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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/22/01

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When Eve wakes up, she finds Michael lighting several candles. Michael is surprised that one walk in the woods made her so tired, but Eve admits that there's another factor; she's pregnant. Michael invites her to sit down in one of the pews, and she likes that idea. When Eve admits that she lost a son a long time ago, Michael believes that explains the sadness he sees in her, but that isn't the reason. The problem is that the baby's father is the man she loves so deeply, and he has no idea that she's pregnant. Michael guesses that the man is married, but Eve only says that he's unavailable due to some very important priorities. She understands that, but now she needs to make a decision. She fills Michael in on the marriage proposal she received from Chris. Michael wonders how she could marry someone she likes after being with someone she loves.

Ian carries Arianna into the living room to get some sunlight. In the spare bedroom, Frank is still in a comatose state. Lucy wakes up after getting a few hours' sleep, while Kevin was keeping an eye on Frank's condition. Frank's blood pressure is low, and his breathing has become more labored. The chief points out that time travel is taking a toll on Frank's physical form, and holding the body in two separate places must be a terrible strain. Lucy worries about what will happen if he doesn't come out of the coma soon. Kevin tells her gravely that he will die.

Frank looks in the window at Kelly's, where Carolyn's family and friends are holding her memorial service. Cookie sees him and joins him outside, warning that her dad will call the police if he sees him. Frank apologizes for bothering her but says that he's running out of time; he has to find Karen and bring her back. When Cookie says that she doesn't understand, Frank admits that he's not who he claimed to be. He's going to tell her the truth, and it will sound crazy, but she has to trust him. Cookie thinks he should rest, but there's no time. He tells her that every action has consequences, even stopping long enough to open the door for someone. He has seen the future, because that's where he's from. He lives in 2001.

Kevin tells Ian that Frank is getting worse. Ian states that Arianna is also slipping away. He can't believe he allowed Frank to go back in time to look for a woman who may or may not exist. Kevin is stunned; he had thought that Ian believed this, especially considering his experience with Eve. Ian admits that they didn't actually go back in time; what they did was relive their past lives and memories. Kevin can't believe this. How could Ian encourage Frank to do such a thing? How could he let him take the morca without knowing any of the risks? Ian reminds him that Frank knew he was taking a chance, and he knew this would be different from what he and Eve experienced. Kevin asks what that was like, but Ian doesn't think it matters. Kevin argues that anything that could shed some light on the situation matters. He wants to know every detail Ian remembers about his own experience. Ian explains that the herb is just a catalyst that allowed them to go back to a place where their souls had met before, and the love they felt then was as strong as it is now. He tells Kevin that Frank came to him with the news of someone who could save Arianna but was lost in time. Frank felt responsible for her not being here, and he was desperate to set things right. Kevin understands that Ian was also desperate to save Arianna. The logical conclusion is that if it all works out, Ian and Eve can ride into the sunset, but Kevin worries about what will happen if Arianna suffers a setback or her body rejects the transplant. He knows that Ian could never turn his back on her. Even if she is cured, she could need him for something, and Kevin doesn't like thinking about how that would affect Eve.

Michael gives Eve a ride back to the cabin and then drives off. Through the cabin window, Eve sees a man with blondish hair sitting in front of a fire. Thrilled, she rushes inside to greet "Ian," but it's actually Chris.

Kevin checks on Frank, but there's no change. The chief notices Lucy's tarot cards and asks whether she always carries them. Lucy replies that she used to use them for fortunetelling and never had a chance to take them out of her purse. Kevin suddenly notices that Frank is in REM sleep. The chief has seen this happen before. He places Lucy's hand near Frank to feel his energy. When the eyes begin to move this way, it often means that the time traveler's experience is growing more intense in his alternate universe. Lucy feels it; it's as if Frank is very excited or upset or something.

Cookie has had enough. She thinks he's crazy. As she starts to go back inside Kelly's, Frank starts to tell her things he shouldn't know, such as her likes and dislikes. He also knows that she has a crush on Scotty Baldwin. Cookie stops and asks how he knows that. Frank tells her that he messed with time and changed the way things are supposed to be; now he has to put them back by disabling her dad's computer. He really needs her help, and he knows it's a huge leap of faith for her, but she has to trust him. He has to get to that computer, and she is the only one who can help him. Cookie would like to know what happens to her in the future, but Frank can't tell her without the risk of making things even worse. He does tell her that if she helps him, she won't be alone, and she will be loved. He promises her that. Franks swears it's all true, and he begs her to help. Cookie doesn't know what to think, but she gives him the key to her house and warns him to hurry, before her dad catches him. Frank promises to be careful and not let her down. Cookie realizes that she'll never see him again, but Frank tells her that they will meet again someday. Cookie doesn't know why she trusts him, but she does. She promises to remember Frank. He rushes off to complete his important mission.

Lucy asks Ian and Kevin to stop glaring at each other and instead focus on the positive. Kevin reports that all Frank's vitals are declining. He knows what's at stake, but they can't wait any longer. They need to bring Frank out of the coma now, before it's too late.

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