PC Update Monday 4/30/01


Port Charles Update Monday 4/30/01

By Jeanne

As the show starts we have a replay of the last scene with Alison and Jamal. She answers the phone and it is s delivery person who is lost. Alison tells Jamal that she is going to go outside and wait for him. So she goes out and a moment later we hear a motorcycle roar and then the slight screech of tires. Jamal runs out and Alison getting up off the ground saying he tried to hit me. Jamal looks and sees that it is Sam and asks He who? Sam gives Alison an empty apology saying Alison was in her blind spot Alison tries to lunge at Sam but Jamal holds her back. She says that Sam tried to kill her. Jamal is livid!

Ian tells Arianna that he is going to take her home. He asks if she wants to go to the Scanlons' apartment of to the loft she quickly says the loft that is home to her and he says fine the loft it is. He gets up to make the arrangements and Arianna starts to remind him that if they are home together he won't be with Eve and he says not to worry about that they have to concentrate on getting her well.

Eve is in shock she can't believe that she is pregnant. Chris tells her that the lab automatically runs a pregnancy test on anyone that wants to be a donor. He congratulates her and she asks what to do now, she is pregnant with Ian's baby.

Frank thinks that Joe is playing games with him and checks the roster for Karen's name. Joe wants to know who is Karen Wexler. She is not on the roster and he can't figure out why. Joe say the only Wexler he knows is Rhonda the drunk next door who they always did yard work for as kids. Frank says he can prove it he has a picture of Karen but when he goes to look through his wallet he can't find it..... Frank is getting more and more upset and he wants to know what the heck is going on! It is like she just disappeared. Frank tries to call Karen's number but someone else answers he says this is all like a bad dream. Joe wants to know if Frank is OK. Frank covers and says yeah it was all a joke and it backfired. He makes up a story about Rhonda being in his ambulance and that she left something behind does Joe know where to find her. She says try Jake's she has a stool dedicated in her name there. Franks leaves and Joe stares after him with a look of concern. Gabby sees Joe and asks if he is OK. He says he is OK but thinks his brother is losing it.

Chris and Eve get a table and Chris brings Eve some herbal tea. He asks if she is OK and she says she has to tell Ian that about the baby before he hears about it from someone else. He says he will drive her. They go to leave and bump into Rhonda at the door. Rhonda is drunk and nearly knocks them over with the smell of alcohol on her. She calls them big shot doctors and tells them to get out of her way. They leave and she makes her way to the bar.

Sam tells Alison that if she had been trying to kill her she wouldn't be screaming at her now. Jamal has to hold Alison back. He gets her to go inside. He tells Sam that he knows what she did was deliberate. She says he is right she deliberately didn't hit Alison.

Frank goes to Karen's apartment but the woman who opens the door isn't Karen. He asks about Karen but the woman says she has been living there for a few years and has never heard of Karen. He leaves wondering what is wrong with him.

Eve is at the 6th floor waiting area looking at her chart and tells herself she is pregnant. Ian comes up to the desk and says he wants Arianna's release forms. He sees Eve asks what she is up to. She tells him that she is just looking at her test results. When he asks to see them she quickly says no and that she is not a match just as he said before. He says they will keep looking and leaves to get Arianna's paperwork taken care of. Chris comes over and asks Eve how it went and she says she didn't tell Ian because she most likely got pregnant the night that Arianna was attacked. He wasn't so know if she is ever going to tell him and Eve says she has to.

Frank shows up at Jake's and she sees him and calls him Frankie and makes a comment that he grew up real good. He asks her about Karen and she tells him she has no kids never did. Does he think that she would have ended up like she has if she had a kid to look after. He tries to get information out of her and buys her more to drink whatever it takes to get some answers. He tries to get her to remember when she slept with Scott and got pregnant with Karen. She laughs and says Scott never gave her the time of day. He says yes you do it had to be in the 70s around 73. Light dawns and Franks asks Rhonda if she had a computer when she was a kid that her father built and she said she did and he asks her what they called her back then. He realizes that Rhonda is Cookie!

Alison wants to go to the cops about Sam but he talks her out of it saying that the cops aren't going to do anything about it. He asks her to let him handle it his way. A guy walks in and asks about the muffins and Alison takes him over to them as the phone rings. Jamal answers it. It is Zach. He tells Zach that they had a deal and that if Alison is hurt then the deal is off he wont race and hangs up.

Chris tells Eve that Ian deserves to know that she is pregnant with his baby. She says she can't tell him just yet because he is taking Arianna home and reminds him how upset Arianna will be when she finds out, Chris reminds Eve how strong Ian is and says he will be able to handle it. Eve asks him how Ian is supposed to feel knowing that the night that Arianna was attacked which he already blames himself for he and Eve conceived this baby. Ian comes out pushing Arianna in a wheel chair and heads to the elevator. He and Eve lock eyes and she gives him a small smile. He goes into the elevator and hangs his head.

Franks says that's it you are Cookie. Rhonda doesn't want him to call him that and wants to know who told him about it. He says she did and tells her that He was the one that told her not to go to the dance. He realizes that because she didn't go to the dance she never slept with Scott Baldwin and never got pregnant so Karen doesn't exist and he is responsible.


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