PC Update Friday 4/27/01


Port Charles Update Friday 4/27/01

By Jeanne 

Jamal calls Jack from the docks asking it Zach has called there. He was supposed to meet Zach but he hasn't shown up yet. Jack wonders if Zach has found out that Jamal is wearing a wire but Jamal doesn't think so. He tells Jack to let Alison know he got hung up and will be back soon. Jack reminds Jamal that he has a date with Livvie later and Jamal assures him he will be back in time. Jamal hangs up as Zach appears out of the shadows asking what Jamal is up to.

Frank tells Cookie not to go to the dance tonight as she is making preparations to go to see the guy at the dance. She notices Franks message and asks him why he cares so much if she goes to the dance. He says that she is his friend and they are in it together and explains about how they are from different times and he has proof. Cookie wants to be sure he actually got the note and he describes it to her. She thinks it is too weird but he reminds her how he told her all the things that he has told her about Watergate. He tells her if she goes to the dance it will ruin her whole life

Eve apologizes to Arianna that she couldn't be her donor. Arianna thanks her for trying. Arianna wants to start preparing for the next step: dying.

Alison asks Jack who he was talking to on the phone and he tells her that Jamal got hung up. She says maybe she will go and get a manicure or something. He offers to go with her and She goes nuts asking what is going on and why he is acting this way. Jack manages to get her to stay and wait for Jamal.

Zach wants to know what Jamal is trying to pull by pulling him out to the docks. Jamal says that he didn't want Alison know what is going on and that he will race for him on the condition that they won't fix any races and that Alison will be safe.

Eve tells Arianna that she will not die. They try to build her up and tell her about the lengths they have gone to find a donor. Eve goes to check on their progress and Arianna thanks Eve again for trying to be her donor. Eve leaves and Ian tries to bolster Arianna's spirits again.

Eve calls Karen and tells her that she is Arianna's only hope and asks her to reconsider being a donor.

Karen approaches Joe and asks him if he has seen Eve. He says Eve may be up on the 6th floor and she says she is heading there now. She tells him that she has made a decision that will make Eve's day. Karen tries to call Frank on her cell phone but the battery is dead.

Frank asks Cookie to trust him and says that going to the dance would be a very big mistake she wants to know why. He thinks she is vulnerable and hurt because of this boy and her father and plus she has been drinking-There is a good chance she will do something she will regret. He asks her to do it for him. Crying she says OK she wont go and he thinks that she is doing the right thing.

Jamal tells Zach he told him he will race for him what more does he want. Zach wants to know how he wont back out and Jamal says I wont trust me and leaves. Zach tells the biker chick who's name has escaped me that there is something he wants her to do.

Arianna tells Ian that she needs to talk about dying it is something she has been talking about for a while and she is ready to face it and she has him to thank for it. She came from a world where all she knew was fear but Ian has shown her a different world where she mattered and she now feels peace for the first time in her life and it is all because of Ian and she is very grateful to him. He tells her to stop talking like this and she says she has one last request.

Eve is at the bar asking for a kamikaze when Chris comes in when the bartender brings the drink over Chris take sit away telling her she doesn't need it.

Cookie tells Frank that she is going to bed and thanks him for caring. Frank sits back and sighs and thanks God she didn't go to the dance. He will just say good night to Cookie and go and meet Karen for their date. But as he goes to type the computer doesn't work anymore. Frank leaves to go meet Karen who we see walk down a corridor in the hospital she goes to use a phone hanging on a wall but as she approaches it she slowly disappears.

Jamal is back at the bike shop and hugs Alison She wants to know what he was doing but he just said some stuff and asks about dinner she runs off to get check on her chicken. Jack comes over and ask how it went and did he give the tape to the cops. Jamal tells him he is going to check the tape first and be sure that everything is on it then give it to his cousin the DA Jack asks about Alison and Jamal says not too worry because Zach and the gang are more worried about the races. Jack is glad because now he can spend more time with his own girlfriend. Jamal reminds him that he has a hot date and offers to finish the job he was working on. Jack thanks him and goes to get cleaned up for his date. Alison comes back in to and says that dinner is almost ready when the phone rings she answers and it is a delivery person who got lost. She goes out to meet the delivery person and the next thing we hear is the roar of a motorcycle engine and Alison's scream.

Ian asks Arianna what it is that she wasn't and she tells him she doesn't want to die in the hospital she wants to go home. He tells her not to think about dying but she doesn't have to stay in the hospital waiting for the transplant. He is going to take her home.

Eve asks Chris who he thinks he is. She says she isn't hurting anyone by having a drink or get drunk but herself. He tells her she is pregnant.

Frank walks up to the 6th floor nurses station. He asks for Karen and the nurse says that she doesn't know Dr Wexler. He says she must be new and she says she is she checks the roster for him but says that there is no Karen Wexler on it he tells her it is a mistake and that he wasn't to talk to someone else. Joe comes over and asks what is going on and he says she is looking for Karen Joe asks "Who?" and Frank tells him "Karen Wexler the woman you used to be engaged to and who I am now dating and who he is crazy in love with." Joe tells him that doesn't have time for this Frank says he doesn't either he has a date but Joe tells him that there is no Karen Wexler working at the hospital and there never has been!