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By Beth
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At the Artery, Zach gets fresh with Livvie by touching her cheek after she gave him fair warning. Livvie pushes him away with one hand and punches him with the other. Angry, Zach decides not to let her leave the bar. One of his buddies grabs her and holds her there. Livvie orders Zach to let her leave, but he refuses. Jack rushes in and intervenes. Livvie shoves her way free and the guy backs off, not wanting trouble with Jack. To Livvie's disbelief, Jack starts acting like Zach, trying to make him believe they're on the same wavelength about women. When Livvie tries to defend her actions, Jack tells her to zip it if she knows what's good for her, adding that she should be home preparing his dinner instead of causing trouble. This infuriates Livvie, who doesn't realize it's all for show. Jack takes her outside, asks why she took such a risk, and puts his arms around her. Livvie pulls away and storms off as Jack watches in bewilderment.

Chris is tickled to hear from Eve, who calls as he's having a burger at the Recovery Room. Eve complains about how cold and spooky it is where she is. Chris asks where that is, and she refuses to tell him at first. Chris asks why, and she rolls her eyes, thinking about it. Realizing there's no reason to keep it a secret, she reveals that she's at the Johnson cabin just off the county road that crosses the west ridge. It's the same one she and Ian stumbled onto after their escape from Harris and his goons. Just as Eve asks Chris whether he's seen Ian, her soul mate walks by Chris, who doesn't let on that he just came in. He reports that he hasn't heard any news about Arianna, although he understands that Ian won't even leave her side. He urges her to accept things the way they are.

Angry about finding Frank with his teenage daughter, Harry Wexler launches into both of them. Cookie explains that Frank is her friend, but when she mentions Carolyn's name, her father tells her to shut up. He holds her responsible for Carolyn's death. Cookie hides behind Frank, who defends her. Harry blames Cookie for not taking care of her sister the way she should have. He accuses her of bringing nothing but heartache wherever she goes, ever since she was born. He doesn't understand why Carolyn had to be the one to die. Cookie understands that he wishes she had died instead. Crying, she blames herself for the deaths of her mother and Carolyn, adding that he isn't the only one who wishes she had died instead. She's worthless, and she knows it! Frank can't take it anymore. He tries talking to Harry about the way he's treating her, but he goes too far by pointing out the man's drinking problem. Harry threatens to call the police on Frank for being in his home with his underage daughter. Mary shows up just in time, carrying a casserole dish for the grieving family of two. Harry orders Frank to get out now and never come around his daughter again. Mary takes Frank's hand to try to get him out of there before things get any worse. Frank stops to make sure Cookie will be all right, and she assures him that she will. Mary takes Frank's hand again and leads him out of the house. Harry strikes Cookie in the face for letting Frank in his home.

Gabriela delivers Arianna's medication to Ian at the Recovery Room. Ian asks whether she's heard from Eve, but she hasn't, and she doesn't know where she went. She promises to let him know if she hears anything. As she leaves, Chris urges Eve to just accept his marriage proposal. He jokingly asks whether she's going to meet her Prince Charming out there in the woods, and Eve admits that she did meet an interesting guy chopping wood. Chris again assures her that he will spend the rest of his life making her happy. He asks her for an answer. "Oh, God! No!" she exclaims, to his dismay. It has nothing to do with his question; Eve was poking around in the fireplace and some debris fell on her head. She decides to just go back home. Chris is pleased to hear it, and he makes her promise to have a serious talk with him when she gets back. After hanging up, Chris gets out the engagement ring and admires it. Ian notices and asks who the unlucky girl is. When he finds out that Chris only hopes that the woman will marry him, he points out that she still has time to escape. Chris tells him that he will spend his every waking moment making her happy. He's been interested in her for quite some time, but the timing never worked out until now. "But the timing's good now? Has she lost all self-respect?" Ian asks. Chris informs him that it's not every day that a man finds someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Ian understands that all too well, and he actually wishes Chris and his love happiness. Chris thanks him and says that Ian would really love her. Ian apologizes for the wisecracks from before, saying that if a man is lucky enough to meet a woman he can spend the rest of his life with, he's truly blessed. He tells him not to let her slip away. Ian walks back to the bar, and Chris tells himself he has every intention of taking the other man's advice.

Jack follows an angry Livvie through the park. Livvie can't believe he treated her that way, but Jack believes it was safer than punching out Zach. He would like to know why she's giving him all this attitude when he's mad at her. He couldn't handle it if anything happened to her. Melting, Livvie lets him lead her off to a way to put this behind them.

Zach tells off Sam for bringing Jack to the rescue, but she wasn't about to let him blow the sweetest deal of their lives by letting Livvie get under his skin. She continues to harp on him, and he warns her to back off, but Sam warns him not to screw this up.

At Mary's house, Frank listens as his mother explains Harry Wexler's behavior. She says that he's always been tough on Cookie; he started drinking after his wife's death, and it's just gotten worse over time. Frank doesn't understand how a father could go out of his way to make his child feel helpless and weak. When Mary offers him some iced tea, he goes to the cabinet to get a glass. Realizing his mistake, he tells her that she's made him feel so comfortable that it's like being in his own home, and that's where his family keeps the glasses. He apologizes. Mary takes it as a compliment and pours him a glass of tea. She asks whether he's had any luck finding Karen, but he replies that the Wexlers weren't able to help any. He vows to find her and bring her back; he loves her with all his heart. Mary tells him that she feels the same way about little Frankie. She goes upstairs to check on her son. "I am in 1973, talking with my own mother," Frank says to himself, wishing he had listened to Karen's warnings.

Cookie is stunned when her father pushes a very large piece of equipment into the room. She tries to help, but he orders her to stay away from it; the last thing he needs is for her to break it. He's surprised and suspicious when she calls it a "computer," since Carolyn was the only person who knew he was building it. He leaves it there and heads off to plan the funeral. Cookie stands it front of it and tries to understand how Frank knew about it.

Ian orders a kamikaze and thinks back to the time Eve danced on the bar at Jake's. He changes his order to Irish whiskey and tells Bob, the bartender, to have one on him. Ian drinks to Eve--the only woman he's ever loved, and the woman he couldn't hold onto.

Eve packs up and gets ready to go home. She opens the door and finds Michael standing outside. Holding up an apple, Michael tells Eve that he brought her a little peace offering for showing up uninvited the last time. He has fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread for her. When he asks about her night, Eve admits that it was cold and had lots of sound effects, which is why she's decided to cut her trip short. Michael states that it's probably for the best. He turns to leave, but Eve insists that he come inside and share the food he so thoughtfully brought to her.

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