PC Update Friday 5/25/01

Port Charles Update Friday 5/25/01

By Beth
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At Eve's request, Michael pays her a visit at the cabin. He had thought she would have been headed home by now, but she says that she really needs a friend. Eve tells him about her visit from Chris, whose marriage proposal she turned down. In Michael's opinion, she did the right thing for everyone involved. Eve agrees, but she can't stop thinking about the man she loves. She wishes she could tell him about the baby, but she's also afraid of making things worse for everyone, including a woman who is very sick. Although she could start over someplace new, the thought of taking her baby to some strange town where they don't know anyone seems sad and empty. She has no idea what to do next. Michael thinks he may have the answer. He feels that she should use her skills as a doctor to help the underprivileged. Focusing on her work might give her the inner peace she's been craving for both her and her child.

Frank still can't get over the fact that Karen is there with him again. He's missed her so much! Joe comes in to examine Karen before surgery. Frank steps outside and runs into Kevin and Ian. He is very grateful to them for everything they did to help him get Karen back. They have no idea what he's talking about. Remembering the chief's warning not to tell anyone about what happened, Frank brushes it off and says he's just nervous about the surgery. Ian and Kevin walk away, leaving Frank to his thoughts. It's as if none of it ever happened. When Rhonda approaches him, he addresses her as "Cookie." Rhonda asks pleasantly how he knew about her old nickname, and Frank replies that Karen must have mentioned it. He tells her that she looks fantastic. Flattered, Rhonda thanks him and says it must be her new outfit. She gives her blessing to his relationship with her daughter, who has never been happier. Scott appears and says that they have Frank to thank for Karen's happiness. He and Rhonda visit Karen and tell her how proud they are of her. Scott then gives the two women some privacy, promising to come back later. Karen admits to her mom that she's afraid of getting hooked on painkillers. Rhonda promises not to let that happen. She regrets putting Karen through hell all those years, and now Karen is the most amazing person--in spite of her mother. Now Rhonda wants to be there for her, and she hopes it's not too late to make it up to her. "You were the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. I can't imagine what my life would've been like without you," she says. From the doorway, Frank smiles knowingly.

Lucy places some crystals in Arianna's room to help her through the surgery. She also encourages Arianna to help herself by thinking positive thoughts. Ian and Kevin come in, and Kevin takes Lucy to the waiting room to give Ian and Arianna some privacy. Arianna brings up the subject of what happens next. She realizes that she and Ian won't be together, and she understands. She wants him to be happy. Ian pulls her close and says that they don't have to get into that right now, but Arianna wants to talk about it. She thinks Eve should be there. Ian tells her that he doesn't know where she went, but he will find her. As he talks about finding the love of his life, he urges Arianna to keep her eyes open for the same kind of miracle. Joe and Raj come in to take Arianna to surgery.

In the waiting room, Kevin is surprised to see that Lucy still has a deck of tarot cards, since she had told him that she threw them all away. Lucy says that she always kept a spare deck in one of her purses, and she finally found the purse that had the spare. She lays out the cards again, frowning. The Stranger card keeps coming up in the exact same spot, no matter what she does. It means that someone will come into their lives and cause a major disruption. "Oh. It's the new cable company. You know, they just went and changed all the channels again," Kevin remarks. Lucy tells him to stop it, because this is very serious. "Tell me about it! I just got all those channels memorized," he says. Lucy informs him that the card means that someone will come in and mess with all their lives. Scott joins them and says he's going to call Serena. When he leaves, Kevin tells Lucy to relax, because everything is just fine.

Frank stops by Karen's room again before surgery. Raj arrives with a wheelchair, ready to transport Karen to the operating room. Karen removes her locket--her heart--and gives it to Frank for safekeeping.

Eve goes to the window and looks out, thinking about what Michael said to her.

Lucy rambles about how everything happens for a reason. If Rhonda and Scott hadn't gotten together, Karen wouldn't exist, and poor Arianna wouldn't have a donor today. They're all lucky that Rhonda and Scott did get together. "You can say that again," Frank says from where he and Rhonda are sitting. Rhonda asks to look at the locket, which brings back all the love and pain attached to it. She returns it to Frank and says to keep it safe. Joe appears with a smile on his face. The surgery went even better than they had hoped; Arianna is on her way to ICU. Ian thanks him and rushes out. As for Karen, she's already out of recovery and back in her room. Scott, Rhonda, and Frank head off to see her. Kevin reminds Lucy that he told her everything would be fine; the cards were wrong. Lucy informs him that the cards are never wrong. The Stranger wasn't about this, which means that something else is coming. She just has to figure out what it is.

Frank, Rhonda, and Scott visit a drowsy Karen. While her parents leave after a moment, Frank stays behind, gazing at her lovingly. He wishes he could tell her how he went back in time to save her. "Oh, what did you say?" Karen asks drowsily.

Ian checks on Arianna and assures her that she's going to be fine. She'll have a brand new life.

Carrying her suitcase, Eve leaves the cabin and tells her unborn baby it's time to start a brand new life.

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