PC Update Monday 5/28/01



Port Charles Update Monday 5/28/01

By Jackie

     There were several events that took place on today’s show at the bike shop, the monastery, and the hospital.  They had an interesting sequence that they followed.  Livvie started to tell Alison about what kind of a wild man that Jack had been the night before, but Livvie told Alison that she had to leave to go to college and she would tell her what happened when she got back.

      Meanwhile, Eve returns to the monastery to find Michael, to tell him that she doesn’t want to leave now, and that she would like to stay with him at the monastery and help him out.  Michael doesn’t really want Eve to stay, and he wants to do the renovations without anyone’s help as he feels that will give him a little less time in purgatory.  Eve convinces Michael to let her stay and help out with the renovations.   Michael agrees to let her stay for a few days to help her and give her some time to make the other decisions that she needs to make.

      Frank goes in to see how Karen is feeling.  As he is about ready to leave, she tells him to come in and be with her.  She seems to be having pain, and Frank is telling her to take the pain medications if she needs to.  She wants him to talk to her, so he starts to tell her a story about a princess and a prince, and how the prince almost changed history and he had to go back in time and change things with the use of a time traveling device.  Frank continues about how the prince had to go back in time to find the Queen, so she could meet the King, so that the princess could be born.  He continues to tell the story and Karen says that the prince must love the princess with all his heart.

     Meanwhile, at the hospital, Joe and Ian are talking about how good Arianna’s test results are and how well the liver transplant is working.  Joe then encourages Ian to go and look for Eve.  Joe tells Ian that he will tell Arianna so he can leave to go and find Eve.  Ian tells Joe that he will talk to Arianna.  Ian goes to talk to Arianna and she tells him that he is free to go and find Eve and that she will be fine.  Ian wants to give Arianna something but she tells him that he has given her the greatest gift: freedom.  She gives him a picture of them and tells him he will have something to remember her by.  Ian leaves to go look for Eve.

    At the bike shop, detective Garcia and his partner come in for lattes, and Jack starts to mouth off.   Garcia warns him to take it easy.  He relaxes and then he starts to talk to Alison  He starts to kiss her, and about that time Zach and Jamal come through the door of the bike shop.  A fight starts between Jack and Jamal, and the cops break up the fight.  Jamal is upset as he needs to focus his energies for the bike race and he thought that Jack was watching his back and not making a play for his girl.  They settle their differences and all is well for now.

     Frank continues to tell Karen the story and we all know that Frank is telling the story of how he went back in time.  When he is finished, Karen says that somehow it could be true and Frank tells her that he loves her with all of his heart.

     Eve, after talking with Michael some more, decides to stay and help out with a hammer or cook or do whatever that is needed to be done.  As Eve leaves the room, he gets down on his knees and prays for the safety of Eve, the baby, and everyone around her and that evil does not come to them.