PC Update Thursday 5/10/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 5/10/01

By Jeanne

Jamal, Alison, Jack, and Livvie lock up the shop to go clubbing. They go back to the apartment and find it trashed.

Kevin and Joe meet at the coffee stand on the 6th floor. Joe is still real worried about Frank but Kevin tells him to back off and let Frank come to them in his own time. Joe goes back to work and Lucy saunters up. She has been doing some detective work and found out that Frank didn't go to Alaska. Kevin lets on that he is leaning towards believing what Frank said is true. Lucy is amazed.

Frank arrives at Ian's loft and is eager to get started. Again the Chief reminds him of the risks. He tells him to concentrate only on his love for Karen. He warns that at some point his body will become tired and at that point he will have to come back to the present whether he has completed him mission or not. Frank vows to complete it for everyone's sake.

Alison is pissed at the mess. They believe that Zach and his thugs did it looking for the tape. Jamal finds the tape where he hid it with his music. He decides to show the tape to Zach. He thinks that Zach will back off once he hears the evidence. Alison want to take the tape to the authorities.

Ian changes Arianna's IV and tells her that there may be someone who can be a donor for her. She wonders if she knows this person but Ian tells her that Frank is the only one who knows her. Arianna thinks it is too late and that they need to accept it. He wants to know where the brave girl he knew has gone. He may not love her in the way that she wants but he does care and he will not let her die.

Frank prepares to make his journey to the past. He is a little worried he will end up in the wrong time. But the Chief says if he loves her the way he says then it will work. She has made his life so different and made him a better man. If only he had listened to her about the computer then none of this would have happened. The Chief tells him to concentrate on his task and to remember that he must not change anything else no matter how tempted he may be. Frank gives Ian the letter for Neil and asks him to give it to him if something happens. The Chief has Frank lay down and concentrate on March 8th 1973 and he repeats this as he takes the potion.

Alison presses Jamal to take the tape to the cops but Jamal doesn't trust the cops. He thinks that he can get Zach to back off but Alison isn't convinced. She still wants him to take the tape to the authorities. Since he doesn't trust the cops then he should take it to Dara, and let the DA's office handle it. She is worried that Zach has too much power over their lives. She persuades him to take a copy of the tape to Dara, but she wants to hear it first.

Kevin tells Lucy he believes Frank. She is excited. Kevin is worried that Frank may get himself into trouble but Lucy thinks Frank has a chance at true love like they have. He pulls out the second sketch and asks if Lucy recognizes her. He is a little unnerved that he was able to draw it from memory of what Frank said. Lucy thinks there is a definite resemblance to Rhonda but that may just be something Kevin added subconsciously. Lucy thinks that it may be possible that Rhonda had a baby and because of the shame involved will not admit the truth. Many times girls would get pregnant in that time and the only people who would know about it was the immediate family. Lucy thinks it is like old times solving mysteries like this. Kevin asks her to back off a little since he promised Frank. Lucy agrees and goes off to a board meeting.

The Chief tells Frank to think only of Karen and we see flashbacks of Frank and Karen together.

Alison presses Jamal to play the tape for her. He gives in and pops the tape in and as he plays it we see Zach sitting listening to the tape. The tape that Jamal has played is music.

Eve arrives at the cabin. The caretaker asks if she has been there before.

Kevin fishes the sketch of Karen out of the trash and looks at it as Rhonda looks at a photo of herself and her sister who looks like Karen. Kevin comes into her room.

Frank is breathing very deeply and Ian asks the Chief if anything is happening. He tells him they have no way of knowing. Frank is in the park near the hospital. He wonders what year is and sees a newspaper on a bench near by. He rushes over and looks at it. 1973 he made it!