PC Update Wednesday 5/30/01



Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/30/01

By Jackie

       Alison and Jamal are in the bike shop discussing the upcoming race.  Jack and Livvie are not at the bike, as Jamal doesn’t want them around.  Alison asks him, if he is still mad, about Jack kissing her.  He doesn’t want any distractions to keep him from focusing on the race.  Besides the race, the only other thing he wants to focus on is Alison.  He tells her not to worry about the race, because he is a smart rider, and won’t let himself get into trouble.

     Karen has just arrived home from the hospital, and Frank is with her at the apartment.  He tells her the refrigerator is full of food, and he is here to help her.  He feels that he needs to stay with her, as Joe discharged a day to early in his opinion.  He tells her that he won’t leave her side.  He sits down with her, to give her back the necklace, she had entrusted him with before the surgery.   About that time the doorbell rings, it is Rhonda and Scott coming for a visit.  They tell Karen, how proud they are of her to donate part of her liver.

     Ian, however, is still at the cabin looking for Eve.  While looking for Eve, the ghost of Granya appears and says to him “Giving up already, big brother?”  His reply is that he never said anything about giving up. Granya responds by implying he is the cause of his own problems.  He is trying to decide whether to leave and look for her, or to stay.  Granya gets him to admit his feelings for Eve, and encourages him to look a more for her.  Not knowing what to do, at that moment in time, Ian sits down at the chessboard to play with Granya.

      Rhonda and Scott sit down to continue their conversation with Karen.  They encourage Frank to leave and take some time for himself.  They tell him that they will take care of Karen while he is out.  Rhonda tells Karen how proud she is that she is a doctor.  She also says that she is lucky to have Frank, and he is a good guy.  Karen asks them if they had any regrets in having her.  Oh course they say no, but the big night almost didn’t happen because Rhonda almost didn’t go to the dance.

      We next find Jamal and Alison at the track before the race.  He is talking with another racer and he tells him that he is not a risk taker.  The racer leaves, and Alison asks him if there is anyway she can talk him out of racing.  Alison asks Jamal if they can go on a ride so she can understand how he feels.  She calls it a Good luck ride.

      Frank, on his break from Karen, goes to Carolyn’s grave with flowers. He talks to Carolyn’s grave and tells her how sorry he is, that he wasn’t able to save her when the car hit her.  He talked to her about Karen, and how he wished, he could tell Karen the truth.  He also says that he had changed history and he went back to change it.   He told Karen the story, as a fairy tale, but he would still wish he could tell her the truth.

      Rhonda, who is telling Karen the story about the Spring Fling, almost didn’t go because her father had started drinking after Cookie’s death.  She tells Karen that she wasn’t in with the popular girls wanted to stay home and drink.   She also says that she had a crush on Scott and wanted to be notices by him.  Rhonda states that she had a friend that told her that she had her whole life ahead of her, and gave her hope, and told her that she wouldn’t always be alone.  The man told her that he was from the future and he gave her the courage and the hope to go on.  Karen looks at her mother strangely……………

      While this is going on, Jamal and Alison are on the bike ride with the song “She’s Like the Wind” playing in the background.  They pull off on the side of the road; Alison tells Jamal how much she loves him.  They kiss.  Jamal then tells Alison that it is almost time for the race and they need to go back.  Alison then takes the key from the bike and throws it in the woods.  Jamal makes a remark about Alison not understanding what she did.  He throws his hands up in the air in frustration.

     Frank, still at Carolyn’s grave, tells her that he wants to keep Karen safe.  All that matters is that she is back and he won’t ever let her be alone again.

      We close with Ian, making a trip done memory lane, thinking about all of the things he had done with Eve.  He is sure of himself, and how he feels about her and he will take her home.  The last thing he says is, ”All right Lambert, here I come, ready or not.”