PC Update Friday 5/11/01


Port Charles Update Friday 5/11/01

By Jeanne 

I missed the end of the show when the local news broke in to talk about the impending news conference about McVeigh's stay of execution. Here is what I did see:

Jamal is angry that the tape that they had recorded Zach on has been taped over. Alison tries to calm him down but he accuses her of taping over it. She says she doesn't even like that song. Jamal and Jack both want to know who else could have done it. Livvie thinks it may have been her.

Eve is at the cabin. She is sipping tea and rests her hand on her belly. She remembers back to her and Ian when he told her that he wanted to grow old with her and how their life together would be.

Kevin visits Rhonda in the hospital. She isn't up to talking. He talks to her anyway and tells her what he has heard about her condition. She thinks he is there to lecture her about drinking herself to death. She tells him she does what she has to do to survive.

Frank is in the park in the year 1973. A ball rolls over and a giggling little boy chases after it. Frank picks it up and hands it back to him just as he hears a woman calling Frankie Scanlon. He realizes that this boy is him when he was little!

Livvie apologizes for taping over the confession. She did it the night that she and Alison were planning the big dinner. After some ranting they forgive her. They wonder what they are going to do now. Zach and Sam arrive. The tape that Jamal dubbed and gave to Zach also had the same song on it. He isn't thrilled!

Eve is doing more reminiscing about Ian and remember the time that Arianna walked in on them together. And when Chris asked her to marry him. The memories get to be too much and she goes outside for some fresh air.

Frank talks his mother and little Frankie. She is pregnant with Joe. She starts to leave and he yells "Wait Mom" to her. She turns around confused.

Jamal tries to fake them out saying that he has another tape with the real stuff on it. Zach doesn't buy it though. Alison threatens to call the cops and Zach says he is leaving but he wants to talk to Jamal first, Alison want to know what is going on and they take her outside with them. Sam figures out that Livvie was the one who wrecked the tape and rags her about it. Zach wants Jamal to race one last time and that is it. He agrees much to Alison's surprise.

Kevin clears the rest of his schedule to be with Rhonda; he thinks that she may be suicidal. She tells him it has just been a bad time for her. She swears that she never had a daughter. He asks about communicating with Frank. But she doesn't want to talk about it. All the computer ever did was cause her trouble!

Frank covers that he didn't know Mary's name and apologizes for being rude. She tells him her name is Mary. He can't help staring. He asks her to grab a latte with him but she looks at him strange saying there is no place around for them to get one around there. She says she has an appointment at the hospital but offers to be a little late. He quickly says no. Afraid he may alter the past. He asks where to find the Wexler's house and she tells him. Mary leaves to go to the hospital. Frank reminds himself that he is there to find the computer and bring Karen back

Eve is talking to her baby about the fresh air and wishing that the baby's Daddy was there too ... maybe Chris... Eve realizes that she has lost her way. She tries not to panic and promises the baby that she will get them back. Then she hears what sounds like a gun shot.

Jamal agrees to race one last time. Zach walks off and grabs Sam. She tells Jack she will see him later and he tells her not to hold her breathe. Alison is upset about Jamal's decision to race again. She tries to talk him out if it. She is afraid he will get hurt and it will be because of her.