PC Update Thursday 4/26/01


Port Charles Update Thursday 4/26/01

By Jeanne

Bike Shop
Alison unwraps a batch of muffins and squeaks with happiness. She kisses Jamal's cheek and goes back to the kitchen. Jack approaches Jamal and remarks how happy Alison is and Jamal throws a wrench at the bike he is working on. Jack apologizes again saying he didn't know that the money came from Zach. Jamal says he knows that neither of them did. He says he guesses he is going to have to race for Zach. Jack wants to know what they are going to do about Alison; they can't keep watching her 24/7. But Jamal has a plan, he is thinking of going to the cops. Jack doesn't think the cops will be able to help as most of them are as dumb as a bag of hammers, just as one walks in.

Frank and Karen are basking in the afterglow. Frank says how wonderful it was and wants to know if Karen is happy. She says more than she has ever been and tells Frank that she loves him

Chris has drawn Eve's blood she is so sure that she is going to be the one to save Arianna. He says that he will put a rush on the test results. Ian walks in and wants to know what is going on and Eve says she is going to be Arianna's donor.

Jamal tells Garcia that Jack wasn't talking about him. He says he will remember the crack next time he busts him. Garcia wants to know where the money came from for the shop. Jamal tells him not where he thinks but Garcia tells him he will be dropping by from time to time looking for hot bikes. Alison comes back in and wants to know what Jack and Jamal are talking about. She says she is going to plant some hidden microphones so she can find out what is going on. He teases her about it and calls her Spunky but it gives him an idea. After she leaves Jamal tells Jack that is exactly what he is going to do get it all on tape. He asks Jack to keep an eye on Alison and takes off after saying goodbye to Spunky who wants to know where he is going. As Jamal leaves he lets Livvie in the door. Alison tells her that Jamal is off planning some surprise for her. Livvie goes over to Jack and says she has a surprise for him. She has the rest of the day free and wants to go to their spot by the river but he says he can't go saying he has work to do. She wants to know what is going on and why he doesn't want to be with her anymore.

Frank tells Karen that it is all too unreal. She ask "that I love you?" He meant because he screwed up. She teases him about being perfect. The joke around and then she tells him that she has to go to the hospital. He wants her to stay but she tells him she is going to be Arianna's donor. She is still afraid but he made her see that with him by her side she can do it. She can fight anything because she has something to fight for. He thinks she is amazing for taking this risk for Arianna, but she says it is for Eve and Ian too. She thanks him for being there for her. And they apologize to each other for the night before. She teases him about talking computers but he says he has been talking to 1973 and he has proof.

Cookie's phone rings and it is Barb the jerk who was making fun of her at Kelly's. Barb is feigning friendship saying she is sorry that Cookie can't go to the dance with the guy she wants to go with. Cookie wants to know how she knows who this guy is and Barb says "You drool over him every time he walks by!" and tells her that she is making a fool over herself. Cookie says she will show them all and downs a bottle of booze.

Ian asks Chris and Eve if they realize how unlikely it is that Eve could be Arianna's donor. Chris starts to reply but Eve tells him she asked Chris to test her. Then tells Chris to let her know the second he knows. Ian reminds Eve that she isn't Eve that she isn't ever the same blood type as Arianna but she says she is O the universal donor. He tells her that she is grasping at straws. She wants to know why he is so angry with her and he grabs her by the arms. She struggles and tells him to let go.

Franks tells Karen about his evidence: the note and the name carved in the wall at Kelly's that he had Victor test. Karen wants to know if he is actually talking to someone in the past shouldn't he be afraid of saying something or doing something that may alter the future. He should be careful but he thinks that he is meant to save Cookie from making a big mistake. He tells her to get dressed and call Eve. He will then take her to Kelly's and she her the note and carving and make her believe and if she doesn't believe him she can have him committed. She says the only commitment she wants is from him he tells her that she has got that. They kiss and she tells him to go and he doesn't want to leave.

Ian pulls Eve into an embrace and she stops fighting him. He tells her that she has nothing to feel guilty for. She says it isn't about guilt it is about destiny and she feels that it is her destiny to save Arianna. She knows she is a match for Arianna. Just then Chris walks in.

Livvie tells Jack she didn't think he was one of those guys that drop their girl after he got what he wanted. He kisses her and asks her to trust him he can't tell her why and she says she does. He agrees to have dinner with her, Kevin and Lucy but first he has work to do. He walks out to the front of the shop and meets Jamal who tells him everything is all set he is wearing the wire and is going to set up a meeting with Zach. Inside Livvie asks Alison what is the matter she says nothing but that is the problem. Every time things are going good this way something happens. back outside Jamal says everything is all set for that evening. Jack is worried because he has plans with Livvie and tells him he had better be quick because Livvie will be suspicious if he backs out of the date.

Frank goes back to the computer to talk to Cookie. He can tell by her misspelled words that she has been drinking. She tells him about the girls making fun of her and calling her a looser and about the guy she wants to go to the dance with. She says that she is going to go anyway and that she knows how to get boys to like her she will give him what he wants. She says those types of girls are the popular ones. He thinks this is how he can help her!

Jamal goes down to the docks and yells for Zach. Zach is hiding behind some crates watching him.

Chris asks to speak to Eve alone. But she tells him that he can tell Ian. "Tell him I am a match and I am going to be Arianna's donor." But Chris says sorry but you're not a match.

Karen is ready to go when her mom is at the door. She was on her way to a meeting but she found herself heading to Karen's instead. Karen wants to know if she is OK but all Rhonda has been thinking about is her sister Carolyn and her accident. Karen tells her that is wasn't her fault that her sister died. Rhonda says she knows but she wishes she hadn't stood Carolyn up that night when she was supposed to meet her. Karen reminds her she is always saying you cant live with regrets you make your choices and you stick with them. Rhonda says she know but she has made some bad choices. Karen says they weren't all bad but it must have been hard being a teenaged mom and hardly knowing Scott. But Rhonda says she never regretted having her and doesn't know what she would have done without her as they hug.

Frank is trying to talk Cookie into staying home from the dance. As Karen and Rhonda are looking through boxes of Carolyn's things. Karen pulls out a picture and asks who it is. Rhonda squeals and says this is me in high school this was Carolyn's favorite picture of me. Close up on picture and fade to Carolyn holding a dress up to herself as the camera pans up to her face finally and it is the same girl as the in the picture Karen found!!!!