PC Update Thursday 5/3/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 5/3/01

By Jeanne

Jamal and Jack pull up to the Bike shop. Jack knows why Zach wants Jamal racing cuz he still has the moves. Jamal thinks he is still a little rusty. Jack can't help thinking about Sam almost hitting Alison with her bike. He wonders why Zach doesn't see Alison as off limits. Jamal thinks that Zach was just sending a message. That until the debt is cleared Alison is not safe. He has to win before Alison really gets hurt!

Alison and Livvie are in the bike shop talking about Livvie's grandmother and Livvie changes the subject because it is too much thinking about her grandmother that way. They start discussing the dinner they have planned for the men that evening. They are really excited. Jamal and Jack come in to the shop and Alison hugs Jamal and tells him he is in for a treat this evening. But Jamal says he has plans. Alison wants to know what is going on and wants all the details..

Kevin asks Frank to tell him about this girl (Karen) he is talking about. He wants to know how Frank met this girl. Frank has known her all his life and so had Joe. But Kevin reminds Franks that Joe doesn't remember her. Franks tells him that is because he made her disappear. He gets agitated because he doesn't think that Kevin believes him and asks Kevin to leave. But Kevin asks what if he said he Did Believe him. He thinks that Karen is really Frank so maybe she does exists....

ER at GH Colleen is filing charts as Ian arrives. She thought he was taking time off. He tells her that he is just picking up some medicine for Arianna. Colleen thinks that Arianna is lucky to have someone like Ian looking after her. She asks if there is anything she can do and he says no thanks. He walks off just as Eve and Chris arrives. Chris suggests that Eve go home and take it easy but she doesn't want to go back to her hotel. She would rather keep busy. Just then Joe and the paramedics arrive with Rhonda Wexler. They are yelling her stats as Joe says he thinks that she has alcohol poisoning... Ian comes up and asks if they need a hand and they rush her in to a room where they work on her ordering tests etc.

Jamal tells Alison that nothing is going on he just has an appointment. He makes her believe it has something to do with the shop. They try to get him to reschedule but he tells her that it is a one time thing and he promises to make it up to her. She accepts that and he promises that he will make more time for her away from work. He kisses her and leaves. Jack follows outside where Jamal reminds Jack to keep an eye on Alison. Jack wants to know why Jamal doesn't just use the tape he made of Zach to get out of the race. But Jamal figures that if he races that will release the hold that Zach has on Alison for the money and once he knows that they have something on him then Zach will back off. Jack reminds Jamal that Alison thinks the money came from Alison's Grandmother (Amanda) and she is going to want to pay her back. Jamal will tell Alison what really has gone on after the race and everything is cool. Just then Amanda arrives. Jamal is surprised she is out of the hospital already.

Frank doesn't want Kevin playing the shrink with him. He doesn't think that Kevin really believes any of it. But Kevin says that Frank hasn't really told him anything yet. He wants to know how she disappeared and how Frank is responsible. Frank decided to start telling him what happened. He tell Kevin that he bought a computer and once it was hooked up he started communicating to a girl named Cookie who was living in 1973. He talked Cookie out of going to a dance and in the process stopped the woman he loves from being conceived. He doesn't think that Kevin believes him but Kevin says that Frank believes it and that is what is important. He asks Frank to tell him more about Karen. Frank starts talking about Karen and Kevin asks him to describe her as he draws her. Frank thinks back to times with Karen as he is describing what Karen looks like and how they bought the computer together and how it brought them closer together, and how much he missed her when she went away. Kevin shows Frank what he has drawn...

Joe, Chris, Ian and Eve are still working on Rhonda. Eve is looking a little queasy and Chris sends her off to get the Rhonda's test results. She walks out and pauses to settle herself. Colleen asks if she is OK then shows her Rhonda's chart and tells her that Rhonda has the same blood type as Arianna. Colleen says she is going to ask Rhonda if they can run some donor test and as Ian walks over Eve realizes that Rhonda could be a match for Arianna.

Jamal is trying to stall Alison from going into the bike shop using her health and Alison's work as excuses but she stands firm and goes inside. Alison is happy to see that Amanda is out of the hospital They tell each other that they have missed each other. Amanda looks around and says that Alison has done wonders with the place and how it doesn't even smell like a bike shop. Livvie says that is because of Alison's cooking. Alison couldn't have done it without her grandmothers help though and starts to thank her as Jack interrupts offering to drive Amanda home since she looks so tired. Livvie pulls him back and shoot him a what are you doing look and tells him to chill. Amanda is proud of Alison and what she has accomplished on her own. Alison thinks the money came from her, but Amanda would never put money in a post office box and she took it very seriously when Alison asked her not to interfere.

Frank thinks that Kevin remembers Karen because he drew her perfectly but Kevin says no one has ever heard of Karen except for Frank.

Ian tells Eve that Rhonda has given her permission for the donor tests it is just a matter of waiting to see the results. He asks if she is OK since it looked like she was going to pass out earlier. She brushes it off as nothing but being over worked. Colleen comes back with the test results and they see that she is a near perfect match for Arianna having 7 out of the 10 markers matching. Then Eve realizes that Rhonda is a heavy drinker and Ian sends Colleen to run a test for liver enzymes. Eve thinks that Rhonda may be the answer to their prayers "for Arianna". Ian says "And for us"..

Alison was so sure that the money came from her grandmother. She gets her grandmother to agree to go home and get some rest. After her grandmother leaves she questions Jack about what is going on. She thinks that Jamal has done something bad to get the money.

Jamal meets Zach and Sam at the race and reminds them that after this race all debts are cleared and he never want to see them again.

Kevin asks if everything in Franks life is going OK since as a paramedic Frank sees things that aren't easy to forget. He also offers Victors help in checking national and even international records for Karen. Frank is tired and if the try the search then at least he is doing something so Kevin goes to call Victor and asks him to find any info he can on a Karen Wexler. When he comes back Frank is gone.

Ian tells Eve that there is still a chance for them. She believes it too. He mentions thinking about what his sister would say to about his and he knows she would say to follow his heart. Ian tells him that he wants them to grow old together. Eve gets ready to tell Ian about the pregnancy....