PC Update Friday 5/4/01


Port Charles Update Friday 5/4/01

By Jeanne 

Now that Alison knows that her grandmother didn't give her the $25,000 she questions Jack about it. She believes that Jamal got the money from somewhere and she wants to now where. Livvie gets in on it too and tries to get Jack to tell Alison what he knows. Jack finally gives in and ask where to begin. Alison wants to know where Jamal is for starters..

Jamal is at the race track trying to limber up and get himself psyched up for the race. He wonders which of the other racers he should look out for but Zach tells him none of them are in Jamal's league. Sam gets her digs in though reminding them it has been a while since Jamal has raced. She berates him saying he has lost his edge and calls him muffin boy. He tells them not to worry about the race as he will win as always. Zach knows he will and thinks that once he is out there he will get the bug again and want to continue racing for them. Jamal says no deal this is a one time thing then all debts are settled and they will each go their own way.

Chris calls Eve's doctor about Eve's test results and gets good news everything is going well.

Eve and Ian discuss the possibility of Rhonda being a liver donor. Eve starts to talk about the possibilities of them getting back together and are interrupted repeatedly by work. They go into the on call room for some privacy and run into Chris who is about to tell Eve about her test results when he sees that Ian is with her. Ian asks Chris to give them some privacy. Chris goes to leave but before he does Colleen comes in with Rhonda's liver test results...

Kevin visits Rhonda in her hospital room. He tells her that Frank has disappeared and. She is glad. She wants him as far from her as possible. They discuss the things that Frank has been saying about using the computer to talk to Rhonda in 1973 and about Karen. Rhonda wants Kevin to leave. She tells him that the one thing in life she ever wanted was to have a family but she doesn't. She wishes to God that she did but she doesn't.

Frank looks at Kevin's sketch of Karen and thinks back to their conversation when Frank told him what has happened and about Karen. Frank is about to walk into "The Recovery Room" when he sees Joe Mary and Victor. Joe is telling Mary about Frank and what he is going through. He says he told Frank to get a checkup and ask Mary if she has ever know a doctor at the hospital named Karen Wexler. She says she doesn't and gets a little agitated. Victor assures her that they will get to the bottom of things and find out what is going on. Frank who is outside looking in the window at them vows to find Karen and bring her home

Chris looks over Rhonda's chart and sees that she has cirrhosis of the liver and is on borrowed time herself. There are no other living relatives. Ian is let down and wants to know what Eve was going to tell him. She makes something up about Rhonda being her patient a year ago but that she was OK then. Ian says he is going home then and Eve asks him to give Arianna her best and that she is thinking of her..

Kevin tells Rhonda he isn't trying to upset her he only came to warn her that Frank could shop up at the hospital. She wants Kevin to leave He wishes her well and leaves. He runs into Ian in the hall and asks about Rhonda's test results. Ian tells him about the liver damage and wants to know if he heard right that Rhonda has a daughter. Kevin says that Frank thinks that she does and gives him a little background but Rhonda claims otherwise. Ian would give anything to find a daughter of Rhonda's to save Arianna and rushes off..

Alison begs Jack to tell her where Jamal is. Livvie gets into it and asks him to tell her. He may have promised Jamal that he wouldn't tell Alison about what he is up to but he didn't promise him that he wouldn't tell Livvie. Besides which they have a deal-No more secrets! Just them a guy comes in looking for a mechanic to fix his bike so he can get to the race. He shows Alison a flyer and she realizes where Jamal is. She gets Jack to admit the truth and the three of them head to the race track.

Chris asks Eve if she is ready to make any decisions. She tells him she will be showing soon and besides which she nearly got sick today in front of everyone. She can't deal with getting her hopes up for a life with Ian anymore. She vows that her child will grow up with a stable mother who is happy with the choice she has made. She will be a good Mom and Chris knows she will. The thinks there may be another choice. An option she hasn't considered yet - HIM.

Kevin arrives at the recovery room and asks if they have spoken to Neil to see if he has spoken to Frank but Neil is in Europe with Courtney. Mary thinks that their may be a Karen Wexler. Maybe he met her over the Internet. Victor calls his contacts as Mary tells them to have faith. But Victor's contacts have found no evidence that Karen ever existed.

Frank is at the park talking to himself and runs into Ian. He wants to know about Karen because of her possible like to Rhonda. Frank asks if Ian remembers her but he doesn't. He would be testing her at that moment if he did since Rhonda is a match her daughter may be as well. Frank gets excited and tells him that Karen was going to tell Eve that night that she was going to be a donor for Arianna. She as already tested and was a match

Alison Jack and Livvie show up at the track. Alison wants the race stopped but they are in the last lap. Jack cheers as Jamal wins the race. Alison runs over to Jamal and wants to know how she could do this to her.

Chris tells Eve that she can have everything she dreamed of with him. He wants her to marry him

Frank gives Ian all the background about Karen and he wants to know why he is telling him all this. He doesn't have time for fairy tails. He tells him to write a book cuz he'll make millions. He turns to leave and Frank tells him one of the reasons that Karen wanted to help Arianna was so that Ian and Eve could get back together. She believed that Ian and Eve were meant to be together and she believed Ian when he said he and Eve weren't going to be together for just one night they would be together for always. Ian wants to know how Ian knows about that and he says that Eve told Karen who told him, but Ian says there is no Karen. But how does Frank know about that then? And what if there is a Karen and what if she can save Arianna's life. What if all of it is true??