PC Update Wednesday 5/9/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/9/01

By Jeanne

Kevin has been up all night in his office doing research on obsessive fantasies. He throws aside the book he is reading and picks up his note pad and starts to draw "Karen." After a couple false starts he remembers how Frank described her and draws her face. He says Hello to Frank's mystery woman and tells her she doesn't exist. But what if Lucy is right? Colleen comes in and tells him his 9am appointment has canceled She asks what he is doing and he brushes her off saying it is a "project." He gets up and asks her to reschedule his whole morning.

Chris calls Eve on her cell as she is packing her car. He is worried that she is taking off. She tells him she needs time alone and promises to think about his offer and everything else. Chris again promises to be there for her and the baby. She reminds him that it is Ian's baby as he reminds her that she can't be with Ian. She will not tell him how to reach her but promises to call him. They say their goodbyes and she drives off.

Ian and Frank are in the living room at the Scanlons' house. Ian tells him that Arianna is getting worse and they need to find a donor soon. Once again Frank says that Karen is a match and that everything will be OK once he goes back in time and takes apart Rhonda's computer so she can go to the dance and meet Scott Baldwin. Ian tells him that the herbs are on a plane from the island as they speak. They thank each other for what they are doing. Ian leaves and Frank takes out the drawing of Karen that Kevin made and vows once again to bring her home. He calls work and gets some time off. Kevin arrives and questions Frank about his story about going to Alaska. Kevin wants to talk more about Karen but Frank tells him he is past all that and has a plane to catch. He questions more asks to come along on the trip. He knows that it is just a story.

Eve gets a flat and pulls over. She pulls out the jack but stops herself because she is afraid to hurt the baby. She calls the auto club for the second time and asks them to rush someone over to help. A car pulls up but when she turns to look Ian is standing there. He offers to help and she asks what he is doing there. He is on his way to the airport to pick up a package. He is surprised she didn't replace the tire already. But she says she called the auto club since she is paying so much money for it.

Chris is grumpy and snaps at Gabby. He asks her to file some charts and she is surprised that he even asked. He asks why he puts up with her attitude and she jokes that he is crazy about her. He tells her with a smile that he has moved one. She presses him to find out who he is interested in and he remarks that a moment ago she was too busy to file the charts for him. She asks if he has seen Eve since some of her patients were asking about her and he says he hasn't and that he gave her some time off. A gentleman, Mr. Hester, comes over and asks for Chris. He brings him to the on-call room.

Frank tells Kevin that he isn't going to Alaska. The "truth" is he has been seeing a girl and he is going to see her. She used to live in town but doesn't anymore. He has to go find her and straighten things out with her before he loses her for good. Kevin pulls out the second sketch he made and asks if this is the woman he is looking for.

Ian and Eve are changing the tire and joking around. When it gets too uncomfortable Eve asks about Arianna and thinks he is going to the airport because they found a donor. He tells her no but soon! He hurts his hand and she looks at it for him telling him he is a baby. They get closer and he touches her face. She pulls away and she says she has to go. He asks where she is headed and she tells him that she is going for a drive. He notices the luggage and calls her on it. She asks him to come with her.

Mr. Hester shows Chris some engagement rings. Nothing he sees will suit Eve. He wants bigger and better. He pulls out a special one and shows him. This is the one. He tells the jeweler that he and Eve have been friends for a long time. Mr. Hester tells him that in his experience the marriages that last are the ones that start out as friends.

Eve asks Ian to run away with her, it doesn't matter whereas long as they are together and almost tells him about the baby. He tells her he can't leave right now. He has to do this thing. For Arianna and for them. She says good luck and drives off.

Frank asks how Kevin drew the picture a second time. He tells him it is because he was so convincing that day. Kevin is starting to believe that what Frank was telling him is the truth. That scares him because it goes against all rational thought. Kevin promises not to stop him but asks that he come to him if he needs anything no matter how rational it may be. Frank thanks him and Kevin wishes him good luck and asks him to be careful.