PC Update Tuesday 4/24/01  

Port Charles Update Tuesday 4/24/01

By Jeanne

Joe, Chris, and Ian are in the On Call room discussing Arianna's condition. Joe suggests an antidepressant for Arianna to keep her spirits up. Chris thinks that is a good idea and says he will talk to Eve about it. Ian says, "No you won't." He tells them that Eve has taken herself off the case and when they argue with him he tells them he doesn't want them to mention Eve and Arianna in same sentence. They want to know why as does Eve who walked in and caught the end of the conversation.

In 1973 Cookie is walking up to Kelly's and approaches 2 girls Barb and Marge who make fun of Cookie's outfit.

Frank is drunk and talking out loud about the computer. He gets stuck on the corner of the computer and yells at it to let go of him. He can not get his arm free and wants to know what it wants from him

Cookie is inside Kelly's and asks the waitress if Frank has been there asking for her. The waitress says no. Cookie goes over to Barb and Marg who are hanging up posters about a school dance. They tease her when she mentions going to the dance. When Cookie says she could get a date they make a crack about Neil Armstrong taking her. She says she will be at the dance just wait and see.

Frank gets himself free and tells the computer that it won't get him if he fights back. Karen walks in and wants to know who he is talking to.

Eve tells Ian that even though she has taken herself off the case doesn't mean that she can't talk with them about it. She asks if they have found a donor yet and asks about her condition. Eve remembers the conversation she had with Karen when Karen found out that she was almost a perfect match to Arianna. and Eve tells her they will find another donor.

Frank tells Karen that the computer is talking to him He starts to tell her that Cookie lives in 1973 and says watch and tries to get the computer to talk to him again. Karen sees the beer bottle and gets angry at him for getting drunk. She walks out.

Ian is getting angry because there are so many donors but none of them are a match. Chris tells him that they have to wait that is how it works but Ian says they cannot wait. Eve tells him that someone will turn up. They argue and Joe breaks it up saying they are wasting energy. He tells them that if Arianna gets better they may be able to be together. Ian tells him not to talk about it and the conversation gets heated. He tells Ian to be honest with him self. Ian is about to reply when they hear a woman scream from the hallway.

Frank goes out of the garage to find Karen sitting outside. She tells him to go away and he apologizes. She says OK fine he apologized but she can't hear him right now. She asks him to think about how she feels. He is the one person she trusts most and when she needs him she finds him drunk and blabbering about a talking computer and people from the past. Given her past he must know how that makes her feel. He tells her he had a bad night. He wasn't expecting her and was just trying to bow off some steam so he could sleep and he guesses he had one too many beers. She turns to walk away but he stops her again and asks her to listen. He asks her what it was that she came to talk to him about. He gets her to open up and she tells him that she is a match. He thinks that is wonderful but doesn't she think so? She asks him if it is such wonderful news why is she scared out of her mind.

Cookie calls a guy saying wait until they see who I am going to walk in with, but the guy she calls turns her down. She starts to cry saying that Barb and Margie were right she'll never find a date to the dance.

In the hallway at the hospital the woman who screamed is in labor. Joe goes for a gurney. Chris says he is going to call for a room but Eve says that there is no time she is crowning and the cord is coming first. They get her on to the gurney and Eve yells to Ian that they need to get the cord taken care of. Ian starts to take care of it but the woman says she wants Eve to do it. Eve says OK and goes around into position and says that he is almost there and to push Ian asks how she knows its a he and she said it has to be only a guy would cause this much trouble. one more push and the baby is born. Eve says he is perfect with 2 beautiful brown eyes. She hands the baby to its mother. As they all smile and look on.

Frank is telling Karen that the procedure is almost risk free for the donor but Karen says not for her. She can't even take a mild anesthesia. She is afraid of getting hooked again. He doesn't think that would happen but she says it will and she can't take the chance. He says he thought that because she would be under supervision that it would be different but she says it would be the same thing. She feels like she is being selfish. He tells her that she isn't but she says she doesn't even know why she is listening to him. He asks why not and she says because she needed him because she though he might help her. He says she wont let him help to which she says because you are drunk. He apologizes saying he is sorry that he wasn't 100% but he is there now and listening. She says that she smells it on his breath and on his clothes and that makes her more sure than ever that it is so easy to loose control. That is not the message she needs to hear. He tries to put her arms around her but she says No and pulls away

Cookie is laying on the couch feeling sorry for herself about not going to the dance.

Ian is in the chapel praying. Granya his sister appears and asks him what he is praying for. He says to make Arianna well again and to keep Eve out of his mind. He says he is trying because Arianna deserves that but as hard as he tries he can't get Eve out of his mind. Eve walks in and Ian asks how she knows he was there. She says that she is praying for the same things. She tells him there is a donor but that this person isn't sure yet. He tries to get a name but she says that they want to remain anonymous for now. But she says that there is hope and that things will work out for them.

Music montage to Only Lonely On The Inside by Hootie and the Blowfish. Karen walks in the garden and sits looking up at the night sky. Frank is playing basketball Eve watches Ian as they sit in the chapel praying she gets up to leave but he grabs hold of her hand and gives it a squeeze. She smiles at him and then turns around and goes to leave. At the door she turns as they look at each other again. Then she leaves.


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