PC Update Wednesday 4/25/01


Port Charles Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Jeanne

Kevin and Lucy walk out of the 6th floor elevator and Kevin gets his messages. Lucy offers to take care of them for him trying to make up for calling the divorce lawyer. He tells her that he is not mad anymore. She pours him coffee which she spills on him and he says now I am mad!

Chris and Ian talk about the baby they delivered and how good it was working like a team. Chris tells Ian to go and get some rest but he says he isn't leaving Arianna. Ian tells Chris about the possible donor Eve found.

Eve is talking to Karen on the phone telling her that Arianna is almost ready for the transplant but Karen tells her she can't do it. Eve tries to talk her into it but she says she can't put herself at risk again and apologizes. Karen hangs up as the door bell rings it is Frank. She tries to shut the door in his face but he stops her. He tells her she shouldn't be alone and like it or not he isn't going away.

Ian falls asleep in a chair in Arianna's room and dreams he is in bed with Eve. They declare their love for each other and say they will never leave each other and start to make love.

Franks notices that Karen has been crying and asks what is wrong. She says nothing but he doesn't believe it. She tells him what she told Eve and says she feels selfish and cruel and in no mood for company. He says he isn't company but she asks him to leave her alone. He asks for one minute and she agrees as long as he doesn't start talking about talking computers and other craziness. He promises but isn't sure that it is crazy she starts to get angry and he stops her and says he wants to be there for her like he wasn't last night. He tells her that if she can't be the donor she needs to let herself off the hook and stop beating herself up over it. She is upset because a woman is dying and she isn't lifting a finger to help. But he tells her if she isn't 100% sure then she shouldn't do it. She can't let someone down like this. Frank wants to know when she is going to stop trying to take care of everyone and start taking care of herself. She tells him that doesn't know if she has the strength to stay off drugs again. The last time almost killed her and she can't go through that again. He tells her that she has to know in her heart that she can; it is her choice. She doesn't think that her choices of late have been the greatest. He says his haven't either and apologizes for getting drunk and she says that she got scared when she saw him like that and how she felt seeing her Mom drinking. He says that he is scared too, of losing her, and asks for another chance to make things right and be the man that she deserves.

Chris tells Eve that Ian told him the good news and says she will be a hero. She is angry that Ian told him and says she isn't a hero she is a screw-up and her lead didn't pan out. He tells her to calm down but she says tell that to Arianna who is in there dying. He tries to calm her down but gets paged and has to rush off. Lucy approaches Eve noticing that she is upset and asks if there is anything that she can to help. But Eve is still upset and takes it out on Lucy and blames Lucy for all her problems of late. She says Arianna wouldn't be in her life right now if Arianna hadn't hit her with her car. And Eve wouldn't have been in the street if Kevin had answered the door. He would have come to the door but he was in bed with Lucy. Lucy tries to get her to calm down but she just goes off more saying that is it all Lucy's fault. Kevin hears this and comes over to tell Eve to Back off and Leave Lucy alone! He wants to know what is going on. Lucy says it is just a little girl to girl chat. He wants to know what is going on and Eve says her life is a disaster and yells some more and realizes she is being a "Bitch" and Lucy says yeah well been there done that own the T-shirt. Kevin asks if there is anything he can do to help but Eve says that she is the only one who can fix it and she thinks she knows how.

Ian is still dreaming that he and Eve are in bed toasting each other and giggling and they kiss. When Ian pulls back he sees that he is kissing Arianna who is bleeding telling him that he did that to her. He yells where is Eve and then an apparition of the island chief tells him he has to forget Eve know their roads must part and they can't be together. Ian smashes things in the room before waking up

Frank and Karen are walking on the patio she says she agrees that she has to start taking care of herself. He wants to know if this means he gets his second chance and she says she doesn't want to fight anymore so they kiss and make up. She wants to freeze this moment saying it is perfect. He says almost and kisses her again.

Kevin is on the phone with Lucy watching him and smiling. He asks "Yes?" to which she replies that he reminds her of Russell Crow the way he stood up for her and protected her. They joke around and she tells him that she is glad that he stood up for her but she feels bad for Eve. Things worked out for them so maybe things will work out for Ian and Eve too. Lucy says that she really felt insecure and that is why she hired the divorce lawyer. But she doesn't feel that way anymore and calls him "Russell" again.

Eve walks into the on call room to find Chris and wants to know where they stand he says they still haven't found a donor so she says the only thing she can do is be tested so she can help. He tells her that she is such a long shot since Eve is a different blood type and wants to know about the person she finds. She tells him they backed out and that she feels that she is supposed to be the one to save Arianna. Chris asks then what is going to happen if you aren't a match, what then....

Ian is on his cell phone trying to get in touch with the Chief.

Music Montage to "You're Just Too Good to be True" with Frank and Karen making up and making love.