PC Update Thursday 5/31/01



Port Charles Update Thursday 5/31/01

By Jackie

     The show opens with Livvie and Jack at the racetrack.  Jack and Livvie are talking about Jamal and Alison, and where they might be.  Jack also wanted to be there for this friend Jamal, despite what happened between him and Alison.   Just as they are asking the question about where they are, Zach and Sam show up, wondering the same thing. 

     Meanwhile, Jamal is yelling at Alison about throwing away the keys.  He tells her that she doesn’t know what she is doing, and how she is putting other lives in jeopardy.  Alison tells Jamal she is doing it because she doesn’t want anything to happen to him.  She doesn’t want him to ride in the race.  She wants him to be around for a long time to come. 

     At the chapel, Eve is in her room getting her belongings together, when Michael comes in with a suggestion of what she can do with her life.  She is also looking at the cradle that he made.  He tells her of a clinic, in West Virginia, that could use a full time doctor.  He tells her that there is a lot of open space, clean air, and good living and it would be a great place for her to raise the baby.  He gives her the phone number, of an Edna Hull, so she can call her about the job.  He also tells her that he closest doctors come from 150 miles away to service this clinic.  Eve assures Michael that she will call her right away, and set it up. 

     While all of this is going on, Ian spies the door to the monastery…………… 

      Karen, who is up and about, is in Frank’s garage looking at the old computer.  Karen sits down in the chair, and looks at the computer, fixes something that was wrong with it before, and then she starts to remember what Frank told her in the fairy tale.  She remembers the part of the story where Frank tells her that the prince uses a time traveling device, to go back in time.   Then Karen remembers, what her mother said about a man, who traveled back in time.  After putting all of this information together, Karen starts to wonder if Frank was telling the truth when he was telling the story.   Did he go back in time? 

      Michael tells Eve to let him know when she hears from Edna.  The conversation come to a close, Michael leaves the room.  After Michael leaves the room, Eve sits down to write a letter to Ian.  She tells him that she is sorry; she has to leave her heart behind.  As she is writing the letter, Ian walks into the monastery and sits down.  He is talking to himself, and he is saying that he can’t bear to be without her, and he wants to know where she is.  While he is talking to himself, Michael walks in. 

      Alison still doesn’t want Jamal to race.  She is telling him this while he is trying to splice the wires together to start the bike.  Alison tells him that he loves the power that it gives him when he is riding. She tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him to an accident.   He tells her that he is a good racer.  While all of this is going on, Livvie is trying to reach them on their cell phones, to no avail.  Jack and Livvie start to argue about this just as Zach and his goons come in the tent. 

     Mary walks into the garage while Karen is there.  She tells her that her son never throws anything away, and starts to look at the old pictures that she has in her hands.  Mary calls her over to look at them.  While they are looking at the pictures, Karen asks her about the old days   She tells her that Rhonda was devastated when Carolyn died.  She also tells her that she met a young man that had done something and that he had to make it right again.   After listening to Mary, Karen is saying to herself that story Frank told, could it be true? 

     Ian and Michael are still talking, and Ian tells Michael that he needs to move on.   Michael suggests that he stay long enough for nourishment-a glass of water. 

     Jamal is able to splice the wires to get the bike started.  They tell one another how much they are in love.  They kiss.  He tells her that Zach is a bad guy and he gets what he wants.  The bike starts, and they head back to the racetrack. 

   Zack tells Jack that he just got a promotion.  He will ride in Jamal’s place, and he tells him to suit up.  Jack and Livvie try to leave, but Zach and his goons tell him that he has to do it.  Livvie tries to stop it, but instead Zach goes with Jack to get ready and leaves Sam with Livvie.  Before leaving, Jack and Livvie kiss.  Livvie still tries to stop Jack but Zach’s people get is the way.  As the race begins, Jack is at the end of the racers, and at the mid point the same way when Zach and his men stop him and they do something to the bike.  Zach tells him he has to finish the race. 

     Michael comes back to Eve room to ask her to join him for lunch. She tells him that she contacted Edna and she will be leaving tonight.  He tells her then it will be a farewell lunch.  She says that she has a few things to finish up and she will be right there.  While she is finishing up, he walks over to Ian and invites him to stay for lunch as well. 

     After talking to Mary, her mother, and Frank she is starting to believe that Frank actually traveled through time to save her.  As the show ends she has a puzzled look on her face……………..