PC Update Monday 5/14/01


Port Charles Update Monday 5/14/01

By Jeanne

Eve, who is lost in the woods, comes upon a guy chopping wood. He bends over to pick up a piece and senses something. He turns and sees her peeking through he bushes.

Kevin is looking at Rhonda's picture of herself and her sister Carolyn, and his sketch. She wants to know why and when he shows her the sketch she wants to know where he got it. He tells her that he drew it from Franks description. She becomes agitated and asks him to leave. He wants her to see Dr. Baldwin and she agrees as long as he will leave. He goes out the hall and calls Gail Baldwin and asks her to see Rhonda. He hangs up and Lucy comes up she says he looks like he has seen a ghost and he thinks he has.

In 1973 "Carolyn" walks in to Kelly's and meets two other girls. They ask her if she would like to go to a movie with them but she tells them she is meeting her sister "Cookie" there. They are planning on going to see the Sting. Frank walks in and goes over to the counter. He orders a bottle of water and the waitress wants to know why anyone would want to put water in a bottle. He corrects himself and asks for tap water in a glass. She tells him that is the only way it comes. Carolyn comes over and orders a vanilla shake and an order of French fries. Frank cannot help staring at her as she looks just like Karen. She notices him staring and asks if she knows him. He tells her no but he knows her and is hoping she can help him with something.

Eve goes over to the guy chopping wood and he introduces himself as Michael. He asks if she is lost and she say she isn't. He asks what she is doing there and she admits she is a little lost. He wants to know where she came from and she hedges the question. He guesses the cabin and she admits as much. He offers to take her back but she is a little afraid of him. He gives her some directions and offers again to walk her. She turns him down and tells him that she knows Tae Chi. He say she hopes she means Tae-Quon-Do otherwise her only defense would be a deep knee bend. She says she was only kidding and he tells her he knows. She thanks him and says good-bye and nervously heads back to the woods as he wishes her luck.

Nurse Denise comes out of Rhonda's room and Kevin asks her how Rhonda is doing. They gave her a mild sedative and Drs. Baldwin and Scanlon are in with her. Kevin is relieved. He tells Lucy how Rhonda got upset after seeing the sketch of Karen and how the sketch was the spitting image of Rhonda's sister. They try to figure out the connection between them all. Lucy goes into past life issues and Kevin says they need to find more information. She is thrilled he wants to dig deeper! They go over Franks story and figure there is something really going on. Lucy want to go and see the computer but Kevin wants to check hospital records first.

Frank introduces himself as Frank Scully to Carolyn and tells her he is looking for Cookie. She wants to know why and He tells her Rhonda can help him find someone. She wants to know how he knew that her sisters real name is Rhonda! He quickly covers and she tells him that Cookie is only 16 and he should stay away from her.

Eve is still wandering in the woods, scared. She assures her baby that she will find her way back.

Kevin and Lucy go through boxes of files. Lucy starts tearing them out of the boxes and he tells her to stop. But the files aren't in any real order and she offers to put them in astrological order. He persuades her to just look for a Carolyn Wexler's file. She starts reading off names... Diana Taylor... Dan Rooney... Heather Webber.. He asks her to stop reading them out loud. Lucy notices that the files are in order by date and the patience are all about the same age. Kevin realizes that they are in order by birth date. He tells her which dates to look for. She pulls out a file and gets excited. He wants to know what she found and she tells him that Tracy Quartermaine came to the hospital in 1979 for a consultation for a boob job. She thinks of all the fun she could have with the file but Kevin reminds her that the files are confidential and that she should only be looking for Carolyn Wexler! He thinks maybe he should just look by himself but she promises to be good. Just them Kevin finds Carolyn's file.

Frank gives the waitress a buck and tells her to keep the change. She is surprised since it all comes to only a quarter. He covers and says yeah I'm the last of the big spenders. He goes over to Carolyn's table and asks to explain himself. He knows that she is just trying to protect her sister but it is very important that he finds Cookie as she can help him find his friend. She asks him how can Cookie help but he can't explain. So she says she can't help him. Just them the waitress calls to her and tells her she has a phone call. She goes to the counter and Frank follows to listen in. It is obvious that it is Cookie on the phone. She is canceling on there meeting and Carolyn tells her that it is OK and that she is going to meet some friends for a movie. She asks Cookie to meet them if she changes her mind and gives her Cookie address. Frank realizes that the address sounds familiar. Then he looks up and see the date written on the specials board: March 7, 1973. He says Oh No and rushes out the door.

Eve finally makes her way to the cabin and is startled to see Michael is there waiting.

Kevin and Eve are looking through Carolyn's file trying to find out how she died. The see some little medical notes and then Lucy notices that there is only a father listed no mother and wonders what happened to her. Kevin hates to ask. Rhonda's life is filled with pain and loneliness and can understand why she is the way she is. Lucy wonders if maybe Frank is right and Rhonda had a child. She thinks that Rhonda is hiding it. He agrees that there may be some truth there but wants to work on one mystery at a time. He finds Carolyn's death certificate. It say she was hit by a car and was pronounced dead at the scene on March 7, 1973.

Carolyn is heading to the movie theater. She is digging through her pocketbook as she starts to cross the street. Frank runs around the corner towards her and yells her name. Head lights and the screech of tires to fade out.

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