PC Update Monday 6/4/01



Port Charles Update Monday 6/4/01

By Dawn

Tainted Love started with a flurry of action. But at this point, the stories are pretty separated.

Bike Shop Gang:

Livvie is screaming into the mike as Jack goes over a hill and crashes. Jamal catches up to Jack, but he’s not moving. A short screaming match marks the end of Zach’s gang on PC. They tell Jamal that this is on his head, and they leave.

The gang reaches Michael as Jamal tells him he’s going to be okay. Livvie cries over Jack as Ali and Jamal run for help.

A tearful goodbye ensues, as Jack dies in her arms, telling Livvie he loves her.

As Alison and Jamal reach the top of the hill, Livvie’s screams bring them back down to her.

Livvie is holding Jack, repeating the he promised he’d never leave her. Livvie doesn’t want to believe Jack is gone, and all Alison and Jamal can do is hold each other while Livvie cries over Jack.



Eve tells Ian that they’re going to have a baby. After running on and on about how she couldn’t tell him and the reasons why, she finally stopped and asked him if he was going to say anything.

Ian was beyond thrilled, and he told her that Arianna was fine, and she was gone to start her new life with her new name. Eve and Ian kiss.

It finally begins to really sink in to Ian that he’s going to be a father, and he gets the ‘you better rest, how do you feel, etc.’ He tells her that he heard a very determined voice telling him to not give up on her. He wandered until he found the church.

Eve tells him that she prayed everyday for him to be with her. But because of Arianna, she had to put him out of her mind. Joyfully, the agree that this is all over, and they love each other. Before they could really get carried away physically, Eve remembers that they’re in a church.

They agree to go back to Port Charles, but Ian is going to find Michael so they can tell him goodbye.


Michael goes into a room presumably under the church. He speaks to someone named Caleb, who he has been protecting. We don’t see Caleb, but we find out that he likes Eve. Michael tells him that Eve is gone, and he wouldn’t get the chance to hurt her.

Ian finds Michael, and tells him that Eve is the one he was looking for all this time. Michael congratulates Ian. Michael speaks of divine intervention making them meet again. Ian tells him that they’re going back to the cabin, but Michael tries to tell him it would be better if they went back to Port Charles. Ian doesn’t get the hint, and tells him that they’ll leave in the morning.


Eve finds the locked door, and opens it. When Ian returns, the doors are locked and he can’t get in. While he’s trying to call to her, she’s exploring the basement. We finally see Caleb. He is Michael’s twin. Lying in the shadows, he watches Eve. Finally, he stands and moves towards her, but still staying out of her sight. As he walks up behind her, Eve is oblivious to him approaching her.

Caleb leaves the basement.  Livvie tells Alison the man she loves is dead. Is Alison happy now?