PC Update Tuesday 5/8/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/8/01

By Jeanne

Eve is pondering Chris's proposal and daydreams about what their wedding would be like. Chris is in a tux and Eve approaches in a white dress with a veil while the processional is playing. Chris tells her she wont be sorry and they both promise no regrets. Chris suggests they make it official and calls out to the reverend. When the Rev turns around it is Ian. Eve says "No" and the daydream ends. Eve is upset.

Joe, Victor, Mary, Gabby, Kevin, and Lucy are all at the Scanlon's house wondering where Frank is. Gabby and Lucy assure Mary that he will be by soon and everything will be OK. Joe gets off the phone with no news. They talk about having an intervention when Frank does get there. Kevin reminds them that he has already scared Frank off once and he may not be willing to talk to him again. Joe thinks that Frank is loosing it.

The Chief gets off the phone after organizing the collection of items he will need to make the potion to send Frank back in time. Frank is eager to get started and the Chief reminds him that there are no guarantees that it will work. But Frank has to take the risk! The Chief tells him that when he has been given the herb he must concentrate on his love for Karen. It is that love that will take him back in time. Frank is amazed that he will actually be back in 1973 and be able to see people and to talk to them. But the chief warns him he shouldn't have too much contact with people because he could alter history. Ian tells him to focus on the reason he is doing this-- to fix a mistake. The Chief warns that he may be tempted to change other things but he must not as the tiniest thing could change history as they know it.

Mary doesn't want Joe to ever talk like this about his brother. Lucy really thinks that Frank is on some kind of a journey and that there is some truth to what he says. Kevin makes her stop because she is giving Franks family false hope. She agrees to stop for now.

Frank asks the Chief what will happen to his body when he goes back in time. He tells him that it will appear that he is in a coma. Frank worries that Joe will try to save him and in the process stop him from achieving his goal. Ian suggest he stay there at the loft. Frank decides to go to his family with a story so they will now worry about him.

Eve daydreams again about her child- She and her daughter sitting on a couch as Chris comes in saying "Daddy's home." The little girl shows Chris a painting she made and he gives her a hug and a kiss. She wants to know if he can hug and kiss mommy too which he does very platonically.... Eve comes out of her daydream thinking she could live like that.... Maybe....

Mary hugs Frank asking where he has been. He gives them a story about having a good nights sleep and a long shower. He tells them he is very embarrassed for going on like he did. He promises that he will never work as many hours without a break again. Mary like the explanation. Frank says he is going to take some time off and go to Alaska. Kevin thinks it is a bad idea but Mary wants them to leave him alone he is fine now. She offers him her rosary to take with him as a reminder of home. He goes to the car to get some things so he can pack. Lucy follows him out trying to get some information. She asks to see the drawing that Kevin drew to see if there is any resemblance to Scott. He tells her he threw it away and just wants to put it all behind him. She presses some more but he asks her to let it be. He hopes that the next time they meet this mess will all be behind him.

Eve pops in a Beatles CD and listens to "When I'm 64" She daydreams about the day her daughter graduates from High School. She and Chris are walking through the park and discussing her High School graduation when they run into Ian. He tells them he never settled down. He walks away and says good-bye to Eve she looks after him with tears in her eyes. Eve comes out of the daydream and goes over and shuts the CD off. She calls Chris and leaves him a message saying she is still thinking about his "offer" and she needs some time to think some time alone..

Ian pours himself a drink and sits by the Chess board. Granya appears and tell him it is his move. He tells her he must be mad to believe that Karen exists. Granya tells him that he does believe or else he wouldn't have brought Frank to see his friend. Ian thinks that if Frank does find the woman he loves and bring her back, and he hopes she does, then anything is possible. He slugs down his drink and looks over to the empty spot where his sisters image was..

Eve pulls some of her things out of her locker and packs them in a bag. She sees Ian name tag on his locker and touches it. She takes a look around the On Call room like she is going away for a long time and walks out the door

Mary knew that they were all worrying for nothing and that everything would work out. Joe looks skeptical as does Kevin. Lucy tells Kevin he thinks that Frank is up to something. She thinks he is going to find Karen.

Frank sits in his room and writes a letter to Neil in case he doesn't make it back. He thanks Neil for letting him in and letting him be his Dad. He tells him he made a mistake and has to fix it and to have an open mind about what he hears. He is following his heart just like he has always told Neil to do. No matter where he ends up they are a part of each other and will be together always. He signs the letter and puts it in the desk as Mary comes in with her Rosary Beads. She tells him how much they have helped her and they will help and protect Frank. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. And looks off as though he may never see her again.


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