PC Update Tuesday 5/1/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/1/01

By Jeanne

Kevin and Lucy are at The Grill waiting for Livvie and Jack to arrive for Dinner. Kevin is uncomfortable about having dinner with his daughter and he man she is sleeping with. Livvie and Jack arrive and the sexual innuendo's start flying.

Ian had Arianna all settled in at the loft. She is happy to be home. There is a knock at the door. It is the chief from the island. Ian tells Arianna the chief is the help that the both need.

Frank plies Rhonda with coffee to sober her up so he can get some answers from her. He asks her about the night she was supposed to be going to the dance and if she was drinking. She says she was always drinking. She tells him that she was communicating with a guy in the computer and she flashes back to that night as we see Cookie writing to Frank on the computer about Scott and how she wants him to notice her. Rhonda says that the guy she was communicating with told her she was doing the right thing by staying home from the dance and that ..and Frank finishes her sentence "did the right thing" Rhonda asks how he knows and he tells her because I am the guy you were talking to!

Lucy tells Jack and Livvie how happy she and Kevin are that they could join them for dinner. Jack and Livvie are a little uncomfortable too. Jack says they appreciate the invitation as he puts his arm around Livvie he looks at Kevin and then takes it off. Kevin tries to make small talk and asks how things are going at the Bike Shop. They says good and Livvie tells them that Jack is really good with his hands. Kevin and Lucy look at eachother and Jack says "umm with the bikes I am good with the bikes" Livvie tells them the Jack drives really well. As a matter of fact he gave her the ride of her life the other night. As she says "I just jumped on his... Lucy interrupts by handing her the bread basket and says "Buns?" Jack says that Kevin must be real proud of Livvie going to med. school and all and Livvie tells them that Jack has been helping her study. Jack comments that Livvie really knows her anatomy and Livvie chokes on her drink. Lucy stammers asking what they are having for dinner and calls over the waiter. The waiter tells them that they have a special oyster appetizer to which the four of them say NO in unison. As usual Lucy says without realizing how it sounds that she feels like something big and fat and juicy. Kevin looks at her smirking as Livvie and Jack look at eachother Lucy stammers "A streak,,,, you know what I am just going to have the breast ah umm.." Livvie asks if someone can pass the bread and Lucy hands her the bread basket saying "Here you go BUNS" Jack picks up the butter dish and asks haltingly if she would like a pat on that. Kevin's eyes are protruding out of his head. He blinks then says he would like to propose a toast. he says "To this dinner which is officially a fiasco ... and to fatherhood and starts laughing" they all smile and click glasses saying "Cheers"

Arianna tells the Island Chief that Ian has told her that the Chief is a man of much wisdom. He tells her is isn't so much that he is wise but that he is unafraid to face the truth. He tells Arianna to let go of the guilt that haunts her and to embrace life. Ian thanks him and the Chief tells him that he need to have faith. He tells Ian that he is not at all convinced that Arianna will die.

Frank takes Rhonda back to his apartment to show her the computer. But when they get there the computer is gone. Rhonda wants to know if he is pulling a scam. He describes what the computer looked like and she tells him that her Dad had one like it and kept it in the rec.room. Frank remembers that when he bought the computer Rhonda and her daughter Karen were with him. Rhonda asks if Frank has been drinking. He tells her that soon after getting it home he started talking to a girl on it named "Cookie" He says that Karen warned him something bad was going to happen if he kept using the computer and beats himself up for not listening to her. He says that he thought he was helping Cookie but that in doing so he must have screwed up the way that the future turned out. He then produces the note that She wrote and left in the wall outside Kelly's. Rhonda doesn't want to believe what he is saying. He tells her he asked her to wrap it in plastic because he would be getting it 28 years later. Rhonda realizes that is why he was asking her all those questions about the dates and about the president. Frank tells her that is how he knew he was somehow connected to someone in 1973 on the computer that is now somehow vanished. Rhonda remembers that the day after the last message she got about the dance the computer broke. Her father blamed her for it breaking thinking she had done it on purpose. Frank thinks that the reason they were able to communicate was because they were both using the same computer. Rhonda tells him that the day at Kelly's all she wanted was to talk to him because she thought that Frank could help her. She trusted him and believed in him and now look what has happened to her. His stupid computer and he ruined her life.....

Back at the Grill-Things have relaxed a little and Lucy comments that everything is so perfect now in Livvie's life. She is in college great guy, etc., and Livvie says Almost everything. Jack tells Lucy and Kevin that Livvie is worried about her grandmother. That it seems like her grandmother is slipping. Kevin asks how and Livvie describes how her grandmother will go around the apartment singing her old tunes and stuff and seems fine and then there is Archie. Lucy asks if Archie is a pet or something and Livvie says that Archie is her grandmother's imaginary boyfriend. Jack tells them that Estelle has been talking about him for the past two weeks. Lucy remarks that she could be a little dangerous if she is reverting back to past behavior. But Livvie assures her that she isn't that bad just a little confused at times. Jack thinks maybe it would be a good idea for them to drop by for a casual visit. Lucy thinks it is a good idea. They could just make it look like they are making sure that Livvie got home safely and see her. Kevin thinks that would be a good way for him to check out her condition without making it look too obvious.

Ian has put Arianna to bed and sits down with the Chief. Ian asks what he meant about Arianna not dying and wants to know what he is missing some treatment or something to help Arianna. The Chief tells Ian that he is a man used to taking action and using his medicines to help people but that this time the situation may be out of his control. Ian thinks it wasn't out of his control because he promised to do everything to protect her and he didn't. The Chief ask if he thinks he could have saved Arianna if he had not been with Eve. Ian doesn't know but says that the whole thing is because of one careless moment. The Chief ask if this means that he is going to give up hope of a life with Eve and Ian say he doesn't know but they cannot build a life on Arianna's death. The Chief tells him he has to get back to believing. He tells him that there is an answer coming to him and it is coming from a very unexpected place..

Frank tries to make Rhonda believe that he thought he was helping her. She tells him that when she told her father about her little friend in the computer he locked it up in the basement and put her in a mental institution. They used drugs and when that didn't work they tried shock treatment. After she got out of the hospital no one would have anything to do with her, her father included. He offers to help her by telling everyone that he was the one she was talking to and she asks if she is now supposed to tell everyone about the life she was supposed to have but it didn't happen because of one night? Frank says all he wants is her daughter back but she yells that she doesn't have a daughter. But her tells her she does and that Karen is nice and sweet and loving. He is in love with her and she changed his life. Then he realizes that Karen was supposed to be saving Arianna's life by donating part of her liver. Rhonda says she doesn't want to hear anymore and tells him he is the one who is crazy. He says he is sorry but she tells him he is why she has ended up with the miserable life she has had. She starts to leave and he asks her to believe him. She says she does and that is the problem. She tells him that she wants nothing more to do with him or his damned computer that she locked up in her basement. She wants Frank to tell everyone in his life that he has been talking to the past so he can see the stares he will get from people that think he is crazy. He tells her that he needs her help and she tells him to never ask her for her help again...

Livvie Jack Kevin and Lucy arrive at Livvie's apartment. Lucy asks if they are sure that this is OK and Livvie remarks that it is not like they are ganging up on her or anything. Lucy agrees and says they just need to ask casual. Livvie opens the door and the apartment is dark she calls out to her grandmother as she turns on the lights. She finds her grandmother in slick pjs on the couch with a man. Estelle says she wasn't expecting her to be home so early. They all back out in to the hallway again snickering. Livvie says well Archie is real and gramma is not wearing flannel. Kevin says it appears that Estelle is in the right mind and Lucy agrees saying it appears that Archie is interested in more than Estelle's mind... They all giggle.

Frank goes back into his apartment and smashes things, crying. He asks what he has done as he remembers making love with Karen. He says he has to find her and he will find her..

Ian asks the Chief to tell him about the miracle he talked about. The Chief tells him that he senses that there is another person involved and that person holds the key to Arianna's life and to Ian and Eve finding their way back to each other. Ian wants to know who the person is and how he can find them. The Chief tells him that a chain of events have been set in motion, Ian can't find the person but the person will come to him from a great distance. Ian wants to know how the person will find him and the Chief tells him his faith will light the way. Ian thinks he should be doing something but the Chief tells him to open his heart and his mind and not to turn away from the miracle.

Frank is talking out loud to Karen saying he knows he is real and he will bring her back. He will fix things...


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