PC Update Wednesday 5/16/01

Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/16/01

By Beth 
Proofread by John

As Jack works on a bike, he asks Livvie for the wrench, but she's so distracted that she hits him in the head with it. Apologizing, she wants to get him some ice, but Jack assures her that it's not necessary. What he needs is for her to give herself a break about taping over Zach's confession. He just wants her to let it go. She promises to try. Jamal comes in to check on the status of the bike, and Jack tells him he's almost finished. Jamal has been at the Artery, a seedy bar where Sam and Zach hang out. Zach had called a strategy session--as if he knows anything other than fixing races. Livvie still can't believe the trouble she's caused, but Jamal and Jack tell her not to worry about it. The guys are into the repair job, leaving Livvie to her thoughts. Telling them she has some errands to run, she heads out.

Kevin and Lucy stop outside the Scanlon brothers' house. According to Victor, Mary has been there every day on some pretext or another every day since Frank left. Kevin thinks she's hoping to get some news about him from Joe. She apparently believes his vacation story, and Kevin doesn't want to upset her. Lucy promises to be subtle, but Kevin is skeptical. He reminds her that they're just there to follow up on what they found in Carolyn Wexler's file. Lucy adds that they'll also be moving closer to proving that Frank really was talking to Rhonda in 1973 and somehow changed the future. Kevin prefers to stick with logic. The way he sees it, Frank could have seen the fatal accident when he was a little boy. If so, that could explain why Carolyn's face got stuck in his brain. Lucy thinks it's a long shot. She firmly believes that they need to listen to what Frank said and trust him. Having heard her son's name, Mary steps outside to ask what's going on.

"You must have taken a wrong turn. We don't serve muffins here," Sam tells Livvie snidely at the Artery. Livvie informs her that she's there to see Zach, and she won't leave until she does. Sam tells her that it's not going to happen, but Zach appears then and states that he'd like to hear her out. Angry, Sam stalks off. Livvie offers to make it worthwhile for Zach to let Jamal out of the race. Sam watches from the bar as Livvie offers to pay Zach a little bit every month until he has what he would have made from the race. She can't give it to him all at once because she can only take so much out at a time. When Zach tells her to get serious, Livvie asks what he wants. "You," he states. Angry, Sam leaves.

Going inside, Kevin claims to be involved in a study on the imagination and how it and other "occurrences" can seem real. Mary reminds him that Frank explained why he was imagining that woman, but she gets the impression that Kevin doesn't believe it's possible. Lucy tries to talk, and Kevin talks over her, not wanting her to say the wrong thing. Lucy gets miffed. Kevin asks whether Mary knew the Wexlers when Frank was growing up. Mary explains that they lived in the neighborhood, but Harry Wexler kept to himself, and when his inventions weren't successful, he started drinking heavily. As for Rhonda, she was very sweet. Kevin asks about Carolyn, and Lucy asks whether Frank could have seen the accident. Mary assures them that they didn't see anything. She's curious about why they would ask her that. Kevin says that one theory is that a childhood trauma can recur later in life for no apparent reason. Mary believes that if that's what happened, it's good that Frank went away for a little while. Kevin hugs his stepmother, and Lucy says to tell Victor she'll call him. Back outside, Lucy tells Kevin that his logical explanation just got blown, which means that it's now time to do this her way. Kevin is afraid to ask what that is. Lucy informs him that they're going over to Rhonda's house to see whether the computer can somehow connect them to 1973.

Sleeping on a park bench, Frank dreams about Karen, who assures him that everything will be all right. "Can you hear me? Frank?" she asks in his dream. "Can you hear me?" Cookie asks, waking him up. She apologizes for bothering Frank, but he assures her that it's fine. She tells him that she can't be at home without Carolyn. Her dad just keeps drinking, and he doesn't care about anything. Noticing her sister's blood all over Frank's shirt, Cookie breaks down and blames herself again, saying that Carolyn is the only person who ever loved her. Frank tells her that he knows how much it hurts to lose someone who means everything, because he lost a woman he loved very much. When he says her name, Cookie tells him the story about how she used to call her sister "Karen." It hurts so much to have lost her. Frank gives her the locket he found after the accident, and Cookie recognizes it as having belonged to Carolyn. She thanks him for it and asks why he slept on the park bench all night. Frank tells her that he's just visiting town and doesn't have a place to stay. He's actually hoping to find Karen, who is alive but missing. Cookie invites him to stay at her house, offering him the basement until he finds Karen. Frank can't believe his luck. He gratefully accepts her offer, saying that it's exactly what he needed.

Jamal takes care to make sure the bike is perfect. The race will be up by the Canadian border, and it's a pretty treacherous course. Although the race itself is actually legit, Zach's part in it isn't. Jamal has to do whatever it takes to win.

At Cookie's house, Frank has changed into a shirt belonging to Mr. Wexler. He's sorry that Cookie's dad has been so rough on her. Cookie still believes the accident was her fault. Instead of meeting Carolyn as they'd planned, she was hanging around school, waiting to see a guy. Frank tells her that it's irrelevant; it was not her fault. Cookie wishes she could believe that. Frank wants to take a look at the computer, but it's not there.

"I cannot believe we've broken into Rhonda's house while she's in the hospital," Kevin says as he and Lucy sneak through her house. Lucy tells him that breaking and entering is good; nobody knows what's going on, and nobody gets hurt. They find the basement, and Lucy is stunned to see that it's a complete throwback to the seventies. Kevin thinks it's revolting. Lucy feels an incredible energy, which Kevin tells her is a draft. Lucy is adamant that there's really something there. "It's like a break in time or a time warp or something," she says. Kevin is still skeptical about the whole thing, which annoys Lucy. She thought he was getting in touch with his intuitive side. "It jumped ship to be with my rational self a while ago," Kevin remarks. Lucy isn't impressed. She knows that even though they don't know where Frank went, Kevin let him go anyway, which means he had faith. She tells him not to backslide on her now. She finds the computer's power cord and plugs it in. The computer comes on. Lucy sits down in front of it, despite the fact that it's covered in cobwebs. She begins to type, but nothing shows on the screen. Kevin thinks she should give up, but she doesn't appreciate his pessimistic energy. Looking down, she sees something on the floor. Under two old "National Geographic" magazines is the Port Charles High School Yearbook from 1973. Leafing through it, Lucy finds where Rhonda had cut out her own picture, taped it next to Scott's, and written "Rhonda and Scotty" inside a red heart. Kevin tells her what Frank said about Rhonda having a thing with Scott in 1973. Lucy slams the yearbook shut, making Kevin cough when the dust flies in his face. As far as Lucy is concerned, this is the proof they were looking for. Kevin doesn't think they can say that, but Lucy can't believe it's just a coincidence. It really is happening the way Frank said it would. As Kevin struggles to understand, Lucy thinks she sees a little crack in his skepticism. "Yeah, I'm starting to crack, all right, because it makes no sense," Kevin says. This is impossible! Lucy doesn't think so. She reminds him that they don't know everything about the world they live in. Kevin takes his sketch of Karen out of his pocket and looks at it. Knowing what they have to do, they head out.

Jamal wants to do some more work on the bike, but he'll have to do it tomorrow, because he has to take Alison out to dinner. He's trying to ease her mind as much as possible about the race. Jack understands perfectly. After Jamal heads out, Jack continues to work until Sam saunters in to tell him that Livvie is at the Artery with Zach. Jack rushes out to find her.

Frank freaks out when he can't find the computer. Cookie has no idea what he's talking about. Frank describes it to her, but she doesn't understand. Besides, she thought he was looking for a girl. Frank tells her that he is, but he also needs to know what happened to the computer. This is where it's supposed to be! He grabs her shoulders, really upsetting her. Frank apologizes for scaring her and tells her that this is very important. Mr. Wexler enters the room and demands to know what Frank is doing in his house with his kid.

Livvie doesn't think what Zach said is funny, but Zach tells her that he doesn't joke. When Livvie says that she's leaving, Zach and two of his buddies block her exit.

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