PC Update Monday 5/7/01


Port Charles Update Monday 5/7/01

By Jeanne

Allison is very angry at Jamal. She wants to know what he is doing racing Jamal thinks that Jack told her that he was racing but she assures him that she couldn't get a thing out of Jack. She wants to know what he was thinking and wants to know where the $25,000 that she thought came from her Nana really came from

Eve is in shock and thinks that Chris was joking when he said he wanted to marry her. She thinks that he has lost his mind. But Chris really cares for Eve and wants to do this to help her and give her child a father. Eve realizes that Chris is serious.

Ian wants this woman named Karen to exist as much as Frank does. But still he has a hard time believing this whole thing. But how does Frank know about the things he told Eve. How else would he know the exact words of what Ian said to Eve, if Karen didn't tell him. It is all because Frank talked to a sad little girl with his computer and now he has messed up the past and lost the woman he loves. Ian suggests they talk to someone. Frank assumes he means another shrink but Ian tells him if he believes all that he is saying then there is someone that can help him.

Jamal tells Allison how the money came from Zach and how he threatened her so that Jamal would race. She thinks it is all her fault. Jack feels responsible since he convinced Allison to use the money but she could have said no and didn't. She is upset about what could have happened in the race like the last time when Zach fixed that other guys bike and now he can't walk anymore. Jamal assures her he is never racing again but she doesn't believe him since he said that before. Jamal had to pay his debt and now that he has he is out. Zach and Sam walk over and Sam says hi to Jack as he snuggles up to Livvie and kisses the top of Livvie's head. Zach asks Jamal for a minute of his time ALONE!

Chris is real nervous because Eve hasn't answered. She thinks he is offering because he doesn't think that she can raise the child by herself. He reminds her that she wants the best for her baby. He remembers how disappointed she felt before when she was pregnant and was disappointed that her child wouldn't have a father. Eve wants to know what is in this for Chris

Frank and Ian arrive at the loft. Ian goes to get the chief as Frank looks around. Ian introduces the Chief and Frank as the Chief senses a past for Frank in the loft. Ian tells him that Frank used to live there and Frank tells him that feels like a lifetime ago. The Chief agrees that in a  sense it has been. Frank hopes that the Chief can understand what he needs from him. He needs to find the woman he loves. Ian tells the Chief how Frank tampered with he past. the Chief wants to know how he did this. Frank tell him how he communicated with Karen's mother and talked her out of going to a dance where she would have hooked up with the guy who would be Karen's father and now Karen doesn't exist and he is the only one who remembers her. He fell in love with her and describes how she smiles and how he has held her in his arms. He asks the Chief to help him. Ian asks the Chief what he thinks and the Chief tell him that anything is possible when it comes to love as Ian already knows. He thinks that Frank speaks from the heart and he believes him. Frank is relieved that someone finally believes him and wants to know what he should do. Chief tells him that he has erased Karen from time when he tampered with the past. But Frank has tried everything to get her back but now the computer doesn't work so unless he can go back in time and break up the computer so he and Rhonda never connected she is gone for good. The Chief tells him there may be a way for him to do that....

Jamal has gone off to talk to Zach and Allison would like to tell them a thing or two herself. Livvie is angry with Jack for keeping Jamal and Allison's secrets since he promised not to do that anymore. But Jack isn't keeping any secrets about himself. The secret was about Jamal and Allison and Allison defends him since she made him promise not to tell anyone about the money. Allison hopes that the whole mess is over.

Jamal tells Zach that he is out he isn't racing anymore. But Zach tells him he is out when he says he is out. Jamal goes to leave and Zach threatens Allison's life again. Jamal tells Zach that he has a tape on with everything on it and last thing he knew extortion is illegal. Zach realizes that Jamal was wearing a wire and swings at Jamal. Jamal tells him that if anything happens to him, his girl or his friends the tape goes straight to the cops. Jamal goes and gets Allison, Jack and Livvie and they all leave.

Chris says his motive is simple... He is tired of being alone and would like some meaning in his life. She brings up Livvie. but he tells her he isn't jerking her around. He would be a great father.   Eve says she isn't Julie. But Chris isn't trying to replace Julie or Christina. He is talking about starting over and offers to go with her if she wants to leave town. He knows she loves Ian and isn't asking her to stop all he wants is a shot at making a family and maybe someday like in a soap opera they will fall in love. Eve jokes that he will have to fall out of love with himself first. He tells her that the offer is out there if she wants it. She doesn't answer so he tells her to just forget about it. He gets up and walks to the door. Eve asks him to wait. Maybe it isn't so stupid.

Ian tells Frank about how he and Eve visited their past lives. Frank thinks that is bazaar. And Ian asks him if talking to someone on a computer from 1973 isn't? Frank wants to know how he does it. Ian tells Frank  there is a potion the Chief can give him but the Chief warns him that only the kind of love that is stronger than any other force on earth can do it. Frank want him to give it to him to he can go back in time and take the computer apart so Rhonda can go to the dance. The Chief isn't sure about this and Frank begs the Chief to help him.

Back at the bike shop Jamal assures Ally for the hundredth time he is through with Zach. The promise to be honest with each other from now on and Livvie suggests that the four of them make a pact to be 100% up front with each other. Allison thinks the worst is behind them

Sam asks Zach what they are going to do about Jamal. Zach is going to get the tape and then............

Eve tells Chris his idea to get married isn't so crazy after all. She agrees to think about the proposal. He tells her to take her time since she has so much to think about the last couple days. He promises if she says yes he wont let her down. SHe thanks him. Chris leaves Eve puts her hands on her belly.

FRank yells that there is a woman's life at stake and grabs the Chief's arm telling him he has to help him. The Chief grabs Frank on the shoulder and stares. Frank stops looking a little frightened and Ian tells Frank to back off. Frank tells the Chief how amazing Karen is and he has to have her back. The Chief tells him is just isn't sure this is possible he has helped people view past lives but not to go back in time in their present form. Ian doesn't think he would have brought it up if he didn't think it was possible. Frank tells him if the love he feels for Karen isn't strong enough then nothing is. Ian reminds the Chief how he told him a miracle was coming to save Arianna from far away. What if Karen is the miracle. They have to give this a try. The Chief tells him that he has no idea where he will  end up if he does go back and he may end up lost in time himself. Frank doesn't care he has to try.
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