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Port Charles Update Monday 5/21/01

By Beth
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Livvie hears rustling in the brush and hopes it's Jack. Instead, Alison and Jamal find her. Livvie is very glad to see them. They're shocked to hear that Jack still hasn't come back. Livvie is afraid that Zach did something to him, but Jamal assures her that's not his style. Besides, he has no reason to go after him now that Jamal has agreed to race. Livvie points out the direction Jack took, and although Jamal tells her and Alison to stay there while he looks, there's no way they're doing to do that. The three of them search the woods, calling out for their friend. Livvie scrapes her arm on some brush, and although Alison wants to get a bandage on the wound, Livvie insists on finding Jack. She rushes ahead and finds him lying on the ground.

Eve is stunned to see that Michael is a priest. When she asks why he didn't tell her, Michael explains that most people act differently when they find out, just as she is now.

Kevin stops outside Ian's door and tries to figure out what to say to the chief. Lucy coaches him on just repeating what Scott said about Rhonda's claims to have talked to someone from the future back when they were in high school. She believes that the chief will understand, since he's the foremost authority of time travel. Kevin isn't sure that's what they're dealing with, but Lucy is. She doesn't know what else it could be. Neither does Kevin; all he knows is that Frank is missing, and they have to find him. Lucy assures him that the chief will know what to do.

Inside the loft, the chief reports that Frank's condition is the same. Ian tells him that Arianna is slipping  more every day, and they need to find a donor soon. The weird thing is that Karen is still Arianna's best hope. When Frank stirs, Ian checks him and finds that his heart rate is dropping. The chief tells him that something is going on.

Back in 1973, Frank is tied to a chair near the computer in the Wexlers' basement. Harry announces that he's going to call the police.

Kevin knocks persistently on Ian's door. Ian finally opens up, and Lucy and Kevin talk about the need to see the chief. Ian tells them that this isn't a good time. Lucy barges past him and calls out to the chief. Ian tells her to keep it down, because Arianna is resting. Kevin assures him that they don't want to disturb her, but they're trying to find Frank. Lucy believes that the chief can help them. When Ian puts them off again, Lucy's instincts tell her that something is going on. Ian opens the door and tries to get rid of them, but Lucy finds two envelopes obviously addressed by Frank. She takes this discovery as proof that Ian knows where he is.

Frank tries to get loose, but he can't. Cookie comes in and berates herself for telling him about the computer. Frank assures her that she did the right thing, and now he needs her to untie him. The wailing siren tells him that the police are nearby, and he can't let them take him in. Cookie tries to untie him, but she can't. Frank tells her to cut him loose. She finally manages to set him free, but by that time, the police are out front. Cookie promises to distract her dad while Frank goes out the back. Frank tells her to never forget that she's a good kid.

Ian tells Lucy that the last he heard, Frank was on his way to Alaska. Lucy wants to know why he has the letters, but that's Frank's business, not hers. Ian wants them to leave so that Arianna can get her rest. While he talks to Kevin, Lucy sneaks through the hall and finds Frank and the chief. Shocked, she calls out for Kevin to get in there right away. Kevin demands to know what they've done to Frank.

Frank makes his way to the bleachers and berates himself for blowing his chance to get Karen back. He reminisces about asking her to be his girl, right there in that very spot. Now, he's close to fixing things, and he can't give up.

Michael brings Eve something to drink. She admits that for a split second when they first met, she thought he could be a psycho, but afterward, she thought he was flirting with her. Michael admits that the collar doesn't exactly make him blind. Pointing out his good looks, Eve wonders how he manages to stay true to his vows, since women must hit on him all the time. Michael states that he's never noticed; he's always known his path. Eve is curious about why he's there, instead of heading a church. Michael tells her that the monastery is now his church. He wants to restore it to its former beauty. He asks why she's out there all alone, as if she's trying to get away from something. What is she running from? Eve assures him that she's not running away. She just wants to think and figure out her path. She tells him something about her situation, growing sleepy as Michael tries to counsel her. He helps her get comfortable and then continues their conversation. As he talks to her about the Bible's take on love, he realizes that she has fallen asleep. Michael drapes his jacket over her for warmth.

Jack holds his head as the others help him to his feet. He thinks he must have tripped over something as he was getting the firewood. When Livvie asks about his flashlight, he assumes it's right there, but as he glances around, he doesn't see it. Livvie is just glad to have him back, because she was scared to death when she couldn't find him. Jack jokingly asks whether she thought Hook Man had gotten him. Alison rolls her eyes, and Jamal has no idea what Jack is talking about. Alison just wants to get out of there; the woods are a little gothic for her. She wants to go back to the fire. Livvie argues that they should get Jack to the hospital, but Jack would rather go along with Alison's suggestion. "It's freezing out here," he says. Alison and Jamal trade a worried look. Jack wants to forget about his flashlight and just get out of there. He tells Livvie that he'll be fine after he warms up. Livvie points out that it really isn't that cold out. Jack know that, and it's the weirdest thing. It's as if he's frozen to the bone.

Kevin checks Frank's pulse, which is weak. He demands to know what's going on. Ian admits that the chief gave him an herb. Lucy figures it out, and she tells Kevin that Frank is going back in time. Kevin is angry, and he intends to get Frank to the hospital before he dies. The chief warns that Frank isn't ready to come back; if he were, he would be there. Kevin wishes he had tried to stop Frank when he had the chance. Lucy reminds him that at the time, he believed, and he needs to have faith now. Kevin can't leave Frank there like that! Ian promises to keep a close eye on him. Kevin insists on staying, and he wants to get Frank to the hospital if he hasn't regained consciousness in twenty-four hours. Ian agrees to that.

Frank starts to forget what Karen looks like, and he can't let that happen. He loves her and has to remember her. He's the only one who can keep her alive. He's growing weak. He stayed too long, and now he could die! Frank has to hold on; it's the only way to save Karen.

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