PC Update Friday 6/1/01



Port Charles Update Friday 6/1/01

By Jackie 

     It starts with Eve, in the chapel taking with Michael; they speak for a few moments about her and what she will be doing with her life. 

    We then flash to Frank and Mary outside of the house, talking about things in general, they talk about the importance of telling the truth.  When it comes to the truth we know that the Scanlons pride themselves on being able to do that.  Then Mary decides to go in the house, and she asks Frank to go shut of the light in the garage.  Frank sees Karen in the garage, and asks her what she is doing there so soon after surgery.  Karen asks Frank about the story.  She suggests that it was more that a fairy tale, and that it really happened. 

    But before this, Jamal and Alison walk in on Livvie being held by Sam.  Livvie tells Jamal that Zach forced Jack to race in his place. 

     We find out that Jack has passed the halfway point in the race.   Jamal says that he has to stop him, as he doesn’t want Jack to get hurt.  Sam and Zach’s goons tell Jamal to sit back and watch the show.  Jamal asks Livvie why they are here.  He said that he had told Jack to stay away.  Jamal says there has to be something else going on, if they forced Jack to race.  Sam tells Jack over the headset that he has to continue to race, or something will happen to Livvie.   Jamal is saying that he has to get to Jack fast in order to help him.  Sam tells Jamal and Livvie to chill. 

     Eve and Michael continue to talk, he tells her that she is very caring.  She tells him that is wonderful to be so sure.  He tells her that it comes with the collar, and with that assuredness, it is also frightening.  She tells him that she thought that she and the baby’s father were always meant to be together and to have a family as well.  While they are talking, Ian is in the field near the chapel, dreaming about Eve, and observing there are fresh flowers in the area.  We return to Eve talking about what kind of life she wants for her baby; she will have work and a lot of nice people around to make things easier.   Ian is trying to remember where he has seen those flowers before--the chapel. 

     Karen asks Frank if the story is true; if it is, it’s insane, but she still can’t get it out of her head.   Frank continues to tell her that it is only a story.  Karen tells Frank she only thought it was until she spoke to her mother and Scott.  Her mother told her that some guy helped her out when it was tough for her, after Carolyn died.   She said that he had to fix things so he could get back someone he loved.  Why believe that?  Frank can’t answer the question and she picks up a photo of Frank with his mother when she was young and pregnant.  He finally admits to her that it was he in that photo and it was taken in 1973. 

     Alison is talking to one of Zach’s goon about motocross racing.  Jamal then starts a fight with the guy, and Alison is able to get his gun.  She holds the goons at bay.  Jamal then grabs the headset and starts talking to Jack.  Jack tells him they put something in the bags on the bike after he crossed the border.  Jamal tells him to stop and get rid of whatever it is and he is on his way to back him up.  What Jack throws away is diamonds and Zach and his goons see him do it.

    We go back to Frank and Karen and she asks him if the story is true.  He tells her that he loves her very much, and that he would do anything to make sure that she stays with him.  He tells her that he loves her very much.  They kiss. 

     Eve comes into the chapel and kneels down to pray.  There is something that she has to ask God to do for her; she asks for him to look out for Ian and to take care of him.  She also tells him that he is a good man and that she understands why they can’t be together.  She wants him to be kept safe from harm.  She blows out a candle and leave for lunch, and says, ”Goodbye, Ian. I’ll always love you.” 

    Livvie gets on the headset and starts talking to Jack, and he is happy to hear her voice, and he has to go.  Jamal hears this and he knows that Jack is in trouble and he has to find him and you see him riding down over the bank and then you see Zach and his goons following Jack on their bikes. 

    Ian then comes back into the chapel and looks around.  He makes eye contact with Eve; they run to each other and hug.  She tells him that she was leaving and smiles. 

     Frank and Karen talk about how mind boggling the whole thing is.  She wonders how it could be possible.   Franks says that it doesn’t matter and they have to keep it to themselves and not tell anyone, forever.  He says that he is so lucky to have her in his life.  They tell each other, they love each other.  They kiss again.  Karen tells Frank that she can’t burn the picture.  He lights a match to the picture and throws it in the garbage can.  He asks her for a favor.  She tells him anything.  He asks her to dance.  He puts on the music and it is “Time in a Bottle” and they dance.  This is how the episode and the book ends, with them dancing and sharing flashbacks of old times.