PC Update Thursday 5/24/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 5/24/01

By Tammy

Wow! In the closing days of Time in a Bottle, PC fans were given a very heartfelt revelation. As an ailing Frank continues to try to disable the computer in 1973, Lucy and Kevin are increasingly concerned for his health in present day. Frank's blood pressure drops to 70/32, his skin color is blue, and he is barely breathing. The potion he was given does not seem to be bringing him out of the coma. Lucy tells Kevin that only love can bring Frank back. "Without Karen, he probably does not want to return to us," she tells Kevin. "We're losing him!" yells Kevin, as he begins to assist Frank's breathing by bagging him.

Back in 1973, Frank refuses to give up on saving Karen by destroying the computer. He's very sick and getting weaker by the minute. He tells himself he is dying. "No! Not yet!!" he yells. "I have to save Karen!" Just before Cookie's father breaks the door down and catches him, we assume Frank disappears. He then appears to be in some sort of Limbo in total whiteness with a bright light and fog rising from below. Frank believes he has died and begins to break down. "Why did you let this happen? Why didn't you let me save her?" He is very much in agony for failing Karen.

At the Bike Shop, Jamal is busy getting his motorcycle tuned up for the big race, as Alison thumbs through a motocross magazine. After reading an article about the dangers of racing, she calls Jamal on it. "Do you realize just how dangerous this is?" she asks. "Yes, but I'm the best there is out there," he replies. She reminds him that in the last race a guy was killed and another broke his leg. "Yeah, Baby, but I'm so focused and in control when I'm out there. Nobody is gonna be able to catch me," he tells her. Alison can't believe what she's hearing and that she didn't see it before. "Jamal, you're so into this racing thing and you'll never stop!" she says as she storms out.

Elsewhere in the shop, Jack is recuperating in his room from the spill he took in the woods. Livvie enters and begins to play nurse to him. "Take your shirt off," she tells him. As he does, Jack teases her about the both of them taking their clothes off. "Is there anything on your mind besides sex?" she asks. "Absolutely not," he answers. They giggle and she tells him he must recover first. Livvie begins to close the window, but Jack insists it stay open. "No, Jack. Remember how chilled you got before?" Livvie said as she closed the window. She then offers him something to eat. "A hamburger would hit the spot," Jack said. As Livvie also denied this request because it's unhealthy, Jack lost his temper and yelled. He then quickly apologized for being on edge.

In Limbo, Frank sits down and begins to recall his memories of Karen. From the moment he and Karen found the old computer to the present, Frank reflects on it all. He comes to a realization that he alone is responsible for altering the past. He is truly heartbroken! Suddenly, he hears Karen's voice. She's calling to him. "Frank. Frank, where have you been? Frank?" Frank jumps to his feet and calls out to her. "Karen, I'm here!" he answers. The next thing Frank sees is Karen walking in the hall towards him at General Hospital. He did it! He really did it!! Karen approaches Frank as if nothing has ever happened. "Where have you been, Frank? I've already been tested and prepped to donate part of my liver to Arianna. I've been waiting for you." she says. Overjoyed, Frank reaches out and grabs her in his arms and tells her how glad he is to see her. He says he wasn't sure before, but now he's positive he was meant to be with her. Karen is deeply touched by his words. With tears rolling down both their cheeks, they confess their love for each other! What effect will this revelation have on the denizens of PC that were involved in Frank's big adventure? Stay tuned...