PC Update Wednesday 5/23/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/23/01

By Beth
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Chris admits that he decided to track Eve down when she failed to return to Port Charles as promised. He can see that she's disappointed to see him, probably because she was expecting Ian instead. He finds some Irish whiskey and assumes she had it around in case Ian ever showed up. Eve asks to change the subject, and Chris agrees. He asks where she's been all day, and she replies that she was with the woodchopper she told him about on the phone. Chris is surprised, having thought she was kidding about the man. It makes sense to him, though, that some mountain man would be attracted to her. Eve says that her new friend is a priest to whom she was talking about him and his marriage proposal. Now that the subject has come up, Chris asks for her decision.

Ian checks Frank's vital signs while Kevin waits for him to agree that they have to bring their friend out of the coma immediately. Lucy worries that such action would ruin everything for Frank, who knew the risks going in, but Kevin is convinced that they have no choice. He refuses to stand around and let Frank die. Ian agrees with Kevin.

Frank goes back to Cookie's basement and turns on the computer, determined to disable it and allow Karen to exist again.

As Ian prepares to give Frank an injection, Lucy and the chief object. The chief warns that reversing the coma won't ensure Frank's return; there's no guarantee that he won't lose part of himself in the process. Lucy understands what he's getting at; Frank could lose his heart and his soul back in 1973. Kevin glares at Ian for allowing Frank to go through with this. Lucy reminds him that fighting won't help. Before Ian can gives Frank the drug, Arianna calls out from the living room. He rushes to her and realizes that she needs to get to the hospital. He picks her up and carries her out, asking Kevin and Lucy to stay and take care of things at the loft. He promises to call from the hospital.

Frank urgently tries to figure out how to disable "Nellie." He has to do this today, which is when Cookie first contacts him. Hearing voices upstairs, he quietly closes the door. Cookie tries to detain her father by asking him to look at her scrapbook of Carolyn, but Harry fully intends to work on his computer.

Eve tries to let Chris down gently. She thinks it was an incredible gesture, but she's simply not ready for marriage. Chris really wishes she would reconsider. He knows that he could make her and the baby very happy. The truth is that part of Chris has always loved Eve. She understands, and she also loves him, but not romantically. They're meant to be the best of friends. Chris would like her to be honest with him about her hopes and dreams. He accuses her of clinging to the hope that Arianna will magically be cured and pave the way for Eve to marry Ian. He urges her not to lie to him or to herself about this. Eve admits she daydreams about being with Ian, but that's not why she turned him down. She knows that she and Ian can never be together, but since she doesn't have a backup plan, she's going to stay at the cabin and figure out her options. All she knows is that she's having this baby. Eve hugs Chris, who gives her a chaste kiss before leaving. Outside the cabin, he takes the engagement ring from his pocket to look at it before walking away.

At the hospital, Gabriela tells Joe to trust that Frank will get in touch when he's ready. Joe isn't nearly as confident as she is. As he gripes about his delusional brother, Ian carries Arianna in, demanding a gurney. Everyone springs into action. The patient is quickly taken to a treatment room, where Joe orders more tests. Although Ian places an oxygen mask over her face, Arianna insists on saying something. "Ian, it's time. You have to let me go," she tells him.

As Frank labors to solve his problem, he makes too much noise. Harry hears it and wants to investigate, but Cookie tries to stop him. She again asks him to look at pictures with her. Harry believes that would just make him feel worse than he already does.

Lucy begs Kevin to wait just five more minutes, but he doesn't believe Frank has that much time. He needs to act now. He prepares the syringe and injects the drug into Frank's IV line.

Arianna learns that she has to stay instead of going back home. Ian tells her that at least she'll get a decent meal out of this. He assures her that they will find a donor. Arianna is convinced that she's going to die, and she doesn't want Ian to blame himself for what happened. If not for his protection, she would have been dead long before now.

Frank doesn't respond to the drug. The chief explains that fighting them is easier than fighting the love that pulls Frank. He may already be lost to them. Unable to accept that possibility, Lucy gives Frank a pep talk, urging him to come back now and then try again later.

Frank stumbles around, looking for something he can use to disable the computer. He finds a pair of scissors. A vision of Karen appears to him and says to just let it go. Frank doesn't want to live if there's no Karen; he'll do anything to get her back.

As Cookie talks her her dad, they hear more noises coming from the basement. Harry accuses her of hiding someone down there, and he jerks her aside before going to investigate.

Frank gets the idea to use the scissors as pliers. As he tries, Harry starts pounding on the door and shouting out a warning. Hey! Who's in there? You better open this door before I bust it down! Hey! If you're messing with my machine, I'm going to kill you. Open up!" he yells.

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