PC Update Wednesday 5/2/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/2/01

By Jeanne

It is morning and Ian brings Arianna a glass of Orange juice. He tells her to drink up as it is good for her. She tells him it is good and thanks him for taking her back to the loft. He tells her that it is her home and where she belongs. She says she loves watching the sun rise Ian wants to get up early from now on and watch them with her. She tells him that he doesn't have to do that but he tells her that he should get up earlier anyway. She tells him he doesn't need to spend every waking minute with her. He tells her that right now there is nothing more important than her.

Eve and Chris arrive at a Doctor's office. He tells her not to be nervous and but she can't help it. He knows that it should be Ian with her. Eve is scared because she has lost a baby before and she thinks that she is wrong having this baby, at the expense of another life. Chris thinks that Arianna still has a good chance but Eve says it is a million to one chance that they will find a donor. Chris says he is sorry things turned out like they did and that he is the only hand she has to hold onto but Eve is grateful for that hand. The obstetrician comes out and calls for Eve Miller. Eve says that is her and the doctor turns to Chris and assumes he is Mr. Miller. He says he is, much to Eve's surprise.

Kevin and Lucy are at the hospital by the 6th floor nurses station. They approach the coffee set up and are all kissy face. He thanks her for getting him up early and she thanks him for making breakfast. Lucy is giggling and Kevin wants to know what she is laughing about. She says "Archie" and he says "Oh my kisses make you think of a 70 year old man", Lucy thinks is it cute to see two people of Estelle and Archie's age to be carrying on like teenagers. Kevin wants to know if they will be that cute when they are Estelle and Archie's age and moves in for another kiss. Lucy thinks they will be much cuter and kisses him. Lucy has to leave though she is on a mission of mercy. She calls him Archie and he calls her Estelle. Lucy walks away and bumps into Joe who is looking for Kevin. He sees Kevin by the coffee station and goes over as Lucy calls after him that she is fine. Joe asks for a minute of Kevin's time. He is worried about Frank. Kevin asks if he means more than usual. Joe tells him about Frank looking for a girl named Karen who id Rhonda Wexler's daughter. Kevin says that Rhonda doesn't have a daughter. But Joe tells him that frank says she does. Kevin thinks maybe Rhonda has a daughter that they don't know about. but Joe tells him that Frank insists that this girl works at the hospital and that everyone is supposed to know who she is. Kevin say he has never heard of any Karen Wexler.....

Franks goes to Rhonda's houses the door is open and when he goes inside he finds Rhonda passed out on the couch. He calls to her and wakes her. She tells him to leave her alone but he has to find Karen. She asks him to stop saying that but we wont until she tells him where the computer is. He grabs her and shakes her and asks where it is. She tells him it is in the basement as he runs in that direction she yells that he can't go down there. Rhonda grabs her drink and takes a sip as she says she has to do something. Frank goes through a door and finds another door all boarded up. He starts ripping down the boards and says "I'm coming Karen I am going to find you and I am bringing you home" Rhonda calls Joe and tells him that Frank is going crazy and just broke into her house. He wants her to put Frank on the phone but Rhonda says No he has to go there and get Frank out. Joe hangs up and asks Colleen to sign him out. She will and asks if Frank is all right. Joe says he doesn't think he is. Kevin asks what is going on and Joe fills him in. Kevin says he will go with him.

Eve's Doctor tells her that her blood pressure is good, 110/80. Eve asks if she is sure and then apologizes saying she is very nervous. The doctor thinks that is natural since she has lost a child before. Eve says she doesn't think she could go through that again. The doctor say that as long as she takes care of herself this time she shouldn't have any problems. Then she is buzzed and excuses herself. Eve asks about her blood work and the doctor tell she will put a rush on it just to easy Eve's mind. Chris thanks her as she walks out. When she is gone Eve asks Chris why he is pretending to be the babies father. He say he figured it would be easier so she wouldn't have to go into her whole life story. But Eve says the father of her baby is nobody's business. Chris says nobody's but Ian and asks if she is going to tell him. Eve doesn't know anything anymore. Chris reminds her but she firmly tells him that is not an option. She tells him that She and Ian may not be able to be together right now but they love each other more than anything and that this baby is a result of that.

Ian carries Arianna to be thinking she will be more comfortable there. The Chief walks into the room looking around. He goes to the door and opens it and sees Lucy standing there. She asks who he is and he tells her he is a visitor from the Zarellen(sp?) Island. Lucy realizes who he is and calls him your holiness.

Frank enters a room in the basement where it looks as if time has stood still. Everything has been left as it was that day in 1973. Frank finds a flyer for the Dance and remembers telling "Cookie" not to go to the dance. He realizes that it was all real and says out loud "Karen what have I done? I changed the past and now you don't exist...."

Lucy tells the Chief that it is an honor to meet him and that she has wanted to since Ian told her about what went on, on the island "about the past lives and that stuff" She tells him that Lucy and Ian are friends and about how she believes in things like that about. He asks her if she wants to visit her won past and she says she would and he tells her that he thinks she will in her own time. Lucy asks if he really believes that. He says he does. he tells her that she possesses a very special gift. She asks if he actual feels that and he says he sensed the presence of a real kindred spirit even before she entered the room. Lucy is in awe and tells him he is a very wise and perceptive man. Ian comes back into the room she says Hi without taking her eyes off the chief. Ian wants to know what she is doing and the Chief tells him that they were just getting aquatinted and says Lucy is very charming. Ian says that is what he is afraid of. The Chief excuses himself and Lucy asks if she can touch, shake his hand. Ian covers his face. The Chief shakes Lucy's hand and then leaves. Lucy can't believe that he is there and that she actually touched him but Ian stops the Lucy-isms and asks her why she is there. She gives him a pamphlet on Home Hospice Care for Arianna. He thanks her but she tells him she is not sure he will even need it since miracles happen and she goes on about the Chief again. He tells her they are out of miracles and asks if she wants tea. She tells him to believe and reminds him how much she and Kevin and he and Eve have gone through and how destiny has its way. He tries to Shush her but she tells him she has to help because she is his friend and will not let him ruin his life...

Eve wants this baby more than anything because it is a part of her and it is a part of Ian and because it feels right. It is probably the most right thing she will ever do. Chris says he understands and actually felt that way once. Eve realizes that Chris is still not over Julie. He says he thought he and Julie were going to be forever. Eve says if it wasn't for the custody battle for Christina they would be. He tells her that doesn't make it easier. He tried to get revenge on all the people who hurt Julie but that didn't help. Eve knows all about that and says that is why they understand each other so well. The doctor comes in and says the test results will be back in a few hours. She tells her to take her vitamins and she will call as soon as she hears about them. Chris offers to buy Eve lunch and they walk back into the waiting area when Eve stops and stares.

Frank is trying to get the computer running when Joe and Kevin show up at Rhonda's. Kevin goes down to the basement and calls out to Frank telling him that he is there to help. Frank thinks Kevin in there to help find Karen and asks Kevin to tell him he isn't kidding because no one will believe him. Kevin asks "About Karen?" Franks thinks he finally found someone who remembers Karen but Kevin tells him he doesn't Joe told him about what was going on with Frank. Franks looks defeated. Frank swears that there is a Karen Wexler and that she has now disappeared and the computer is the only way he can get her back. Kevin asks why the computer and Frank tells him it is a long story, if Kevin will help him bring the computer to his house he will tell him someday. Kevin tells him the computer belongs to Rhonda and tell him how upset she is already because Frank broke into her house. Frank asks him is he is going to help. Kevin says he is trying but Rhonda is about to call the police. He doesn't want to see Frank end up in jail. Kevin talks Frank into leaving with him but Frank vows to come back. As they walk out he takes one last look back at the computer.

Eve approaches a couple in the doctors waiting area who are holding a baby. She tells them that she is beautiful and the woman is surprised she knew the baby was a girl. Eve asks her who would have mistaken her for a boy. The father asks Chris if he would have known and Chris says no. He says he wouldn't either. He asks if Chris and Eve are expecting and Chris says they are. The doctor comes out and calls the couple into her office. Eve watches them walk off and Chris asks if she is OK. Eve wants to know why she and Ian can't be happy like that.

Ian asks Lucy to drop it but she reminds him that he knows her better than that and she can't give up. She tells him he can't build a life with Arianna and that what happened to Arianna isn't his fault. She tells him she is throwing away 3 peoples lives. She reminds him that he has s responsibility to follow his destiny, his one true chance at happiness. He thanks her for coming and goes off to check on Arianna.

Joe gives Rhonda some coffee but she tells him she would rather have a drink. He asks her if she is OK. She says she feels dizzy. She exhales loudly and collapses on Joe. He lays her back on the couch calling her name he feels for a pulse and then goes to the phone.

Kevin asks Frank to make him understand what is going on. That way he may be able to help. Frank tells him that all he needs to understand is that he has to find Karen and he is running out of time. Kevin asks Why and Frank tells him he is the only one who remembers Karen and he is afraid if he stops just for a second that he will forget her too. He asks Kevin to help him and Kevin says he will. He asks him to start from the beginning and tell him everything about this girl that he loves.