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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/18/01

By Beth
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Eve insists that Michael join her inside the cabin for some of the goodies he brought over. Although he initially protests that it's getting late and he really should be going, he relents. As Eve goes to set the table, Michael glances around outside and then nods to himself, satisfied.

Outside Scott's place, Lucy and Kevin strategize about how they're going to handle this. Kevin is apprehensive about how Scott will feel when they grill him about Rhonda Wexler, but Lucy thinks they just have to ease into a very calm explanation. Kevin isn't at all comfortable with this, but they have to do it. He tells her to follow his lead but remember to be cool. They ring the doorbell. Scott comes to the door, carrying a dinner plate. He's surprised to see them and assumes he must have goofed up Serena's schedule again, but Lucy assures him that that was last week. Scott is really surprised to hear that this is just a visit, and he invites them inside. Looking at his plate of fish sticks, he asks whether they're going to want any. Kevin declines. "Oh, good," Scott says, but Lucy grabs one from his plate as he tries to keep it away from her. Lucy says that they needs to hear everything he knows about Rhonda, because it's a matter of life and death.

Mary advises Frank against going back to the Wexlers' place because of Harry's temperament, but Frank can't heed her advice because it would mean he wouldn't find Karen. With a big sandwich in front of him, he asks for more iced tea, and Mary gets him some. She has a feeling about him; there's something he isn't telling her, and she thinks he's not who he claims to be.

Eve gives Michael a mug of hot chocolate. She admires his ring and asks to take a closer look. He tells her that it's his family crest. When Eve asks what it stands for, he tells her that it's a long, boring story. Eve then asks him to talk about himself, such as whether he's married or has any siblings. Getting nervous, Michael decides to leave. Eve thinks her awful hot chocolate is what's driving him away, but he tells her that he has someplace to be. Eve interprets this to mean he has a hot date, and he doesn't exactly deny it. She thanks him for the goodies and says that maybe they'll run into each other again someday.

"Rhonda Wexler? Hey, let me get you a napkin there for that fish stick," Scott says. All he knows is that Rhonda drinks like a fish. He asks why Kevin and Lucy are so interested in her all of a sudden. Kevin says that he's seeing her in a professional capacity, while Lucy's interest is personal. Scott tells them that he went to high school with her and that her nickname was Cookie. "Get out of my way. I want to get a fish stick," he says. Kevin presses for more information, and Scott remembers that her sister's death sent her over the top; her father even had to lock her up in a mental institution. Lucy asks whether he had anything going with her, and Scott demands to know why she would ask something like that. Lucy blurts out that Frank said that Rhonda and Scott had a daughter.

Mary asks how Frank happened to lose Karen, but he's ready to leave. Frankie pops in and takes a picture of them, stunning Frank. Mary takes her little boy up to bed, and Frank starts to leave, but Cookie arrives and tells him about the computer. Thrilled, Frank wants to go see it right now, but Cookie refuses to let him near her house until he explains how he knew about it.

Jack takes Livvie out to the woods north of town, where they can sleep under the stars. Livvie is still down on herself for screwing up, but Jack comforts her with the promise to always love her. As they kiss, someone watches from the brush. Jack hears something, and Livvie shivers. Jack decides to get more wood for the fire while Livvie roasts marshmallows, and he wants his marshmallows to be black and crunchy.

Scott says that Frank is crazy if he's running around saying that. He knows what is a good possibility, though. Little green men could show up in Port Charles looking for Lucy! Lucy won't give up. She asks whether he could have just put a fling with her out of his mind. It's happened. You have completely lost your mind," Scott tells her. Kevin realizes that this sounds crazy, but the answer to that question could be important to a lot of people. They sit down, and Scott admits that Rhonda might have had a crush on him in high school. She even invited him to a dance once, but he went with a freshman. After she was sent away, he felt guilty about that. "Oh, wait. About a week after her sister died, she was saying that she was talking to some guy from the future," he states.

When Cookie says that Carolyn was the only one who knew about it, Frank says that he found out from her before she was hit by the car. Cookie doesn't know what to think. She's supposed to be delivering some photos of her to the funeral home right now. She doesn't understand who Frank is or why he's in their lives. She doesn't understand why her dad could hate her so much, and mostly, she doesn't understand why her sister had to die. Frank wishes he had the answers, but he doesn't. All he can tell her is that he's there to find Karen. He can't explain what the computer has to do with it, but he's not there to hurt Cookie or her family. He begs her to follow her heart and help him get to the computer. Cookie tells him that she can't help him. She runs out, with Frank calling after her.

Eve finds Michael's jacket in the cabin and sets out to try to return it to him.

While Jack is gone, Livvie hears something and thinks Jack is playing a trick on her, but it's not funny.

Kevin and Lucy want to know more, but Scott reminds them that she was nutty. He really doesn't remember anything else. Serena joins them, and when Scott offers to check her math homework, she's glad to hand it over. She hugs Lucy and Kevin before they leave. Outside, Kevin tells Lucy that he can't believe this, but he actually thinks that Frank's story is true.

Frank lets himself into the Wexler house through a basement window, turns on the light, and vows to destroy the computer. As he reaches behind the machine, someone breaks a beer bottle over his head.

Eve steps inside an old church and calls out for Michael. He turns around to face her. He's wearing a priest's collar.

Livvie is starting to panic. She calls Jamal and tells him the situation, making sure to tell him where she is. Hearing another noise, she shines a flashlight in that direction.

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