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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/15/01

By Beth
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At the loft, Ian takes off his stethoscope and grabs a bottle of whiskey after checking on Arianna. Going over to the table where the chessboard is set up, he conjures up his late sister again. Granya wants to know his decision, and she wants to know the truth about Eve. She won't let up. Ian admits that Eve asked him to go away with her and that he had no choice but to stay, for Arianna. Granya doesn't agree that he had no choice. She asks "St. Ian" when he's going to get over himself. Her brother is just one man, but he's trying to do the work of a whole army. In her opinion, he'd better cut himself some slack before he loses both the war and the woman he loves. Ian argues that Arianna is close to dying even though he promised to take care of her. Granya reminds him that he can't always control who lives and who dies. Ian doesn't think he's in control of anything. He's not there for Eve, and now Frank has put his own life on the line to help them. He brings up the fact that he failed to protect his own sister. Granya tells him to stop saying that; she had the most wonderful brother in the world, and it's time for him to embrace his own life. In the end, all his sorrow and sacrifice won't mean half as much as a bit of happiness. Ian asks what he can do. Granya tells him to forgive himself for her death, for the children in Africa, for the few patients he's lost, for Arianna's pain, and most of all for Eve's unhappiness. Ian wonders what kind of life Eve would have with him, considering how much pain he's already caused her. Granya says that it's all part of giving oneself completely to someone. Ian's soul mate is out there somewhere, and Granya would like to know what he's going to do about it. Finally getting her point, Ian smiles.

When Eve finally manages to find her way back to the cabin, an amused Michael is waiting for her. Annoyed, she asks what he's doing there, and he tells her that he wanted to make sure she got back in one piece. He knows how easy to get lost out there. Aware that Eve is nervous, Michael decides to head back. Eve notices some nasty scratches on his arm, which Michael attributes to clumsiness while restoring an old building. Eve wants to take a look, just to be safe. When she invites him inside, he tells her that it's not a good idea to invite a complete stranger into her home in this area. Eve realizes he's right and starts to go inside. Michael begins to walk away, but Eve calls him back, concerned that his scratches could be infected. She again asks him to let her take a look. Michael agrees and goes inside the cabin with her. Eve takes care of Michael's arm and asks whether he's restoring a cabin. When he tells her that it's a historic building, she asks what kind. "The old kind," he replies cryptically. He learns that Eve is alone and doesn't know how long she'll be staying. Michael thanks her for her help and offers to return the favor sometime; he's a pretty good cook. Eve declines the offer and tells him that she really just wants to be away from everything. Michael understands. He jots down his phone number in case she ever needs a neighbor, since he's probably the closest. On his way out, he reminds her to lock the door. After he leaves, Eve starts to pull the chain but then stops, thinking it couldn't possibly be necessary all the way out there. She gets a fire going and settles down on the couch, thinking about how much she misses Ian. Suddenly, the door blows open, startling Eve. She jumps up and closes the door. Seeing that the fire has blown out, she tries unsuccessfully to light a match. It's going to be a long, cold night.

Just as Frank calls out a warning to Carolyn, he is horrified to witness the accident that he knows will be fatal. He rushes to the wounded young woman. The driver runs over to them, swearing he never saw her. Frank orders him to call for help on his cell phone. The man doesn't understand, and Frank tells him to get to a pay phone. He wants an ambulance now! The man runs to place the call. Urging Carolyn to hang on, Frank checks her over with regret. "I am so sorry. With all my heart, I wish this didn't have to happen. I wish to God I didn't know this was the day that you had to die," he says. Hearing his words, Carolyn struggles to sit up. Although Frank tells her not to move or talk, Carolyn asks who he is and how he knew that this was going to happen. Frank avoids answering her questions and assures her that help is on the way. Carolyn regrets dying without having done or left anything. There's so much she wanted to do. Frank assures her that she's done a lot for her sister and that her legacy will live on. He tells her that she'll have a namesake through Cookie, who will name her daughter Karen. As the siren wails in the distance, Frank comforts Carolyn, telling her that Karen will grow up to be a doctor, and that he will fall in love with her with all his heart. He promises Carolyn that her niece will always love and remember her. As the ambulance pulls up, Carolyn tells Frank to take care of her niece. She dies in Frank's arms just before the paramedics get to her. They order Frank to get out of the way, but he informs them that they're too late. Frank picks up her locket from the street as they load her onto the ambulance. Just then, Cookie comes on the scene. Seeing what's happening, she starts screaming for her sister. Frank holds her back and tells her what happened. In shock, Cookie blames herself for not showing up as planned. She could have saved her! Frank tells her that no one could have stopped this from happening.

Finally getting the fire going again, Eve thanks the Girl Scouts of America. With them in mind, she decides it would have been nice to have some Thin Mints to go with her hot chocolate. Getting spooked by the wind, she turns on two lamps and then the radio for noise. Picking up the phone, she considers calling Michael but then chides herself for being afraid of a little wind. Telling herself not too confidently that she can take care of herself and her baby, she uses the chain lock after all.

Sitting on the curb with Cookie, Frank tries to comfort the grieving young woman, who is convinced that she's the reason her sister died. Frank assures her that there's a plan and purpose to it all, and that it makes all the difference. He truly believes that. He also knows that Carolyn wouldn't want her to blame herself for this, because it wasn't her fault. Carolyn had peace in her heart, and she would want her to go on living the way she did. Frank saw it in her eyes, and he sees a lot of Carolyn in her younger sister. Cookie feels that she's all alone now and always will be. Her father arrives, asking why he was told to go to First and Washington. Cookie tells him that Carolyn was hit by a car and that she's dead. The man doesn't want to believe it. He demands to know how it happened. Cookie apologizes for not being there when she was supposed to be. Her father grabs her hand and leads her away; they have to go to the hospital and say "goodbye" to his baby. Grasping the locket, Frank vows to brings Karen back.

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