PC Update Tuesday 5/29/01



Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/29/01

By Jackie

Today’s episode starts with Gabby and Arianna talking in her hospital room. Arianna is telling Gabby how lucky she is when Karen is wheeled into her room. Karen and Arianna start talking. Karen tells Arianna how good she is looking. Arianna tells her, thank you very much for saving my life. Arianna tells Karen she is the reason that she’s still alive.

Then it flashes to the Recovery Room where Lucy and Serena are getting ready to go on a picnic and an outing. Serena has an opportunity to get a Ladybug badge for survival skills. Victor is giving them last minute words of advice and telling them what he had packed for their lunch. They continue to talk about their trip to the great outdoors. Lucy also says that she has a strange feeling about going out in the woods.

Now we find Eve in the monastery, looking for Michael. As Eve is looking for Michael, Ian is looking for Eve at the cabin. Ian walks into the cabin and calls out “Lambert.” When he gets no response, he turns and then turns to look again, and walks out the door. While this was taking place, Eve is looking around the chapel for Michael. It appears that all of the sudden Eve is cold and has as uneasy feeling. She calls out his name and gets no answer. As she is standing there, it looks like someone or something is looking through the array of candles right at her.

While all of this is going on, Karen and Arianna are still talking. Arianna tells Karen that Ian is gone to look for Eve. She tells her that Ian and Eve were meant for each other and it had been that way throughout time. Arianna also tells Karen, if it were not for the kindness of a stranger, that she would not be getting better. Karen tells her that it would not have happened if it had not been for Eve talking her into doing it. Karen also tells Arianna that she is sorry that it took her so long to make the decision to help. The visit comes to an end. Arianna tells Gabby to call Victor Collins for her.

Eve is talking to herself as she is lighting a candle. She is talking to the baby about the kinds of decisions that she will be making and where they could start a new life. She also wants them to be very happy. As she is talking to herself, she is looking for Michael, and she comes across this door; she starts banging on it and shaking the handle. Shortly after shaking the door, she hears a noise that is unnerving to her.

As this is going on, Lucy and Serena are in the woods laying out their picnic basket. Lucy and Serena are talking and Serena is telling Lucy that she is no longer a baby. She also doesn’t want her to talk about the Ladybugs in front of other people. Lucy tells her that she will always be their baby. They come to an agreement that she will be treated as a young lady and then they start to have a tickling session. Serena tells Lucy she must go and get the right kind of wood to start the fire without a match. As Serena starts for the wood, they hear sound and they stop in their tracks. All of the sudden, Ian comes through the woods. Lucy starts hitting him with her purse and the stranger card falls out. Ian bends down to pick it up; Lucy tries to stop him. Lucy tells him that it could mean misfortune to the person that picks it up. It could also mean that someone new is coming to Port Charles.  Ian tells them to gather their belongs and he will walk them to their car, as he doesn’t like what he feels, either.

We now find Eve still looking for Michael, and she sees him coming out from behind the locked door with something in his hands. He tells her that it is a gift and it will keep her and the baby safe. A little extra insurance won’t hurt. Eve takes the gift, and Michael turns to walk away.