her. She tells Lucy that she'd rather have bedpan duty than be Lucy's dresser. Throwing out one last comment that Colleen's act is going to be tacky, Lucy glares at the laughing Don and tells him to shut up. Kevin approaches, and Lucy decides to try one more time. Calling Kevin "darling," she approaches him, smiling. She tells him she's been waiting for him, and asks him if he'd like to undress her. The look on his face is one of a man who needs no convincing.

Eve is still in the cellar of the church. In the background the man in the shadows is still approaching her. Before he can get out of the shadows, Ian's voice calls her name. Ian comes down to her, and tells her that the door was jammed. He found Michael, and the priest sends his goodbyes. Eve asks if Michael was amazed at how Eve and Ian found each other. Ian tells her that Michael believes in miracles, just like he does. Eve remarks how amazing it is that she came back for the cradle. Hugging her, Ian leads her up the stairs. As they leave, we finally see Caleb come out of hiding and follow them up the stairs.

Livvie is still holding Jack, crying over him. Jamal tells her that they need to leave. Livvie refuses. Jamal reminds her gently that Jack is gone. Alison and Jamal try to pull her away, but Livvie wants answers. She asks them where they were, and why did Jack have to ride for Jamal. Jamal tells her that it was a mistake, but Alison takes the blame and tells Livvie the truth. That she hid Jamal's keys and it was her fault they weren't there. Crying, Livvie asks Alison if she was protecting the man she loves. Alison says 'yeah,' and Livvie responds that now the man she loves is dead. She asks if Alison is happy now.

An eager Kevin tells Lucy that his next appointment isn't for a half hour. As he tries to lead her away, she tells him that she didn't mean right that second. Don begins to laugh again. Glaring into Don's eyes, she reminds him to go handle business, or he's going to be doing what he doesn't want to do whether he likes it or not. Taking the hint, Don practically runs away. Lucy turns back to Kevin, who is still ready to undress her. She lays it on thick, telling him that he's so good at undressing her. That he raised it to an art form. Smiling, he tells her that she inspires him. Her next sentence confuses him. She asks him if he should share his talent with the entire world. He asks her if she wants him to undress other women. She tells him no, that she's the only woman she wants him to undress, and finally tries to get to the vague point. A behind the scenes aspect. Kevin finally figures out what she's up to. He asks her if this has anything to do with the fact that everybody's avoiding her like the XFL and he will not be her dresser. She decides to go with another tactic. Jealousy. Telling him the new Brad Pitt lookalike intern is dying to rip her clothes off, and maybe she'll ask him. He interrupts her rendition of what she'd like to do to Brad Pitt by telling her that the intern in question is dating a Jennifer Aniston lookalike nurse. Disgusted by his lack of cooperation, Lucy goes on a tirade about what is she supposed to do. As soon as the phrase 'I guess I could dress myself' comes out, Kevin pounces on it. She tells him that she couldn't change 20 gowns herself. He tells her to lower the number of gowns, maybe even down to 1. The thought is revolting to Lucy, and she informs him that it's tradition and 'her public expects her to look fabulous.' I can't begin to describe the way Kevin rolls his eyes and sarcastically repeats her sentence. Then he tells her she'd look great in a candy striper uniform. Lucy thanks him, but now her feelings are hurt. She wonders why no one cares about the biggest fundraiser of the year. Kevin reacts to her change in mood, and tells her that it's not true that no one cares. Lucy runs down the list of people who haven't called her back, or shown up for rehearsal. The list includes Livvie, Alison, Jack, Eve, and finally Ian. Kevin tells her not to count on Ian being her dresser. She tells him she's not looking for him about that, and she confides in him that she's worried about Ian being in trouble.

Eve and Ian are in the cabin, discussing how they've dreamt of each other. She tells him that she never thought she'd see him again. His reply is 'not this time.' They hold hands, Eve telling him that they are right back where they started, but they got it right this time. Ian thanks God for that and they kiss.

Jamal tells Livvie that what happened to Jack was an accident. Alison tells Livvie that she didn't know Jack would be there. Livvie tells them that he had to be there because Jamal was so ticked at him. Livvie goes on to tell Alison that Jack is dead because of her. Jack is gone, and Livvie will never be with him again. That he was happy, and finally getting his life together. And now he's gone. Livvie doesn't want to hear Alison's excuses, and Jamal finally interrupts her to tell her to blame him, and he will 'make this right.'

Caleb enters the church, commenting on how Michael has worked on the place, and it looks like he could use a little help. The look on his face is showing that he's not going to give Michael the kind of help he wants. He asks the empty church if that isn't what brothers are for.

Eve and Ian are still at the cabin, holding each other. Eve asks him to promise her that he will never let her go. Ian is more than happy to promise her exactly that. They lie in front of the fire, kissing.

Jamal tells Livvie that he tried to catch up with Jack, but it was too late. Alison suggests calling the police. Jamal informs the girls that Zach set him up for murder. He bagged the race, Jack had to stand in, and Zach made sure the police knew about the fight between Jamal and Jack. Alison tries to argue that it's their word against Zach's, but Jamal tells them that the police didn't believe him before, why would they now? Somebody's got to go to jail for it, and it's going to be him. Livvie stops him. Jack wouldn't want Jamal to pay for this. That Jack knew Jamal was his friend. But Livvie is not going to let Zach get away with it. Alison agrees. Jamal continues that the police aren't going to let it go, and they're going to have all kinds of questions about what happened to Jack. Livvie tells him they won't if they don't know Jack's dead.

Lucy is telling Kevin the story about her and Serena running into Ian. That the Stranger card from her Tarot deck fell out of her purse, which was open when she hit Ian. Now Kevin is confused. "You were hitting Ian?" She wants to finish her story, which she does at an alarming rate of speed. The she was defending herself with her purse and the card fell out, practically, no not practically, but it was right in front of Ian and he picked it up. Kevin still doesn't get it. Lucy explains to him that it means a stranger is coming into Ian's life. Her voice drops and she tells him that she met Ian this time last year, right about the time she found out about Christina. And Ian was the only one that could get through to her. Kevin helped her, too, but Ian was the one that helped her open up to Kevin. Kevin is grateful to Ian for that. But Lucy feels like Ian's in trouble, and she needs to return the favor.

Ian and Eve are lying on the sofa, under a blanket. Eve tells Ian that he's finally given himself a break and credit for all the things he's done. He tells her a story about being a child in Ireland, with his brother and sister. Watching the stars at night, Granya telling him that ever star was a person that had once lived on this earth. A shooting star was one that was going to find it's true companion. Ian remembers telling Granya that finding true love was impossible. Granya told him that if anyone could, he could. Ian finally believes Granya. Eve wishes Granya could see how happy they are. Ian is convinced she can. Looking up, Ian tells Granya that he's going to be a Da. Eve tells her that he's going to be a wonderful Da. He asks Eve is she's cold, she tells him about being pregnant. Hot, then cold. Eve finds the Stranger card. When Ian tells her it's Lucy's, that he found her in the woods, Eve is shocked that Lucy would BE in the woods. Ian tells Eve about his meeting with Lucy, much more condensed then Lucy's version to Kevin. That Lucy told him that the Stranger card is a bad omen, someone's going to stir up trouble. Eve decides Lucy was half right. Michael came into their lives, but he brought them back together, so that can't be bad. Ian agrees, and they kiss.

Michael is alone in the church, which has been completely trashed inside. He knows Caleb did it, and he asks why, screaming the word 'why' several times. He leans on the desecrated alter as he does.

Jamal has used a piece of fence to build a coffin, with Jack inside, while Livvie and Alison watch. Jamal says that they better get away before the farmer sees what they did to the fence. Livvie delivers a tearful speech about Jack being her first love, and her last. Alison pulls her away from the coffin as Jamal closes it. Livvie clasps her hands in front of her, as if in prayer.

Scenes: Eve and Ian finding Michael in the remains of the church. Lucy holding a picture of a child, and tells Kevin it's Christina. A cop sees Jamal, Alison, and Livvie in a coffee shop, stating that one of them has blood on them.